Patiala Babes 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mita Follows Minnie’s Advice

Patiala Babes 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mita lends her DSLR camera to Minnie. Minnie says she needs it for only 1 day and howmuch rent shall she pay. Mita jokes it is a very precious camera and her father gifted it during her birthday, so she can pay 10000 rs. Minnie says she can pay only 500 rs. Mita agrees and gives camera. Minnie says she will keep it safely and if something happens, she will pay for its repair. Mita says she knows Minnie will keep it safely. Minnie walks towards door and accepts Mita’s friendship request. Mita calls her and thanks her for accepting friendship request. Minnie says she wants to give one advice which she would have given even to her Babes; instead of letting people take charge of her life, she should decide what she wants and not let anyone control her life. She returns home and fixes camera on stand with Mickie. Babita asks from whom did she borrow this camera. Minnie says she got it on 500 rs rent and it is a fantastic camera. Babita goes to wear apron. Mickey asks Minnie why she lied to Babes. Minnie says she did not and just told half truth.

Ashok gets ready to meet Khatri. Mita asks where is he going at this time. He says to help Khatri prepare pamphlets for his election campaign. Mita says he handles Khatri’s catering business, then why he is going overboard and helping crook like Khatri. Ashok yells he does not need her permission and is not her slave. Mita says neither she is his slave. He continues verbally abusing her and walks out fuming while she continues to stop him in vain. She reminisces Minnie’s words.

Minnie records Babita’s samosa cooking video and asks Mickey to taste and praise it. He does. Babita addresses her fans that they saw how tasty this samosa is and they can prepare it for their girlfriend like Mickey will. Preet enters and shouts what.. in shock. Minnie signals her to shut up and after shooting video explains that Mickey’s parents have fixed his alliance. Babita says early marriage is common in Pind. Preet asks Mickey to drop her home, and he denies. She taunts he would be helping Minnie as usual. Minnie asks him to drop Preet. Mickey says only if she apologizes. Preet says never. Babita says she knows to drive scooty now and will drop Preet home. They get on scootie when 2 spoilt brats eve tease them. Preet confronts. Babita suggests her to keep quiet. They both return and speed away snatching Preet’s dupatta. Preet shouts at them. Babita freezes in shock.

Inebriated Ashok returns home with Khatri and knocks door loudly. Lovely tries to open it, but Mita stops her. Lovely argues. Dadaji and Biji come out hearing door knock. Mita informs that Ashok comes home inebriated daily and crook Khatri brings him, so she does not want to open door. Lovely yells that Mita’s wrong decision will defame them in society. Dadaji says Mita is right, let Ashok be outside home and learn a lesson. Biji also back him. Asho continues knocking door and Khatri provokes him against Mita and his family. Mita reminisces her father warning her against marrying Ashok saying Ashok can betray even her like he did betray Babita.

Babita returns home and nervously and explains horrifying incident happened just now. HS asks her to file complaint, law will take care of rogue boys. Babita says she is worried for Minnie. Minnie says she is a karate black belt and will knock them down with her kicks. Babita asks her to teach her defending moves.

asks Minnie to teach her

Precap: Ashok checks Minnie’s message on Mita’s phone and fumes in anger.

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  1. Many complication but I really enjoy it
    Everything elaborate so beautiful. Kudos

  2. jalander patakha

    better babita marries hanuman otherwise this show will loose its charm coz nowadays every women out of 99/100 are independent so dragging it in the name of empowerment is damm monotonous and boring ; better keep it realistic and get minnie married to her bf and finish this scooty wala show

  3. Everyday the storylines keep surprising me, they are unpredictable and keep getting better and better. The other shows seem so out of touch with reality while this one is so grounded. They showed the streets are empty due to qorld cuo matches and then they show goons taking advantage of the lonely street… And babita preet’s reaction was also very realistic. The way babita explains it later to minnie is something most girls go through… Btw in that scene babita looks more like minnie’s elder sister rather than her mother. In fact nowasdays many women get married in their thirties, and to think babita is already the mother of a 17yr old. Waiting for babita’s self defence lessons
    I dont know why khatri is inciting ashok against mita. I guess deep down these two men’s thinking is actually alike, thats why they get along so well. Only difference is ashok keeps a more polished look for outsiders where as perversion leeks from everything khatri does or says.
    I liked the way babita and mickey prepared the video for facebook. I could actually see that it would make for a good tutorial and why it could go viral. Very nicely done
    I suppose today ashok will go to scold minnie and that way babita will come to know about minnie-mita’s friendship. Babita is going to be hurt big time

  4. I dont want to demean anyone but i feel a little sad that for a few people all the side plots and messages in this show are ‘dragging the story’ and all they want to see is minnie and babita getting paired up. I mean there are thousand of shows centred around ‘couples’ where the story is nothing but leads fighting, making up, fighting, making up, fighting… This is show is not about babita-hanuman and i hope it never turns into that either. Minnie doesnt even seem to care that mickey is going to see a girl for marriage. It will be a long time before she can get over her trust issues and even think of love/dating… But these love stories are not central part of the show. And that is what i love about it

    1. SsiyAa

      agree… truly agree… with every episode i feel the series want to convey some message… sometimes i feel it’s trying to make me understand and sometimes that it want me to be aware about something… sometimes it recalls me similar incidents and sometimes it wants you to laugh… this is the only show where i get to see something unpredictable and unexpected and brings the curiosity what’s next… the story is more about mother daughter but revolves around everyone.. no-high voltage drama no melodrama… using the rights for fictional show only to bring realisation among people in realistic way…
      just look at the concept, noone is ever perfect…never.. a human is a body full of emotions that’s it… and how emotions play it’s game is how life is defined…and that’s reality… kudos..!.. especially those who like me watch the serial not to get masala but to get experience.. whenever i watch this serial i feel boosted.. as it always weighs more o positivity…

  5. SsiyAa

    Even i was scared when those rascals pulled off preet dupatta… How these idiots gain dare to tease anyone… Ok.. Minnie know self defence but girls like us… It was true when something like that happens it take time to respond and exactly that happened with babita.. Her decision to learn self defense is salutary… But along with that such boys should be stopped too.. They are threatening to society.. Cheap word is also small and unfitted for such mentality… But i ❤ liked that they raise this issue….
    Episode was nice.. And mixture of emotions… Like the way Minnie kept her thoughts in front of mita… And liked it when biji bauji agreed with mita… Preet’s jealousy and anger… Babita freeze in that situation..
    Ashok saw Minnie msg on mita phone, he will create drama and ruin everything.. May be he do drama and babes comes to know about camera… I just don’t want that…

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