Pavitra Bhagya 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vardhan covers his tracks

Pavitra Bhagya 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khurana family is watching the news on TV. Vardhan returns home. Dadi looks at Reyansh in disbelief. What’s he doing here? Vardhan shows disgust. I was watching the same thing on my TV. Riya is in disbelief. Mallika says we cannot always know who what is. Vardhan says we can see the truth here. Dadi speaks against Pranati. Vardhan says she is a woman as well. Dadi says everyone is watching this thing right now. Vardhan insists there must be a reason, a story behind it. We must find out who is behind this. Who dared to malign Khurana name? Dadi says why did Reyansh go after her. I wont spare him!

The recent incident echoes in Reyansh’s mind.

Jugnu wonders why everyone is going missing one by one. Mummy Papa promised me that we will all go together. No one values my time. Riya asks her to help her till the time Papa comes back. She asks Pundit ji to bless Jugnu. Pundit ji makes Jugnu seek Bappa’s blessing. He gives her prasad for her and her family.

Reyansh comes home with Pranati just then. Maan runs to fix something. Everyone notices Reyansh holding Pranati in his arms. Riya takes Jugnu inside. Select the sweets you want to take for your friends. Jugnu says I heard that people in this house have BP and Sugar. I will take everything with me. Jugnu notices Pranati but Riya takes her inside. Reyansh makes Pranati rest on the sofa. Kesar sprinkles water on her but in vain. She tells Reyansh to take her inside. Maan and his friends move the sofa out of Reyansh’s way. Dadi stops Reyansh. Mallika smirks.

Dadi tells Reyansh this girl cannot be in this house. I wont allow a girl like her in my house! Mallika asks her what she is saying. I thought that Reyansh and Pranati love each other. Dadi says love is something else but it is another thing to love a characterless girl like Pranati. I cannot afford to lose the respect we have gained in all these years. Vardhan is relieved that Pranati is unconscious and does not remember anything. Mallika adds fuel to the fire. Pranati is not good for Reyansh. It should have been a girl from a good family. I don’t think Pranati belongs to a good family. I don’t think Reyansh and Pranati will even marry after this. Who would like to make a girl like her their DIL or wife? I think this is the end of Reyansh and Pranati’s love story. Dadi recalls her deal with Mallika’s father. She quickly changes her tone because of that deal. You are right but I wont feel good if Reyansh gets hurt. I cannot throw Pranati out of the house even if I want to! Mallika tries to argue but Dadi says no decision should be taken in haste when it comes to love. We should not come to any decision till the time she wakes up. She tells Reyansh to take Pranati inside.

Reyansh obliges. Vardhan heads to his room. Pundit ji asks Reyansh to seek Bappa’s blessing so Pranati gains conscious soon. Dadi tells him this can be done later. Let her wake up first. She asks Reyansh to take her upstairs but Mallika insists. She may not be in a condition to seek blessings once she gains conscious.

Reyansh takes Pranati near Bappa’s idol. Pundit ji prays for her safety. Increase the love between her and her husband just like he is taking care of her right now. Reyansh panics. He cannot disclose anything against what the Pundit ji has said. Pundit ji tells him to bow down in front of Bappa to seek his blessings. He holds Pranati and lowers his head. Her saree’s pallu falls in Bappa’s feet in the process. Reyansh tries to pick it when a box of vermilion falls. Some of it falls on Pranati’s forehead. Mallika and Khurana family are stunned to notice it. Reyansh tries to rub it off Pranati’s forehead and spills it all over her hairline in the process. He takes her upstairs.

Vardhan tells his friend not to worry. His friend says there has been so much mess. Vardhan says I had a back up plan already. I mixed a medicine in Pranati’s glass. She wont remember anything. What will she say to anyone? His friend is still tensed. Do you have a guarantee? Vardhan calls it a fool proof plan. She wont remember anything during that time and of an hour before that too. Did you tell Archit I was there? His friend denies. Vardhan heaves a sigh of relief. He ends the call. Poor Pranati! He turns and notices Dadi standing on the door and gets tensed. She asks him why he is fumbling. Why are you in my room? He says nothing. She asks him to make a peg for her. He reminds her of the puja downstairs but she isn’t bothered. He says it was a perfect time to throw Pranati out of the house. She asks him if he is rubbing salt to her wound. He instigates her against Reyansh. She tells him that everything happens in this house as per her wish. He suggests her to handle Mallika first. Reyansh comes there just then. Did you call me, Dadi? She asks him what he did. It was a great chance to leave her there yet you brought her back. I don’t want her here! Reyansh wonders if he should tell her that he is helpless because of his love for Pranati. This is the right time I guess.

Precap: Few women have come to Khurana house and they speak badly about Pranati and call her characterless. She shouts enough. Vardhan is behind all this. Vardhan and Khurana family is stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. what did the vardan done for pranati?

    1. He tried to date rape her but Archit reached there on time

    2. No this is not right.
      But Is reyansh want to Pranati is going out of his house

  2. Oof WTF!!! Vardaan gets away! Hell no – this Disgusting character must be out and jailed. Will not watch this serial until they get rid of him. Stop showing rapists having so much power Ekta – unless it’s true that you support GBV. This Dadi too; being a woman she is a blight on women and Vardaan is her shadow let’s not forget She murdered her own unborn grandchild – who knows how many more she murdered. I just hope this Reyansh understands that she was drugged, Archit is a journalist; hopefully he puts his characters career to use and uncovers Vardaan’s sins. Really hope to see Reyansh leave that house with Pranati and Jugnu (probably Maan as well)

  3. rey needs to show that he really have b*lls and take a stand for his family till date he has been ordered and following like a robot.
    This dadi, vardhan and malika are getting on my nerves
    @kalika ekta mam had never impressed me when it comes to GBV she always show women so helpless so i won’t get myself so high that i will hate this show ever again

  4. guys, just give me a clarity did vardan raped pranati or not any ways this type characters must be in forest not in society

  5. Forest is being kind… he didn’t rape her, he tried to, fortunately Archit got there on time.

  6. It’s a trend amongst Indian serials that needs to stop its promoting the wrong message to women… it’s time for change

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