Pavitra Rishta -SS By AngelAshu (Prologue)

Hello.. friends..

Today am giving a teser/prologue/introduction of my first SS

Hope u all like my SS..

It’s a SS of SWASAN… raglak also here as supporting lead..

I wanna say thnx to #zuzu..(aur pyaar hogaya ff writer) coz.. she said when she is in travel she got some new ideas.. yeah dear #zuzu.. ur words are really true..its happened with me recently..

Friends..when I traveling in train I suddenly got some idea..

So I wanna make that as SS..

And its my fantasy story too..

I combine my new idea with my fantasy story..

Its just 3-4 parts..

Hope u all are supporting to start..

Friends.. its a family story.. This SS has some mixture of tastes as respect, emotional, love, romance, responsibility, comedy, friendship..

So I decided this SS tittle as.. PAVITRA RISHTA

So friends.. I think this tittle is suitable for these all tastes..

Then, I ll give introdouction of this SS

As we all know.. many popular businesses are lives in Mumbai..

In that popular businesses.. Maheshwari Industries and Gadodia Industries are also there..

So first I ll give Maheshwari family introduction..

Durga Prasad Maheshwari: A popular business man, loves him family more.. always gives happiness to family members..

Annapurna Maheshwari: DP’s wife, more responsible, cares her family much, as a mother.. etc.. perfect women..

Ram Prasad Maheshwari: DP’s younger brother.. Always Follows DP words.. never get irresponsible.. loves his family alot.. he can do anything for family..

Sujata Maheshwari: RP’s wife.. respect Family rules.. loves her family alot.. Always supporting family members, cares her family more.. responsible women..

Adarsh Maheshwari: DP’s elder son.. Responsible businessman, loves family alot, respect elders, never cross his limits..

Parineetha Maheshwari: wife of Adarsh.. responsible daughter-in-law(bahu), sarvaghun sampan, loves and cares her family so much.. Heartly follows family rules.. respects elders..

Uttaara Maheshwari: simple cute daughter of sujju and RP… laadli of family..

Finelly our

Sanskar Maheshwari: younger son of DP, handsome young men, recently settled, presently he managing MAHESHWARI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES at nework.. main branch at MUMBAI.. some branch also in NEWYORK..

Now I ll give Gadodia family introduction:

Deendayal Gadodia: responsible preson, loves his family alot.. always supports his grand daughter..

Parvathi Gadodia: wife of deendayal, loves her family more, cares her family, easily convince anyone to do something, supports her grand daughter..

Shekhar Gadodia: Son of deendayal and parvathi, successful businessman, loves his family much..always proud himself..

Sharmishta Gadodia: shekhar’s wife, respect elders, cares and loves her family more, she can do anything for family happiness.. as a wife.. as a mother.. as a bahu.. perfect women.. solves any problem easily..

Shravan Gadodia: shekhar and shomi’s son.. loves family alot, respect elders, he managing GADODIA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES with his dad.. support’s his younger sister always like a friend..

Finely our

Swara Gadodia: shekhar and shomi’s daughter.. completed her masters and.. just 6 months back joined in a job which she like more n more.. at NEWYORK.. ghar ki laadli.. she can do anything for her family.. loves and respect her family soooooo much..

Other Characters:

Ragini Sharma: swara’s childhood friend, (ek dum jaan juguni), A successful DOCTOR at NEWYORK, presently she is fiance of Laksh Sindia, lovers her family much, always being with swara.. supports her every time..

Laksh Sindia: A successful doctor at NEWYORK, loves his fiance and family too, responsble men, helping nature, he imaging’s his sister in Swara (who is dead in laksh’s childhood)..

Dr.Sulekha: Saskaar’s family friend’s wife.. doing work as DOCTOR at NEWYORK..

Some friends of these all…

Hope u all are like..

So, friends.. can I continue..

Please give ur response in comments..
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Lots of love..


  1. Heyyy Ashu
    Why can’t u write pavitra rishta 2
    Season 1 is amazing..
    The way they attached with each other emotions.. aah.. i love it Yaar

    1. AshiSai

      Hmm.. i will work on it

  2. This is one of my favorite story
    I like urrr all swasan stories
    You are good writer dear
    Keep it up
    And do update Jo Tu Chahe next part

    1. AshiSai


  3. Its superb sis

    1. AshiSai


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