Patiala Babes 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Ego, Hanuman Apologizes Babita

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Patiala Babes 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita hurriedly opens door and shyingly walks in when HS walks in. Minnie watching from balcony gets happy thinking Babes was speaking to HS over phone then, no wonder didn’t here her at all, thinks she should not watch parents’ romance and walks to her room hiding her eyes. Babita and HS look at each other shyingly when Dadaji and Biji walk in calling HS. HS touches their feet. Biji says they are very excited after hearing about their proposal and since they don’t have parents, they want to make their wedding arrangements and they called pandit to fix wedding date. Seeing them nervous, Dadaji says looks like they came at wrong time, so they will come later. Babita and HS stand silently. Biji asks Babita if she liked her gift. Minnie hearing their conversation runs down

wearing earrings and asks Biji how is she looking. Biji says she gave them to Babita. Babita stands confused. Minnie says she forcefully took it from Babita and signals her. Babita nods yes. Minnie says she is a bad girl. Biji says she is from childhood. Minnie says let us go to NB’s house and enjoy ice cream. They both walk with her. Minnie says let us give them some privacy and goes to close door when she hears HS telling Babita that senior citizens came at wrong time, etc. She closes door silently and leaves.

Minnie then gets Biji and Dadaji’s favorite ice cream and asks if they liked it. Biji says they should have fixed wedding date via pandit. Dadaji says let us call Babita and HS here. Minnie reminiscing HS’ words says let us not disturb them and from hereon they will call her before coming to HS’ house. Dadaji says how can old man and woman deny their granddaughter’s order. Biji says he is old and not her, they should start wedding arrangements soon. Dadaji says HS is government employee and they should fix wedding date according to his leaves. Minnie says he is right and anyways NB would have already thought about her son’s wedding, let groom’s side also make some effort. She asks her again to let love birds spend some quality time together and not disturb them and leaves once she finishes ice cream.

HS and Babita’s conversation continues. She remembers HS’ bitter words and walks up. He asks if she liked his gifted earrings. She removes them and says she is hurt by his bitter words and cannot forgive him. He asks if she still remembers that incident. She says he didn’t even apologize for his mistake and his ego is bigger than his love for her. He says nothing is bigger than his love for her and apologizes her. She calms down and forgiving him asks to return her earrings. He returns and she wearing them asks how is she looking. He nods yes and walks away saying he got some important work. Minnie walks in and asks where is he going in a hurry, he had come from duty early to meet Babes. HS says he got some important work, so he is going out. Minnie asks why he looks dull, if he has work related stress or fought with Babes, if they fight again she will get angry as he promised to keep her Babes happy always. He says that is why.. She asks that is why?? He asks to go up and see what is her mother doing and walks away.

Minnie walks to Babita and asks what happened. Babita engrasped in HS’ thoughts window shopping wedding lehengas. Minnie repeats what happened. Babita shows lehangas online and says says these are so pretty. Minnie relaxes thinking the didn’t fight. Babita says she will select her wedding dress herself, earlier mothers used to select it. Minnie say she has all the freedom to select her wedding dress and everything she likes, it is her wedding, she should seek fate more than she deserves. Babita says she learnt from life to snatch our right as no one will give it in their hands, she wants to fulfill all her wishes this time; asks if she is telling right. Minnie says she is right, forget about people and enjoy her life and keep her cute smile on always. Babita emotionally hugs her and says Poonam was telling she is so egoistic that she broke her project in childhood, she can tell Poonam that HS apologized her and she didn’t break her project also. Minnie asks if HS apologized her. Babita says she asked HS to choose between his ego and her, he chose her. Minnie realizes what HS meant.

Precap: HS tells Laala that in the upcoming times, he has to handle his relationship with Babita himself and they fight for some reason, he has to apologize even if he is right.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    so there is something that babita has to realize… but how was that ego? i did not understand. she deserved his apology as he berated her, but why it is an issue here and called as EGO? anyone here please explain.

    1. Shade

      Even I am confused. Mini too said once the court case is over ll ask HS to apologise as he crushed Babita’s pride. Did everyone forget that incident.

      1. Yeah… but i think Minnie thought all the apology and everything happened when she was asleep and thats why Babita accepted Hanuman’s proposal. But she realizes Babita asked HS to apologize only now and she immediately connects with it with why HS was upset. Babita is telling Minnie that she asked Hanuman to choose and he chose her, and Minnie is thinking babes doesn’t realize she has hurt Hanuman in doing so…

    2. HS did made a mistake and babita rightfully asked for apology but the way she did was kinda humiliating. HS wasn’t being egoistic he actually underestimated effect of his words. She could have just said that effect of his words were more than he thought and he would have apologized. Instead she said choose between ego and love. It’s like demanding apology at gun point.

      1. Shade

        After watching it again I too felt the same. But y this sudden change in Babita’s character. She was so understanding and always respected others feeling. Does writer wanna give a negative shade to Babita’s character and break this relationship once again.

    3. You know.. If you read the last Para clearly.. Babita is still like that little kid,who is thinking she didn’t break the project but she did.. Here the project is hanuman’s heart.. If she had ever understood hanuman, then she’ll know that hanuman never meant those mean words what he said and she wouldn’t ask for an apology..
      Babita is little kiddish at this point of time,but it’s not her fault.. The situations she faced in her life made her that way..

    4. i wanted to see a romantic hug between hs and babita but no !!! these makers are not showing it until now !!!! they need to watch ddlj now haha

      1. me too wanted a hug…. instead…. it was a crushing emotion 🙁

  2. Dunno why but feeling bad for hanuman uncle……his expressions changed so drastically….amd mini’s too

  3. Run hanuman singh, run….she is very childish…God knows what catering is happening…I for one do not agree w this marriage so fast…she should have moved out and realized his niceness and value…only to prove to punam that not logistic! Her character has become so pathetic lately…argumentative and her way or the highway!

  4. Don’t you think all ,Babita behaves like teenager …now her character changed completely….she said in yesterdays episode that now she will snatch her right…but i think in this situation she is wrong…she even doesn’t notice that HS feels very hurt and minnie’s face also…i think it is her second marraige and maturity level at its high at the age of 40…till date babita behaves very maturely…now what happen with her…makers pl don’t show all that jhagda’s again in HS and Babita…live them happily married couple…babita spoils her life with her own hands…

    1. yes, Babita is completely changed. She has become more demanding… HS loved the innocent and ignorant Babita, not a woman who values luxuries, who demands, etc etc
      There will be no peace in this marriage. It better not happen.

  5. Missed seeing the last three crucial episodes…gone through the written updates and I must say that I am surprised at Babita’s attitude…..Yes,I supported Babita feeling hurt because words do hurt and wanted Hanuman to apologise to her straightaway….but HS was adamant and Babita too didn’t insist …instead she goes ahead and takes initiative to propose to him ( which is really unexpected of a woman of her background)…Now when they are getting closer and about to get married ,she brings up this issue and demands apology and he relents…I feel she has taken advantage of their new found closeness and forced him to apologise…If she really felt that her SELF ESTEEM had taken a beating ,why did she propose on her own …And now when everything seems to be settled ,why did she rake up this issue….Somehow I am not comfortable with her new calculative attitude…Overall the writers seem to be confused …they are bringing in the changes so fast that it is becoming unpredictable to even guess who does what…they should appreciate the fact that basic personality traits don’t change so fast ..a very nice guy like HS hesitating to say a simple ‘sorry’ ,a shy and otherwise reserved Babita transforms herself to the extent of proposing on her own to HS and the otherwise wanky and interfering society…particularly middle class,reacting rather positively to this love marriage between a widower and a divorcee ..all this somehow looks unrealistic and impractical …And post Babita’s marriage , Minni ,who is used to her mother’s undiverted attention so far ,is bound to feel left out,however she loves HS as a father…let us see if the writers will take an idealistic path and make their marriage a perfect one or portray the ups and downs that are normal to any marriage..

  6. I am not liking Babita now… She is behaving immature…. Poor Hanuman Singh and Minnie… Minnie is way more sensible then babita

  7. Storyline was beautiful when it started and everything was going perfect till episode 170. I don’t think writer should give more importance to their love story. It’s all about mother daughter relationship. I think it’s going out of track. Now it turned out to be normal masala serial. The main character’s are shown as teenager who have fallen in love and have ego issues. God they are middle aged people and they have lived a life of their own. Now they have decided to get married.. so simple. Let them get married with elders blessing and live their life. Y do they wanna show such complications in this relationship. I think only in serials love marriage is complicated one week they are happy couples next week an issue pop up it ll last for two for weeks then again they ll join hands. Babita’s character was so beautifully sketched and all of a sudden how can she turn so rude. She knows the ups and downs in a relationship very well then yyyyyyyyyy this sudden change , is it very much needed for this situation I don’t think so. Total confusion, I don’t understand what writer is trying to convey. A sudden change in one’s character. All of a sudden one lady named Poonam enter the show and tell mini her mom damaged her project because of her ego. If Babita was so egoistic she would have never allowed Meeta to come in between them. She would have left with Ashok to London soon after their marriage without caring for her in laws. And most important a person with so much ego ll never propose to the person who have insulted her so badly. Decided to look for some other serial in 8:30 slot.

    1. OMG this one is so cute. Like Babita puts on the pink chunri and Hanuman immediately goes ‘ting ting’ and his expression says ‘kya baat hai’ and Babita gets shy… and initially Bbaita is confused but when she hears the spoon and finds him there she immediately gets so happy… <3 <3 i love how the show doesn't drag the problems, or even if there are some problems there are still happy moments too. ^_^

  8. Siya, i dont think its right to call Babita egoistic here. I mean i agree with Lakshmi that she should have thought about it and forgiven the incident before indicating her wish to marry Hanuman. Once she accepted the marriage proposal, how come the very day she is again telling him ‘apologize or this is over’? But again, if Hanuman words still bothered her, it isn’t right to keep that resentment hidden either. Otherwise one day those repressed emotions would have burst and Hanuman would have been like ‘you are bringing that incident again after MONTHS now? grow up!’ So in a way its okay Babita told it at once as she felt it. But the way she said it was wrong. Like she kept a condition, my way or the highway. She could have just told Hanuman that her feelings were hurt because she always thought him as a gentleman and never expected to be hurt by him. She could have come from a place of vulnerability, placed her pain in front of Hanuman and he could have apologized because he really felt sorry. But Babita became stubborn and upset… and what more, she didn’t even realize that how much it upset Hanuman. He left and Babita was still in her wonderland. She is in a relationship now and it is good that she is giving importance to her needs. But she also has to give importance to her partner’s needs. I know she has never been in a relationship of that kind, where she is an equal to her partner, and her part is not limited to cooking, pressing clothes, and keeping track of material needs of her partner. She has to learn to provide the emotional and mental support too. Babita has never done that before with Ashok. But i hope she realizes it soon and learns how to be sensitive to Hanuman’s needs too
    Hanuman on the other hand has a different perspective. We already know he doesn’t like saying thank you at all or hearing it either from loved ones. Maybe he thinks the same thing about saying sorry. Maybe his philosophy is that in love there is no place for sorry or thank you. Your partner should just automatically understand you or appreciate you instead of saying it out loud. And now he is worried that Babita will always demand an apology and even in future if Hanuman doesn’t relent, Babita will keep the same conditions and leave him. Hanuman feels that it has now become his job to either never commit any mistake or immediately apologize. And he finds that burdensome. I dont think Babita will ever keep the same condition again. She was happy Hanuman chose her and not his ego, and probably she only needed that assurance from Him. But there is no way for Him to know that for sure…
    i think this all is happening for two reaosns. One, Hanuman and Babita have just started their relationship. They know each other on a superficial level only, like acquaintances. But when you go into a relationship, the equation always changes and it takes time to find your place in the new setting. Babita-Hanuman should have waited to know each other better instead of deciding to marry right away. They have hardly had a long face to face talk with each other alone. They dont know what to expect or how to proceed with their wishes from each other. You start feeling unsure, insecure, there will even be fights and arguments… but eventually you will get over all that and the relation will become stronger
    the second reason i feel is Babita took a few wrong lessons from her past. In the beginning Babita was this all pleasing bahu who never minded anybody’s words, was always the first to forgive without any apology and was always ‘let it be, we should adjust and compromise in relations.’ Then Ashok-Mita happened and all those relations that Babita had cared for abandoned her. Nobody did even the minimum to support her. Even in the divorce case she was all alone facing the trial. Only Minnie was there. And Minnie repeatedly taught her, ‘dont compromise’, ‘always aim for what you want’, ‘dont bend but demand for your rights’, ‘always keeps your self respect above everything else.’ And that transformation came slowly but surely. Babita has become that woman. She thinks now she must always put her foot down if she wants to be happy. Especially with her male partner. But the truth, those life lessons do not automatically mean that you become completely rigid or selfish. You have to strike a balance. In relationship, sometimes you do have to compromise, sometimes you do have to adjust. And you have to reach that understanding with your partner. And now i think its time for Babita to relearn some lessons… maybe Hanuman too. Like there is nothing wrong in saying sorry/thank you. Its natural and sometimes even necessary… And they both have to learn to communicate and trust each other. Hanuman is talking about his doubts with Lala. Babita is questioning her behavior in front of Minnie. But they have to start talking to each other and find solutions together instead of relying on friend’s suggestion only
    I must say i am pretty excited to see how this proceeds. Falling in love is easy, but staying in a relationship and nurturing that love is a lot tougher

    1. MeTooPatialaBabes

      What Babita did today was right. The way was also right. But when finally HS joined his hands for apologizing, she should stop him and say that his decision of choosing her was enough for her. Of course this differs from person to person. But till now their relation is very tender. It need to be strengthen first rather than direct jumping to marriage. They need to spend time together talking and understanding each other. Today Babita is in her wonderland, dreamworld.. Let her enjoy it.. But she’s not alone. She need to take care what HS feels and respect it. Just be polite.
      But makers are surely going to shock us with their content!

    2. SsiyAa

      same thought is mine…. she deserved that apology and there wasn’t her ego… but the way she asked was something “forced apology”… she could have said something to make him realise how hurt she is… they could have discussion over it.. but the option she gave either I or your ego indirectly telling him apologize and choose me or end this relation and because of her last act viewers on every portal started to call her egoistic and negative. and i still say her way was wrong but definitely that wasn’t ego. neither HS was egoistic neither babita, HS didn’t realised he need to apologize and babita didn’t realised to keep it in right way.
      but then what does her line tell us, “jo cheez apni hai use kismat se maangna nahi padta balki cheehna padta hai (snatch your rights when it’s yours)”…? does she took wrong lessons from her past experience ?.. or that is the only way it works in real life too..?

  9. I was thinking another thing… When Imarti and Hanuman married, on their wedding night, Hanuman tries to slap Imarti, Imarti pushes him down to the floor and then threatens that if he doesn’t mend his ways she will go to police station and send him to prison. Maybe even end their marriage… There is a subtle similarity between what happened then and now. Only back then both Imarti and Hanuman did not attach any importance to the attempted slap or push or threat. They both took it lightly or as a norm and moved on… In the present case Babita is truly hurt by Hanuman’s words but maybe Hanuman expected her not to attach any importance to them and simply forget. Like maybe he was used to that with Imarti and has trouble accepting that Babita has a different reaction/expectation. Imarti was outspoken and went for tit for tat. Babita is quiet and wants and apology instead… Maybe that’s why Hanuman finds things are not going as he expected, not how he thought love is supposed to be, not how it was with Imarti

    1. SsiyAa

      i don’t think so that’s actually the cause here… HS understands relationship more better and maturely than babita. How many times he made babita understand her relationship with mini.. so many times we have seen him talking about sensitivity in relations with mini, lala, and NB too… there is something more than what we saw yesterday, may be we get to understand that from today’s episode. Moreover to that he understand babita’s nature more than she herself does. i guess he wasn’t upset with her for asking apology but the condition she put forth. Right now they still have some distance between them as their relation has just started and at that babita put such harsh condition what if in future something more worst uncertainty happens.. will she again put difficult conditions or threat to leave him or end relation if he go against her expectations or if he failed to do what she wished?… This action of her made to think about her expectations with their relation and we will get to see that in todays episode..may be.

  10. MeTooPatialaBabes

    What’s happening?
    So confusing!

  11. MeTooPatialaBabes

    Babita totally surrendered in front of Hanuman and offered herself in raw form. Dropping veil of perfection she stood with all her flaws, ego, hurt, morbid pride and darkness. “Do you still like me?” She asked taking cover of jhumkas. He nodded and accepted her. #patialababes
    Baring herself emotionally naked, Babita has stood in front of Hanuman with all her beauty and all her ugliness. She is gutsy. Does he have the guts to emotionally bare himself? #patialababes

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