Pavitra Bhagya 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Love Hate Relationship Continues Between Reyansh and Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh brings Pranati to a corner and pushes her. Her words about his mother’s suicide keep haunting him. Now I will make sure you see how much I hate you! She tries to walk away but he holds her close. For a second, I was so angry that I thought to throw you out but then your wish would have come true. I will teach you a lesson which you will never forget. You were speaking about my Ma, right? You woke up the animal inside me. I had calmed it down with so much difficulty. Now I will show you the animal side of me. Now you will see my hatred! He walks away angrily.

Pranati comes to Archit’s place. Archit opens the door and stares at her. She asks about Navya. He tells her not everything can happen as per her wish. You aren’t needed in this house or my life. She replies that she isn’t interested in being a part of his life. I came to check on Navya and her baby. I am concerned for her. Archit asks her since when she was worried for Navya. She is a part of my life which you left behind when you chose Reyansh! Pranati repeats his dialogue. He asks her if she has come here to show sympathy after ruining his life. Stop this drama! She tells him to think whatever he wants to but she must meet Navya today. He blocks her path. You have become stone hearted like Khurana’s. Look at yourself! She asks him to move aside. He requests her to admit it that she feels something for him. She declines. I have come here only to meet Navya. It is very important for me. Why don’t you understand? He agrees but keeps a condition and shows a ring. Please accept this. Throw away that fake ring and accept this. She tells him he is crossing his limits. He requests her again. She tells him that Reyansh is in her life now. He holds her hands but she tells him to let go. You are hurting me. He tries again but she shouts at him to stop. You have lost all your rights. The sooner you understand this, the better it will be for you. He tells her the same thing and asks her to leave. Pranati walks away teary eyed.

Maan is not content to be a part of the merriment and stands in a corner. Dadi’s words echo in his head. Armaan asks him to be part of his sangeet ceremony and drags him for the dance. Pranati returns home in tears. Dadi looks at her. Pranati watches Jugnu dance happily and smiles through tears. She hugs Jugnu who pushes her away. I am in such a good mood. Why are you trying to spoil it? Pranati tries to say something but Jugnu tells her she has done her homework already and has taken her medicines too. Jugnu gets irked seeing her tears. Pranati tries twice to tell her that she is looking lovely today. She next applies kala teeka behind Jugnu’s ear and blesses her. She looks away for a moment to wipe her tears, pats at Jugnu’s cheek and leaves. Jugnu looks on in confusion. Reyansh’s SIL tells Jugnu her nayi Ma loves her very much. Jugnu calls it a lie. She wouldn’t have thrown me in that hell the moment I was born if she actually loved me. She walks away in a huff.

Pranati comes to her room and is crying when Reyansh walks in. He closes the doors from inside. I hope you had good time with your ex? How is he? They must be reeling under our shock? Pranati tells him that he will regret all this one day. Don’t fly too high. Reyansh says you are acting as if you are innocent. Did you forget what you have done? You are staying with me but are meeting someone else behind my back! She says I am ashamed of your thinking. I must have surely sinned or I wouldn’t have been staying with a devil like you! He agrees on the fact that he is a devil. I enjoy being one. She panics as he hurts himself. You are bleeding. He tells her to stop his drama. She shrugs his hand away. Pranati does his first aid against his wish. Ishq hai plays. They keep glancing at each other all along. Reyansh reminds her of her words. I am a devil so why are you doing all this. She replies that she is returning the favour. He asks her if there is nothing else. He notices her wounded arm. I am the devil but seems like someone else is acting like one. I dint do this! He applies ointment on her arm. They are reminded of their past. She tells him he need not do all this. You are still a fallen, mean guy. He nods. Do not to mistake it as his help. I am doing this as there are guests downstairs. They shouldn’t think that I did this. Being a woman, everyone would believe you in a second. They don’t know that it is actually your lover who has done this! He would do it as you have given him a free pass after all! Dadi calls out to them just then. Reyansh leaves.

Pranati wonders how Armaan can marry Riya when Navya is pregnant with his kid. How to stop this marriage?

Pranati goes downstairs too. Dadi asks Reyansh and Pranati to start the haldi ritual. Pranati refuses to be a part of any ritual with Reyansh.

Precap: Reyansh and Pranati apply haldi while Jugnu looks on. This family has actually become a family even while trying to oppose this! How can someone ignore what’s destined to happen? Jugnu throws a red chunri in the air which lands directly on Pranati and Reyansh. They share an eye lock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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