Patiala Babes 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Supports Minnie

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Patiala Babes 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banbita takes Minnie’s phone to charge it and seeing still 60% battery left asks why did she switch it off. She sees many messages coming and asks if she made so many friends in such a short span, says let her check messages. Minnie nervously snatches phone and says she will check them herself. Babita asks her to take bathe soon and leave for college. After sometime, Babita starts cooking for police stations and asks Kammo to peel potatoes. Kammo says she had manicured her nails yesterday and does not want to spoil her fingers. Babita gives her gloves and asks to peel potatoes wearing them. Nayeem bi gives big thali of peas to Pammi and asks to peel them soon. Pammi says she cannot. Nayeem bi says she has 1 more thali to peel. Kammo and Pammi fume that Khatri and Kartar are reaping profits and making them work. Nayeem bi and Babita laugh. Minnie walks down and tells Babita that she is not going to college as her friends are also not going. Babita says then she should help her deliver food to police stations. Minnie agrees. Kammo’s phone rings and she loudly speaks to Kartar. Babita’s phone rings next. Minnie rushes to room and gets nervous seeing call from principal’s office. She picks call, and principal secretary introducing himself asks if she is Minnie’s mother Babita, she should meet principal tomorrow at 9 a.m. Minnie nervously says she is busy tomorrow. Secretary says it is her daughter’s future’s question and her daughter may be restricated for breaking code of conduct, he has already sent a notice to her home. Minnie nervously agrees.

Babita packs tiffins and asks Minnie to deliver some. Minnie sees college peon holding notice and asking Babita’s address and hurriedly walks back home and disconnects call bell. He reaches near home and knocks door. Babita says she heard a sound. Minnie says it is tiffin box sound and takes Babita out. Peon drops letter from door slit.

Hanuman with Laala returns home at night discussing about some issue and rings bell; when it does not ring, Laala knocks door and calls Babita. Babita opens door. Laala says bell was not ringing and checking it says someone disconnected wires. Hanuman sees letter under cot and reads it. He signals Minnie and asks what is happening. Babita asks why he is looking nervous after reading this letter. Hanuman says it is electricity board’s notice for consuming extra units, he will pay bill. Babita leaves. Minnie walks to him and he says he already told her not to hide anything from her mother. Minnie says if she had informed Babes, she would have been tensed and explains what happened in college.

Precap: Minnie angrily holds Manmeet’s collar and warns to speak truth. Principal asks her to leave Manmeet. Minnie says he is lying and breaks water glass.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Minnie needs anger management class. It seems she has inherited ashok’s temper. True that what is happening to her is wrong. But it does not mean that she starts screaming, or hitting, or breaking things immediately. She never tries to opt for a more mature way to resolve confrontations.i am surprised really. People who are trained in martial arts have better control over themselves. How come minnie is a karate champion but has no control over her anger? I hope hanuman at least recognizes the problem and do somthing about it… And this manpreet should be thrown to prison on defamation charges
    I hope kammo and pammi have a change of heart over time. Babaita should teach them that if they are working in the business, then they have the right to the money earned from the business. They should not let their husbands exploit them. I hope pammi and kammo become babita’s friend later. I would love to see them teaching a good lesson to their husbands too. Of course, society will say babita is turning wives against husbands and is a bad influence…

  2. SsiyAa

    these actors are really great… they act really natural especially these three hanuman, babita and minnie…. it is slow… boring.. but yet great concept on realistic note.. trying to raise every topic from society.. hatsoff…!!!.. ultimate show…

    1. MeTooPatialaBabe

      The show is not at all boring. It is slow, I agree. But with that it makes the viewers understand the depth of the topic and asks them relate with them. This process needs time, some time to think over it so that what they are trying to convey is properly shown taking all corners into consideration. Many of us must have faced such situations, we can easily relate our story with them. The time it gives, must be used to look behind what wrong step we took or someone else took and correct it,

      1. SsiyAa

        agree.. ??

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