Pavitra Bhagya 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update

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Judai song plays as both Reyansh and Pranati think of each other. She decides to let go of her past. She burns all their photos / mementos. It is time to get rid of you, your promises and your memories. I have to make space for new memories now. Reyansh walks around the tree to check the source of fire. He notices Pranati leaving (does not see her face). He calls out after her but she does not stop. He douses the fire without even looking at the stuff.

Jugnu gets inside Dadi’s room. She tells her friend she is sad after scolding Reyansh today. He is the only one who stays close, takes care of me and loves me. Kids are not like that these days. Everyone else comes to me for their own reasons. Reyansh’s actions are wrong but other family members have a bad heart. Her friend says one reaps what they sow. Dadi keeps the bowl aside. Jugnu steals some peanuts from her bowl. Her friend advises her to send Reyansh abroad. He will settle down in business there. He will forget the past. Dadi says one cannot easily forget what happens in their childhood. We often don’t solve problems but just find an escape for ourselves. Shamsher sent Reyansh to hospital after his wife died. I wish I would have said no back then and had raised him myself. He would have been different then.

Matron asks the guards about Jugnu’s whereabouts. Those foreigners will be leaving soon. She overhears Pranati’s mom asking a guard about her daughter. Matron recognizes her. She is the same lady who had left Jugnu here.

Dadi says Reyansh has grown up without his mother’s love. Father is like salt while a mother is like sugar. How can I make up for that? I will bring a beautiful girl for Reyansh who will make him very happy. I would love to chase my grandsons. She complains about the empty bowl. Where are the peanuts? Her friend goes to bring it. Jugnu hides in the cupboard. She makes a noise because of which Dadi starts looking around. Jugnu says meow. Dadi goes to make a peg for the cat as well.

Matron meets Pranati’s mother. How come you are here again? Pranati’s mother tries to dismiss it but Matron knows it well that she came to see if Pranati has come face to face with reality. She knows nothing for now but I will tell her everything if she will continue her investigation. Warn her. Pranati’s mother requests her against it. Her wedding is tomorrow. Matron laughs. She gave birth to a daughter years ago and now she is getting married? Keep her away from this Ashram. She filed a complaint against us! This Ashram is run by many influential people which is why no report was registered and no investigation was done. If I will be exposed then I will expose you too! I will tell her that her dead daughter is very much alive and is staying here only.

Dadi keeps a bowl of milk near the cupboard. It is good that you are here. No one in this house has time to talk to me. Jugnu thinks here rich people even take care of animals whereas no kid in the Ashram gets proper meal in the day. She drinks milk.

Pranati’s mother asks her why that girl is still here. You promised her you will get her adopted. Matron reminds her that she promised to hide the truth which she has been doing. Pranati’s mother is curious to see her granddaughter. Matron shares that it is the same girl who Pranati is looking for. Pranati’s mother gets shocked. Pranati calls out to her mother just then. Pranati’s mother starts explaining but then realises that Pranati has not heard everything. She says I am sure you are also concerned about that little girl. Pranati’s mother nods. I was also sure you would be here so I came to look for you. Pranati asks about Jugnu again. I have registered a complaint against you. Matron says I have filed a complaint against you as you have been chasing us for no reason. What does that girl mean to you? Pranati’s mother asks Pranati to come with her. Matron suggests her to stay away from some things as that will be good for her. Go with your mom. Police might beat you if they will take you for interrogation. I told you she is safe and in hospital. Why don’t you believe it? Pranati’s mother takes Pranati with her. Before leaving, Pranati promisesv the matron she wont be at peace till the time she sees Jugnu safe. I wont even let you live in peace till then. Matron calls someone. I will send you in Jugnu’s place if you are not able to find her by tomorrow morning.

Pranati’s mother asks Pranati to promise her she wont meddle in this matter after today. Pranati tells her to understand. It is about a little girl. Her mother stays put. They drive away. Gattu looks on. I hope Jugnu is safe wherever she is.

Jugnu runs downstairs stealthily and calls Gattu. They discuss about each other’s whereabouts. Gattu advises her to hide well. Jugnu assures him about it. He also shares that a Didi came looking for her twice. Maybe she wants to help. Jugnu says no one wants to help people like us. They only need maid and show pity. Don’t tell anyone anything. Gattu agrees. Elope from the town at any cost. Jugnu says we will escape together. I will tell you details soon. He is afraid but she tells him to be strong. They end the call. Gattu steps out of the bed. Matron has overheard their entire convo.

Jugnu smiles thinking of the new life.

Reyansh thinks everything was over. Why did Dadi’s one question shake me completely then? I should focus on my present. That was my past. There is no space for past in my life.

Pranati is getting henna on her feet. I forgot my past with great difficulty and I am finally moving ahead. I don’t know what lies ahead but I know that there is no place for my past in my present.

Precap: Jugnu gets stuck in fire. Both Reyansh and Pranati come rushing to help her. They are reminded of their past as soon as they see each other. Pranati passes out. Reyansh lifts her in his arms.

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