Patiala Babes 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Is Rushed To Hospital

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Patiala Babes 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie informs Mickey, Preet, Bobby that she needs their help to find new rented accommodation. Bobby says everything is going well and HS is so cool, then why she wants to change house. Mickey says he knows why she is doing this. Minnie asks if he will help her or not. Mickey says no as she is wrong. Minnie says he boasted to be her friend. Preet says it is waste to explain Minnie and walks away. Bobby says he will help her and asks her requirement. She says she needs 1-2 bedroom house where house owner does not stay. Bobby says he will find out soon. Mickey tries to speak, but Minnie leaves.

Biji prepares laddoos. Dadaji asks if she prepared it for him and tries to pick one. She stops him and says it is for HS as Laala told HS likes laddoos and if he eats laddoos, his mood will

be cool and he will not scold Minnie. Dadaji laughs and says she has gone old. Biji asks him to go and give it to HS. He asks why should he. She says she will ask Laala then and leaves.

Babita and NB are busy cooking in their shop when Kammo rushes in short of breath and asks Babita if she is changing her house. Babita asks who told her. She says Khatri informed that Bobby was searching 1-2 room house for 2 ladies, so it must be for Babita and Minnie. Babita sees Minnie passing by in her scootie and calls her, but Minnie ignores her. Babita asks NB and Kammo to take care of shop and walks into home and asks Minnie why she is searching house. Minnie says she cannot stay here. Babita says she is mother and only she can take important decisions, who gave daughter to take decisions. Minnie starts arguing. HS walks and tells Minnie that he will not scold her from hereon and she can do whatever she wants. Khatri walks in and in his usual irritating style asks Minnie why she did not come to him instead of going to other brokers, he has his barsati/terrace empty and Minnie can stay there and let HS and Babita in privacy. HS holds Khatri’s collar and warns to throw him in lockup if he ill speaks. Khatri says he is just speaking truth and signs Ek Daal me tota bole ek daal me maina…song.. and walks away from there. HS tells Babita that he will speak to Minnie.

HS walks to Minnie and offers her Biji’s gifted laddoos saying it is for her and not to disrespect Biji’s love. Minnie pushes it saying she does not want to have eat anything, and laddoos fall down. HS confronts her and asks reason for her anger. Minnie asks if he really wants to know and plays his recording where he confesses his love for Babita. She asks how can she think of Babes like this, what if Babes had heard it, she did not tell Babes yet about his low thinking; he was her hero and earlier she thought all men are like her father, but after meeting HS, her perception changed and she thought maybe she is wrong, why did he do this; if Babes will find out, she will shatter and think she trusted him so much and he bad eyed on her; now HS should decide if they should stay in this house or not. She continues pouring her heart out. HS requests to listen to him once, but she says she doesn’t want to and it is better they leave his house. HS walks away shattered.

Babita waits for HS nervously. Laala assures her that HS will handle situation well. HS walks down wiping his tears. Babita asks what did Minnie say. HS with great difficult says actually.. They hear Minnie crying loudly, run to her room, and see Minnie writhing in stomach pain. HS asks Laala to find out if doctor is in hospital. He calls her daughter and asks Babita to get water for her. Babita brings water, which Minnie throws away unable to hold it. NB, Dadaji, and Biji also walk in and ask if she ate something wrong. Laala brings taxi. HS lifts Minnie and runs with Babita to taxi, drops Minnie in taxi, asks Laala to load his debit card and bring it to hospital, gets into taxi with Babita and leaves.

Biji insists Dadaji to take her to hospital. Dadaji says NB and Laala also would have gone there, there is HS to take care of Minnie and Babita, they are old and should not trouble them. Biji stands crying. Dadaji asks her to trust Babita as she is Minnie’s mother. Biji says HS is not Minnie’s father and not blood related, so he may not take care of her like biological father does. Dadaji asks her to get into her senses and see HS takes care of Babita like a father as relationships are built by feelings and not blood.

HS with Babita takes Minnie to hospital and rushes her on stretcher to observation room, trying to calm her down. Nurse asks them to stand out and take Minnie into observation room. HS meets Dr. Mansukhani. Doctor gets into room and treats Minnie. Babita stands crying, holding HS’ shoulder. HS holds her hand looking into observation room via glass door and assures Babita. Babita stands crying holding a wall while HS stands nervously.

Precap: Receptionist insists HS to call Minnie’s father to sign consent form. HS asks if they will not treat Minnie without father, he is her father.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Minnie’s hatred for love is amazing. If she loves her babes its a good thing. But if a man loves a woman suddenly everything is destroyed. And, okay i get it she is upset. But HS and Babita are right too in that her behaviour is too rude and mannerless. She is treating HS as a criminal, as if he has wronged them. Going against everyone to ask boby to search for new houses, telling Babita that she will regret later if she does not listen to her now, throwing away food. I almost wish HS had told Minnie that you dont have to be so full of yourself and your mother already knows. There was a time when Babita used to get angry at HS for showing too much affection (like when he got Minnie the camera) but now she herself trusts HS with responsibilities. Even if Babita listens to the audio now i think she will only be sad that her relationship with HS is not possible instead of being angry or feeling betrayed.
    Anyways, i hope Minnie at least mellows down seeing HS’s pain and concern for her at the hospital. Its not like HS loves only Babita, he also loves Minnie as his own daughter. I understand her fear to some extent, but because she keeps hurting HS in the process, it is very hard to sympathize with her.
    Biji is a little ‘bholi’ or naive. She thinks if she sends ladoos to HS he wont scold Minnie. Lol. Also dadaji is right when he said they should stay at home and trust Babita-HS. Its been almost a year and in all these days how many times had Biji come to Babita’s help? Now that she is seeing things in front of her own eyes she is reacting. Otherwise Babita and HS only had to take care of everything. Btw, i wonder if Dadaji already wants Babita and HS to marry. Nayeen Bi understood the situation a lot earlier. Dadaji is also very mature and he even called HS as Minnie’s father today. Maybe he has guessed it too

  2. SsiyAa

    yaar this is over by minni… i mean minnie is too young to take such decision especially when babita warned her…. not done…
    i liked the conversation of biji-bauji… i thought bauji will recommend hanuman to babita and it will be little difficult for bauji to convince biji but somehow he will do it, but wow..!.. it’s happening opposite, it’s biji who will do so.. quiet happy…
    .but the behaviour of minni and the expression she was giving to babita was rude and wrong.. she deserved to be slapped at that point.. i’m 23 and it’s so difficult for me to take such big decisions over my parents and put my stand so harshly in front of them even if i feel i’m right or i’m upset from them.. but definitely this is not the way to talk to our elders..she is just 17.. this is not our manners however “laad” (pampering) we got…
    and that cheap lines of khatri.. chiii… he deserved to be slapped hard.. spineless man…
    …but the good thing was the direct face to face and clean and clear conversation between minni and hs…clearing misunderstanding… the plus point of this show then don’t play suspense drag crap…
    …but the scene of hanuman, babita and minnie taking them hospital was beautiful though for few second but beautiful…. and that saathi re song was so beautiful… it touched me…
    .and what does the precap mean?… the consent form have option as parent right?… no one specifically mention father on form.. i mean mother or father or sometimes relatives as guardian can give their consent.. so why compulsory to ask for father’s sign in precap?

    1. Minnie’s expressions for the last 2-3 episodes are like a petulant child who makes wide eyes and pouts her face when the elders scold her or dont give her what she wants. She looks so surprised that Babita or HS is scolding her, as if people should agree to her every word without raising any question. she is the one who is being unreasonable, she did not give any explanation to anyyone. the morning she said HS was part of family, by night she is talking about leaving the house. Does she think Babita is a puppet who listen to her every demand without question. Babita even asked her so many times to explain clearly but Minnie thinks she is protecting Babita by hiding the truth. Nayeen Bi should tell her that ‘allah mari, your mother already knows, not stop being so over dramatic’.
      as for her rudeness, Minnie herself gave a hint as to why she thinks she is justified in her behavior. She talked to Ashok rudely and said every time what was their in her mind. She is always very rude to Khatri too, calling him by his name. But since both Khatri and Ashok were wrong always, everyone cheered Minnie for being outspoken and brave. so now Minnie thinks she can speak rudely to anyone she thinks has done wrong because she herself can never be wrong
      as for the consent form, i think any relative can sign it. even mother, uncle or brother… Maybe the receptionist asked HS if he was the father and when HS replied no but did not state any other relationship with Minnie, the receptionist simply replied if you are not father you cannot sign. Otherwise if someone’s father is out of station, will that person die from lack of treatment. I suppose its a misunderstanding in the heat of moment

  3. Thank u so much for quick updates. It’s really very disappointing to check the updates and it’s not there nd it becomes very diffcult to wait for one entire night to read the episodes . I keep on checking till I read it and when it is updated early it brings broad smile .Thank u very much.

  4. Hii everyone!I am new here and my name is Zuby.I just love the way u people analyze the whole episode so beautifully.I have been watching the show since beginning but never read updates just started 2 days before.Coming to today’s episode..u all are right i know Minnie past experience with love wasn’t good but now she is overreacting…like seriously sometimes she acts super mature…
    And HS and Babita’s scene at hospital was justt??.

  5. Yvonne Codner

    Wow, Mini…I don’t understand you…Your Mom has never felt the love from her husband that she will get from HS. Now you think that that selfless love is wrong. HS has been the father that you never had. You know what, play devil’s advocate and play the recording for Babita and let’s see her reaction. Maybe she will be happy, who knows. Mini has been the cornerstone for her Mom since forever, but now she is thinking as if she is the Mom instead of the daughter. All of a sudden Biji has a lot of love for Babita when she used to treat her like a slave when she lived with them, where was Biji when Mother and daughter had to leave their home when Ashok brought home his mistress? where was Biji when Ashok was dragging her through the mud in court? NOWHERE, NOWHERE!! So how dare her to
    be talking about who is related to whom when it was HS who rescued mother-daughter duo from the streets when no one would rent them a home. I could go on and on. Anyway, Mini will be 18 yrs old soon, Babita will be 36..still very young to re-marry and have more kids. What will you do Mini if that should happen? HS is Babita’s tower of strength just as you are Mini. Yes HS, a father does not have to be biological. Best episode ever!!! THANKS MA for this update!

  6. There are a few things I would like to point out:
    1. There is a difference between love and lust. Mini thinks that HS lusts after Babita but that is not true! Hanuman Singh never talked about admiring Babita’s body or physical appearance. If she is smart and strong enough to convince her mother to get out of an abusive relationship, she should be smart enough to be able to differentiate between love and lust.

    2. I love Hanuman and Babita together. They looked like a couple and Mini’s parents in the last scene.

    3. I also want Hanuman and Babita to be together not only because they look good, but because both of them deserve each other.

    4. After losing his wife, Hanuman deserves to be with a lady who can love him as much as Imarti did, if not more.

    5. After getting out of a relationship with a disgusting person like Ashok, who not only cheated on her but also disgraced and disrespected her, Babita deserves to move on with her life with a man who finally not only loves her but also respects her individuality. She deserves to be loved and cared for.

    6. Mini, I understand your point of view. I would’ve done the same had I been in your place. I understand that you are scared that another man might use or disrespect your mom and you want to protect her. But please understand, even though you are so strong and brave, your mom knows better than you. I am not saying that she might not be wrong. She can be wrong. She is human after all. But as naive she might appear, she has a better overall experience of life than you. Besides isn’t she as brave and confident as you now? She can make her life decisions on her own. If you love your babes, you must learn to trust her.

    1. Hi evelyn
      I never thought Minnie thinks of HS love as lust only but i guess this makes more sense, especially with her statement to HS ‘Your intentions might have been “pure” but you still spoiled everything’. People generally talk about purity here when they want to denote there is only platonic feelings involved. Parents dont even talk with their children about these things so i dont know if anyone is going to talk to Minnie directly or she would have to realize it by herself. I think in the start even Babita suspected it might be lust and not love and HS was just trying to impress her through different means (like buying camera, not claiming the profits in business etc). but with time Babita has realized that HS genuinely cares for them and is a good person with good heart. she even trusts HS second only to Minnie now. I hope Minnie also stops rushing with her plans of leaving the house and takes a little time to analyze the situation before reaching a conclusion. She needs to have at least a little trust on her elders

  7. babita and HS deserve each other no matter what. but why did babita change her mind all of a sudden about HS. first she felt so uncomfortable and angry for HS to give Minnie a new camera, then she changes her mind and loves him. now Minnie is over here crying her eyes out, now that she knows the truth. I feel she is too emotional, stubborn and her behavior is out of control. she is lucky to have a father like HS that cares so much about her. she should have listened to mickey when he is trying to tell her that she is wrong. another thing, she does not care for her mothers happiness at all. she thinks she can protect her mother from any guy that comes into her life, and take all the decisions for herself. if she truly loves her mother, she would have cared for her happiness. I get she had a bad experience, but HS is not like her dad. Minnie needs to change her attitude and grow up. she is still a kid and she thinks of herself as babitas mom. babita is strong and confident in herself to choose her own happiness and the right path.

  8. Hi Meraj
    I dont think Babita’s change of behavior was sudden. she got angry during the camera incident, but both Minnie told her she was overreacting and HS also said that he bought it because he cared for Minnie and not to impress Babita. So Babita accepted her mistake and let Minnie keep the camera. A few days later when HS and Minnie played the prank on Babita by posting bad comments on facebook, Babita did not get angry. Rather she pranked HS in return. Then Mita stayed with them for a few day, Babita got jealous seeing HS concern for Mita and was even possessive saying she is not a stranger for HS and had right to serve him and Lala food and tea… Then two episodes back she even said to HS that he has right to discipline Minnie. So i think, instead of being sudden, the change in Babita’s attitude was so gradual that we did not even realize when she had gone from getting angry at HS to accepting him as a part of family… apart from that i agree on Minnie’s part. No matter how much grown up she thinks of herself, she is still a kid with lots of insecurities and doesn’t have the faith in her mother to let her chose her own happiness. Hopefully, after the hospital track she slows down a little and grows up

  9. BTW, one minor thing i forgot to mention, i liked the scene where they were preparing to take Minnie to hospital. I am not referring to Hanuman’s or others’ concern which was definitely there. But rather, you know, how Nayeen Bi was there picking up the glass pieces so no one got hurt stepping on them. Or how HS handed Babita Minnie’s slippers since Minnie was obviously in no condition to wear them now but she would need them later. Or how before entering the cab HS handed his card over to Lala… Its these sort of little things that makes the show realistic than the rest.It actually felt like someone was sick and they were moving fast to reach the hospital. In other shows, the glass would lay broken on floor and no one seemed to even notice, or they would simply say lets go to hospital and next scene they are already rushing on stretcher till ICU lol

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The gripping drama just had me watching. The only person who annoyed me was Biji, infact she’s irritated me for the last 2 -3 episodes. I don’t understand her reasoning behind not reprimanding her kids. This is why Ashok and Lovely are like that, she never said ‘no, that’s wrong’ to them. Now, she wants add Mini to that list.

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