Patiala Babes 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Minnie’s Hysteria

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Patiala Babes 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arya barges into Montu’s party distributes invitation to Montu’s friends and invites them for chat party at her house. Montu shouts why is she ruining her party, her friends will not come though as they are loyal to him. Arya asks friends if they will attend her spicy party or Montu’s boring ice cream party. Friends say Arya’s party and they all accompany her leaving Montu crying. At home, Neil serves chat to all children and they all like it and thank Arya. Minnie with Preet walks to him and says he is spoiling Arya with wrong teaching. Neil ignoring her asks Preet to serve chat to kids while he returns from kitchen. Minnie fumes while Preet serves chat. Neil returns with cake and says Arya had ordered cake and the birthday boy is also here. Montu comes out of cake cart. Arya asks when did she order cake. Neil says Arya felt bad seeing Montu’s ordeal, so she arranged chat party and cake for him. Montu thanks Arya and says she did so much for him even after he troubled her. Arya stands confused. Montu extends hand and says friends.. Arya looks at Minnie who gives green signal. Arya shakes hand. Montu’s mother, Mrs. Sandhu, and Kammo aunty join. Montu cuts cake and they all enjoy. Minnie cheers. Neil asks Minnnie how is it. She says he is trying to impress her, but she is not. Their nok jhok starts. Neil tries his best to impress her and seeks Preet’s help.

After party, all kids leave thanking Arya. Montu tells Mrs. Sandhu let us leave. Mrs. Sandhi says at last kids reconciled and asks Minnie to forget their differences as she considers her and Arya as daughters and they are neighbors since years. Kammo spills out venom and comments that Babita trapped HS and married him, similarly Minnie is trapping Neil and will marry him. Minnie warns her to stop her dirty thinking. Mrs. Sandhu asks Kammo to stop it and asks Montu to thank Minnie. Arya says Neil arranged party and he should be thanked. She calls Neil who walks to her. Arya says Neil is her genie and can do anything for her, he fulfilled her 2 wishes. Neil asks what is her third wish. Arya asks him to marry Minnie. Minnie warns her to stop talking rubbish, else she will slap her. Arya continues that Neil helps her so much, their chemistry is good, he lifted her when she fell unconscious, etc., she is Neil’s heroine and he is her hero. Minnie slaps her.

Minnie scolds Arya that she is learning all this from TV serials and asks her to go in. Arya holds Neil. Neil says Minnie one minute. Minnie warns him not to interfere and tells Arya that she will not get dinner tonight, asks Rani to take Arya to room. Arya runs to her room. Kammo smirks and asks Mrs. Sandhu what will she say now, kids speak truth, Minnie can hide her love for Neil. She comments love and pleasant cannot be hidden like Babita’s love couldn’t be hidden. Minnie warns her that everyone know what is going on between her and her husband. Kammo warns her to mind her tongue. Minnie warns her back to dare not interfere in her life as she is not her Babes and if she tries again, she won’t keep it; asks her to go as party is over. Kammo walks away fuming followed by Mrs. Sandhu and others.

Precap: Neil asks Minnie why did she slap innocent Arya.
Minnie says it is between her and her sister, he cannot interfere. He says she is so rude. Minnie warns to mind his business. Preet says other’s words never bothered here, now she is concerned, is it because she developed feelings for Neil.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Verma4

    I don’t condone this but Montu asked for it. Neil and Minnie make a great couple. This has just given a lot of amo to Kammo other wise mat lena .

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