Patiala Babes 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Babita and Mini Caught Stealing Footwear

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Patiala Babes 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita and Mini with Bobby’s help meet property agent who shows houses, but all house owners deny to rent house hearing Babita and Mini will stay alone. They meet different agents who deny helping them. Khatri’s fellow agent calls him and says he denied helping Babita and Mini on Khatri’s order. Khatri says he is real estate agent association’s president and knows to protect its dignity, Babita and Mini are not culprits and should not be helped. He smirks thinking they insulted him and wanted to send him to jail, he will see how they will get a house.

Inspector Hanuman Singh with constable reaches temple on poojari’s complaint. Poojari says someone is stealing footwear from temple and someone is stealing them. Hanuman singh asks constable to catch thief.

Constable requests not to give him petty thieves. Hanuman singh calls nearby playing children and asks them to spy on dieties’ footwear and find out who is thief, they will be reward for that. Once he leaves, Mini and Babita wlk into temple tired after not finding rented accommodation. They pray at temple and don’t find their slippers. Banbita says they have to go to shop now to get slippers. Mini says even to go to shop, they need slippers, so they should take someone’s slippers and return them after buying slippers. Children watch them hiding and thinking them as thieves drag them to police station.

In police station, Hanuman singh asks constable if he prepared thieves’ list. Children drag Mini and Babita in shouting these ladies are thieves. Babita says she was borrowing slippers. Mini says their slippes are stolen, so he should take their complaint first. Hanuman sends children saying they caught wrong people and should find real thief, gives them chocs and sends them giving moral gyaan to throw wrappers in dustbin and brush their teeth. He asks if they found rented house. Mini says no, they met many agents. Hanuman says his offer is still open. Mini agrees, but Babita says they don’t need any help. Hanuman asks to decide themselves till he returns and walks away with constable.

Mini and Babita discuss pros and cons of staying at Hanuman’s house. Mini finally convinces Babita. Hanuman returns with constable. Constable says Khatri is real estate agent association’s president and will not let them get any house. Mini asks Hanuman singh if his offer is still active, they are ready to stay in his house. Hanuman agrees and says constable will help them in shifting. Mini thanks Hanuman and leaves with Babita. Constable and Hanuman read Mini and Banbita’s pros and cons list and Hanuman thinks if he made mistake to let them stay at his house.

Precap: Constable takes Banbita and Mini to Hanuman’s house. They panic seeing liquor bottles and women’s clothes. Constable says Hanuman is alcoholic and womanizer.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Babita and Mini should try to make a new life in a different Town.

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