Patiala Babes 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Some Debts Can Never Be Paid

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Patiala Babes 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie shows messages on her mobile and asks why she is getting messages for him and who is worried for him so much. Neil takes her aside and says he didn’t know she would be pester, give him a few hours to sort it out. Minnie says she knows and wants him to sort this issue as soon as possible. Neil speaks to the opponent and warns not to trouble his landlady, etc. He then walks to Minnie and says she will not be troubled again. She asks what is the issue. He says he had taken some loan. She says he was a chef in 5 star hotels and would have earned well, then why didn’t he repay loan. He emotionally says some debts can never be paid in whole life. Minnie stands thinking hear that.

Back in room before sleeping, Minnie stands reminiscing Preet’s words that she cannot trust anyone with just a biodata and cannot compare Neil to HS, Neil’s words, etc. Arya asks if she is thinking about Neil. She says no. Ary says lie. Minnie asks why didn’t she sleep yet. Arya says she is not getting sleep. Minnie asks if she is excited that Neil came here permanently. Arya nods yes. Minnie asks her to stop thinking and sleep. Arya says how would Monto react hearing Neil stays here as Neil was Monto’s grandma’s tenant. Minnie says she is thinking too much. Arya reminds her how Neil carried her up. Minnie reminisces Neil’s interactions with her and smiles. A romantic song plays int he background. Arya says she asked her to sleep and herself is awake.

Next morning, while preparing breakast Minnie describes Preet about messages, how it turned out to be Neil’s creditor, etc.. Preet says Neil must have taken a lot of debts, he doesn’t know to handle finances. Minnie says just like her Babes, don’t know why such people enter her life. Preet smiles and asks if she is accepting that Neil has entered her life. Minnie changes topic and asks Arya how she likes her egg, sunny side up? Preet asks Arya why she is having boring toast and eggs while chef Neil is at her home. Arya there is not other option as Neil is still sleeping. Minnie goes to wake up Neil and seeing messed up room fumes. She calls Neil to get up, but he smiles in sleep. She walks near him and shouts to get up. He pulls her on bed. She shouts. He wakes up and asks what is she doing in his room. She asks what is he doing in her house. He says she rented him a room. She says what will people think seeing them under mosquito net. Neil smiles and says sorry. She says he will not sleep under HS net and use his bed again. Neil says he paid rent and needs room painted and cleaned. Their argument ensues. He says he needs brand new room. Minnie says fine then, he will not get a room. He says fine he will adjust between mosquitoes and tolerate all the troubles. Their drama continues..

Precap: Arya tells Neil that he is her genie and fulfilled her 2 wishes. Neil asks what is her third wish. Arya asks him to marry Minnie. Minnie warns her to shut up. Arya says Neil is Minnie’s hero and Minnie is his heroine. Minnie slaps her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Patiala Babes used to be such a beautiful story but the writers ruined everything and are now repeating the original story again with Minnie, Neil and Arya. Minnie has started slapping Arya just as Babita used to slap Minnie all the time. At least Minnie was a grown up who would always speak as if her mother was a kid and she knew better than Babita. whenever Babita would get angry and slap Minnie, Minnie would cry and get upset. Minnie was so upset at Babita’s last fight with her that she did not speak with her mother for five years… Now that Minnie has started behaving aggressively with Arya, will she ever understand her mother’s point of view? And Arya is only a kid. Kid makes all sort of kiddish demands and make up stories in their head. Minnie, who used to always show herself as mature and grown up, can’t she understand a kid’s perspective?
    I am just upset at the injustice towards Babita and Hanuman’s character. Back then the writers made Babita almost a villain in Minnie’s life because Babita was always thinking from the perspective of a conservative mother while Minnie was not ready to give up her independence at all. I remember when Minnie requested Babita to let Mickey stay in their house after accident, Babita had refused and Minnie couldn’t understand why can’t her friend stay? But now that Arya keeps insisting for Neil to stay in their house, why now Minnie is no longer liberal and accepting of everybody? She was sure back then that as long as her own mind and heart is clear, anyone can stay in their house as guests… Slowly, the makers are making Minnie do everything that Babita used to do at one point. But back then they showed Babita as villain and Minnie is still the heroine. i will never forgive the writers for what they did back then. and now they dont even have anything knew to show. Same old Minnie pouring water on tulsi plant while Neil watches and gets mesmerized (Like HS and Babita), same landlady-rent seeker dynamic, same single woman taking care of kid and running business…
    for me personally, it was all so much better and touching when it happened with Babita. Minnie still looks like a kid herself. Why couldn’t the writers let her have a life of her own? She could have faced college problems and tackled other young adult issues while all these other stuff could have been dealt through Babita. But no. Let’s kill off Babita-HS, lets make Minnie a substitute mother for her half-sister, and lets bring a lot older guy as her love interest. What was the point of so much drama with Mickey then? All those soulmate talks and Mickey being ‘I will always be there to support you’ which caused so much trouble between Babita and Minnie. Now Minnie does not even talk with Mickey anymore. It is ridiculous that the writers created so much drama around Mickey and then simply shipped him off to London

  2. I am seriously liking the current track. Aryan is soo cute . She is so innocent and Neel and mini’s tiff are nice . I think it’s better after hanuman n babita died as b4 there were only sad moments fights etc but now both happy and sad moments r there and as now there is Arya also there it’s a perfect combination of maturity and childhood. Btw I really hate chef neel oberto

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