Tara From Satara 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Another student leaves Sachin’s dance school

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Tara From Satara 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The main crew guy asks the audition guy if that girl gave audition. Alen asks him who he is speaking about. The main crew guy shows him the video but the face isn’t clean. Alen tells him about Bedane’s dance performance. The main guy gets upset.

Outside, Tara tells Bedane he dances real badly. He says I was trying to help you. I wasn’t hiding like you. She apologizes to him. You had to dance because of me. Even he apologizes to her as she had to see his bad dance. She says we wouldn’t have gotten this money if you hadn’t danced. Fix the trophy. She asks him what she should tell Baba if he asks about the money. He tells her to think. She says I will tell him that you are returning me the money which I had lent you once. He tells her to make sure her Baba does not come to his house

chasing him. She jumps in joy.

Sachin gives 25k to the repair guy (Shinde) but he asks for 45k instead. The damage has increased. 25k wont be good enough! Do you want me to do it or not? Sachin denies. Shinde says you are too hot headed. People with such a temper don’t see anything good in life. He tells him to keep his lectures to himself. Shinde guy leaves.

Tara comes home. She gives money to her mother to fix the trophy who shares that it has been sold already. We still lacked a lot of money. Tara gets sad. Radhika says Baba has also gotten hold of your report card. Ajji hid it in his file by mistake and he took it to Bank today. He was upset when he came home today. Tara’s eyes widen in shock. Sachin calls Tara upstairs.

Tara goes to her Baba’s room with a heavy heart. He asks her about her result. Did I ask you to only keep the Xerox here? Where are the original docs? Flashback shows bank rep telling Sachin to come back tomorrow with originals. My work couldn’t happen today because of you. I think I will have to now walk with a bowed head around town! I don’t know who will insult me when and where. How can I trust outsiders if I cannot trust my family? My head will burst one day if this continues. You will know when I will lose conscious on the road one day! Nothing is going right. Everyone blames me and I have to hear it. If it as if I have no respect. It is because I have no money. She looks down. He tells her to go downstairs. You don’t have to hear all this just because of Xerox. You came from outside. Eat something. She goes out sadly.

Tara feels bad for her father. His words echo in her head. She is reminded of Marathe Madam’s condition. She tells her father she has failed in the exams. Result came yesterday itself. Sachin stands up in shock. He holds her angrily. What did you say? He lets go of her hand as she fumbles. He takes her downstairs. She apologizes to him but he insists upon throwing her out of the house. His mother tells him to stop but in vain. Sachin tells Tara there is one loser in the house already. We don’t need another. Tara apologises to him. He reasons that they are working hard to make the ends meet but she cannot study! Sarita says she atleast tried. He asks Tara to swear upon him and say that she did try to pass the exams. Tara goes quiet. Sarita says she will work hard now. She said everything herself. Sachin says all of us would have failed in our upbringing otherwise. He notices Bantya and his mother passing from there and apologizes to her. I said so much to you thinking she will live up to those words but she failed. Bantya’s mother walks away. Sachin closes the door on Tara’s face. He advises Sarita that fate only works when people work hard. Your daughter does not work hard at all.

Tara is sitting at the train station. Bedane asks her to come home. Your Baba told you to go out of anger. He will cool down in some time. You don’t listen to him anyways. She insists that she failed. He calls her special. Entire class passed. You are very different. She warns to throw him in front of the train. What is big for Baba is bigger for me! I don’t have any place in that house. He asks her if she will stay here only. Let’s go to Mumbai in the next train. You can dance there and I will work. She gets excited. Why will you come with me? You have everything here. He suggests leaving tomorrow morning. I will sell the shop. Baba will not be able to do anything on his own. She asks him to come right away. I will go in this train itself! He asks for Rs. 225. She tells him that it is at home. I will go without ticket.

Sachin tells his student about her performance. She speaks of joining Rego’s dance classes instead. He tries to make her understand that such dance is for people who want to shine for a while. She tells him that Didi says such dances are shown on TV. I wont come from tomorrow. Sachin gives up. Keep practising. She leaves. Sachin closes the door and looks the board opposite his class. Rego talks to him as if he is equal to him. I am a dance teacher just like you. Sachin negates it. Rego says traditional is fine but time is changing. Sachin reasons that not every change is good. Rego says the change which brings money is good. I met Shinde and heard about your loan application. What should I do if your students are coming to me? I am falling short of space. Rent your dance school to me. I will run it. It will be a win-win situation for both. Sachin drives away.

Sarita asks Rohan about Tara. He shares that he called Bedane who told him that she is at station. Sarita is worried that she might leave in a train on her own. Ajji isn’t worried but Chinu is. She asks her husband why he seems so upset. He shares that our dance class’s student went to Rego. Chinu rues that their work is finished. Sachin corrects her. One girl from a batch left but our school wont stop. He notices the empty place next to Tara. Sarita tells him that Tara is at station. She will come. He gets up without taking a bite. Tell Radhika to bring her. Sarita tells Radhika to bring her sister after eating dinner.

The train going to Mumbai arrives. Tara sits on a seat sadly. Bedane follows her and looks at her in concern.

Precap: The main crew guy asks his entire crew to find this girl. Alen says there isn’t anything special but his senior insists that she has that factor. They show Tara’s video on the truck asking for people to identify the girl in the video. Sachin is talking to a lady on the road. The truck is very near him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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