Patiala Babes 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mini Confronts Ashok

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Patiala Babes 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita walks to constable Laala and asks if he has cloth drying rope. He says he does not have but will get somehow. He removes Hanuman singh’s pajama’s threads/naada and makes a rope of it. Babita dries clothes on naada rope. Hanuman Singh finds all his naada’s missing from all pajamas and asks Laala where did they go. Laala says he does not know. Hanuman asks who will know then. Laala says he does all his chores even though he is not his servant just for humanity. Hanuman asks where did his naadas go. Babita realizes Laala gave her naadas and asks if these are the ones, she will return them. Hanuman says he will bring new ones and she need not feel guilty. Babita walks in nervously. Laala serves tea to Hanuman. Hanuman sips tea and spits it. He smells ginger tea smell from Babita’s kitchen and praises it. Babita prepares 4 cup tea and asks Mini to give 2 cups to Hanuman Singh and Laala. Mini asks why she wants to do charity, they are already paying rent. Babita says they can give 2 cups tea for naada rope. Mini serves tea to Hanuman and Laala fuming. Hanuman smells tea and taste it with loud sips and says it is amrith/elixir, what is mixed in it. Mini counts all ingredients and its price. Hanuman Singh says he will forgo 4 months’ rent. Mini gets happy. Babita signals her to return back and tells Laala that she will send 2 cups tea daily. Mini says Babes will pay rent for sure. Hanuman says it is a service.

Laala gets a call from commissioner. He informs Hanuman that Mini’s father has filed voilence complaint against him, so commissioner has called him. Mini says it is wrong. Hanuman wears uniform looking at his grandfather’s pic. Laala says Hanuman’s 4 generations were in police and he follows his grandfather’s advice that police’s duty is to serve citizens, he shattered with his baseless allegations. Babita apologizes Hanuman on Ashok’s behalf. Hanuman says she need not worry, let us see if his truth will win or her husband’s lies.

Mini reaches Ashok’s house and calls Biji, Dadaji, Sukhi. Ashok says they have gone to temple, she call tell him what happened. She confronts him and says she wants to tell Dadaji how low his son is. Ashok shouts what does she mean. Mini says he is so jealous of Hanuman that he filed wrong complaint against innocent Hanuman. Ashok shouts Hanuman is dear to her and Babita and they are staying in his house. Mini says being a stranger he let them stay in his house, but their dear one papaji made them leave their own house. She continues confronting him and he slaps her. She says he slapped her to hide his mistake, she would have been happy if her father had slapped her to correct her mistake, but she sees a jealous man, she is ashamed to be his son, now it is over between them. Ashok stands feeling guilty.

At commissioner’s office, Laala requests Hanuman to stop helping mother and daughter, else he will lose his job. Constable informs Hanuman that commissioner is calling him.

Mini returns home. Babita asks where was she. Mini says she went to confront papaji, but he slapped her and does not feel guilty for filing wrong complaint against Hanuman uncle. Babita consoles her.

Precap: Hanuman tells commissioner that his wife wants him to help those mother and daughter, so he wants to resign. Babita tells Mini they have leave Hanuman’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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