Patiala Babes 7th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Gets Court Notice

Patiala Babes 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie tells Mickey that Babita took a lot of time to get out of her past and now HS is stuck in his past, her philosophy about love is right and she does not want to fall into this problem. Mickey says problem is not in love but in past. NB confronts HS and asks why he troubled Babita. HS says when did he, if she complained her. She asks how will he feel if Babita is still stuck with Ashok. HS says he doesn’t feel bad seeing her stuck in her past. NB asks if he cannot forget Imarati and move on for Babita’s sake. HS says Babita knows about Imarati from the beginning. NB says Babita respects Imarati and she moved out of her past with great difficulty; he is losing the golden opportunity and moments of life stuck in his past and should move out of it soon and lead a happy live with Babita. HS sits reminiscing her words.

Pooja starts at Babita’s house which everyone attends except HS. Mickey sees Minnie sad and says she is right, there is nothing like true love, she should not get disheartened. Minnie says she is not, there was a time when she used to hate love, but after seeing HS and Babita’s intensity of love, she hopes they move on in life soon and live happily. HS asks her to chill. She asks how can she, she is hoping HS opens door and tell her not to worry, he will marry her mother and give her a fatherly love which she always missed in life, but life is full of maybe and hopes. HS walks in and sits in pooja next to Babita. Everyone look at him. HS asks Panditji if he will not perform pooja for him. Pandit applies tilak on his forehead and asks what is name and gotra. HS describes. Pandit asks who is he to Minnie. HS says father. Minnie and her family is amazed and happy to hear that while Kammo and Pammi sit in a shock. Minnie emotionally sits between Babita and HS. HS gives her Imarati’s trunk keys. Minnie gets more happy.

Minnie and her whole team take HS aside and insist him to confess his love for Babita. HS says he sat in pooja and confessed that he is Minnie’s father, what else they need. Minnie says he should at least say I love you. HS says he cannot blabber in English. NB says even she wants to see how one proposes, her husband just said qubool hai; HS should do this at least for his mother. HS says she is sacrificing him for her entertainment. Minnie insists and asks Mickey to show how to propose. Mickey holding rose kneels down in front of Preet and expressing his love asks NB will she marry him. Bobby says he will show it and kneels down in front of Minnie. HS says he will do it himself. Minnie asks him to propose in his own style and continues encouraging him. She holds HS’ hand and walks towards Babita. Babita wlaks towards him holding aarti thali and shows it to him. He accepts aarti and nervously tries to speak when door bell rings and postman hands him over court notice. HS reads court notice with wide open eyes tensed and walks out of house. Babita asks Minnie why did he go out, what is in letter. NB asks Laala to go and check. Minnie says she feels something is wrong. NB says HS is thanedar and must have got important work, so he left, she shouldn’t think much and help her mother.

HS walks to his police station and sits reminiscing court case where he was dismissed from his job till court case ends and he is proven innocent, he pleads commissioner that he loved Imarati a lot and didn’t kill her and commissioner says he trust him but has to sign suspension orders. Laala walks to him and asks what happened. HS says already he is tensed and not to tense him more. Laala says he never let him alone in life, how can he now. HS gives him court letter, Laala says this court had ended. HS says it is high court summon after 8 years and his past will not spare him so easily.

Minnie closes door, opens trunk and picks file. She reads HS’ name on it and opens it nervously, reads notice that there is an allegation that HS is responsible for Imarati’s death and he murdered her.

Precap: Babita asks HS if he is fine. HS warns not to show interest in stranger man and control herself.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I do not like how the story is proceeding… all this time what i liked about HS-Babita is despite all their fights and squabbles and arguments, there was always this sense of respect between them. They argued but never insulted each other. Even when they fought they would usually not be looking each other in the eye or keeping a respectful voice… But what HS said in the precap crossed that line. I dont know if he was too much in pain and actually meant what he said or he was insulting Babita to make her hate him (which is cliched to the core), but i dont like how the plot is going. I was always worried that when HS-Babita love story became the central plot then the story will start to drag or become cliched. For a short time it looked like the showrunners might actually surprise me and do something nice and fresh for a change. Doesn’t look like that anymore. How many times will HS be all shy and in ‘proposal mode’ one hour and distant and rude the next hour? when he returned from training, in the morning he is happy thinking about Babita but at night he got upset over Imarti. Then today he called himself Minnie’s father in front of everyone and even said that is equivalent to a proposal. even Madhu and Kammo were there but he did not care and said it in front of everybody. But tomorrow he will be insulting Babita, indirectly questioning her character like Ashok used to. What is Babita supposed to answer her neighbours if they question her about HS’s statement? This is emotional abuse for Babita and she doesn’t deserve this after everything Ashok forced her to go through. How is what HS said to Babita in the precap much different from what Ashok said to her back in court during the divorce? Disappointing for me…
    Also i wanted to find out about Imarti and HS relation more but not like this. Instead of emotional scenes to make us understand HS’s pain, it has instead turned into a ploy to push HS away from Babita and keep them separate for some more. Culpable homicide not amounting to murder? Okay maybe something happened that caused Imarti to die and Imarti’s father blamed HS for that. But this is completely new and is being brought in right now to just keep HS-Babita away. Until now there was never even a hint that something fishy might have happened during Imarti’s demise
    Okay as a last point, i want to applaud the actors of this show. all of them are so real and subtle in their craft… especially Paridhi and Aniruddh. One reason why the precap hurt me so much is because their interaction seems so real and when Babita got hurt listening to HS words, i could feel her pain and sense of betrayal. Please writers dont drag this track for long

    1. But a new entrant is coming soon to play the role of Imarti therefore she is not dead

    2. Imarti is dead but they will show her in flash back!

  2. The episode was soo sweet,cute and joyful.. until hanuman got the court notice

  3. this show is going off air or timing change because Kbkp is going to telecast patiala babes time pls tell me guys
    and I have been silent reader but love this show and commenters

  4. watch this guys it’s bad news if imarti will come back

  5. Perminder Virk


    I think that you are missing the point here.
    1st time he was rude to her was for Mini’s sake.
    2nd time it is for Babita sake, as he is trying to make her go away from him as there will be mud slinging for sure and he does not want her to get hurt again and its a Court case as well. He even told Lally to leave him but he is standing by him.

    He is hurting himself as well everytime as well.

    Maybe he is being respectful to her parents as well.

    But he has given up for sure in this fight to prove his innocence but I think that Mini will be his support and help him in proving his innocence as I think that he has been framed either by someone he jailed or maybe her jealous lover gir sure.

    I think that Khatri was the witness in this case. I get the gut feeling on this. Even HS has said that he is a low life.

    He needs to close this chapter to move on.

    1. Hi Perminder Virk, maybe i overreacted a little. I liked today’s episode and without the precap i wouldn’t have written such a strongly worded comment. Today’e episode was cute and seemed like HS was finally moving on. I was expecting now they will get together finally and if there is some problem then they will face it together… but that changes in the last moment and the precap felt very insulting towards Babita for me. But lets see, hopefully things wont get very dramatic…

  6. Now Babita and HS are almost a couple, the writers need to drag the story to create more episodes, therefore this track about HS being a suspect in Imerti’s murder is created. This will keep HS and Babita separate for sometime before they are back together.

  7. Nice to have suspense in the serial. It is not usual love story.
    I like this serial it is unusal. Keep it up with good story line.
    Show who the killer is. I hope you show court case as well.
    Make it different than other serials.

  8. I like the way the story is moving to. all the characters are excellant in thier respective role…as if real.
    The new twist abot court case, Hanuman’s pain and anguist…well portrayed.Hope to see a thrilling court scene in the coming episodes… Mini and her friends along with Babita helping him with all proofs to win the case… Thoroughly enjoying. Hope the timing of the show remains the same.

    1. I’m actually hoping that Babes and Mini be his strength through all this that’s coming. HS was there for them when no one else and I think it’s their turn now to stand by him. In this way this ‘family’ unit will become stronger.

  9. The court case is shown so that Hanuman get over his grief and start fresh life with babita ……because you cannot just fhc forget a person you had loved……it was necessary to start afresh…..i guess

  10. SsiyAa

    nayeembi confrontation with HS was very strong… I like the points she kept in front of HS.. aadhi adhuri zindagi deke kya fayeda…. and mickey was also right, problem past me hai love me nahi…

    and first time i felt actual pooja is going on… the mantras pandit use and in other serial they only sing karporgauram repeatedly… I guess he was real pandit…
    that scene was superb where hanuman introduced himself as minne father…
    unpredictable yet beautiful episode… this serial impresses me with its unpredictable track and always positive.. ????

    and that part where everyone was pushing hanuman to officially propose was sweet, cute and kept constant smile on my face… good part.. and that nayeembi wish to see proposing and her qubool hai.,.. and mickey proposing was so cringe but laughable… and that bobby… teri babes chor.. hahaha… episode uplifted the mood… everyone was equally good… ???
    everything was going so well that what suddenly happened with that court notice?… it gave me vibe as if imarti is alive but that background voice cleared that imarti is dead but something happened to her and hanuman was blamed for that… now it’s getting on nerves what actually happened…
    .. who will reopen the case in High Court again may be imarti’s family who feel hanuman is responsible for her death.. may be… ?

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