Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: The Music Concert

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv tells Seema that he doesn’t understand why Srivastav family has stopped Pari. Seema says Shiv invited Pari there. Shiv says Prakash insisted and anyways Pari is needed there for Nisha’s care, she will stay for just 2-3 days. Seema says she doesn’t want Srivastav family to ignore Gunjan because of Pari. Shiv asks her to relax, if Pari doesn’t leave in 2-3 days, he will speak to Prakash and she knows he will not keep quiet.

Pari learns cooking from Kusum. Daadi joins them and says it is tasty, asks how was she spending time in Chennai. Pari says she felt really alone and missed Kusum’s pampering and food, Dadaji’s poems, Vivek and Kabir’s entertainment, etc.. Daadi hugs and consoles her. Yogi walks in playing whistle. Kusum says he is still a kid. Yogi signals Pari that he will take her out on a date. Prakash walks in and warns that he can go with Gunjan and not Pari. Gunjan walks in and signals that she wanted him to take Pari along, even Surjith and Bablu are coming with them, it is all for her happiness. Gunjan signals Pari to accompany her. Daadi asks her to go.

Rani feeds medicine to Nisha and complains Kabir when she resists. Vivek asks Nisha how is she feeling now. Nisha says she is feeling a bit weak. Vivek says weakness would be there as Pari says, where is Pari though. Rani says she went out. Nisha asks if they made a mistake by making Pari stay here. Rani asks same. Vivek asks not to think so much. Their argument continues when Khushi enters and informs that Yogi has taken Gunjan and Pari to Arijith Singh’s music concert, even Bablu and Surjith have gone. Vivek says it is cheating, Yogi should have taken them all, let him come.

Gunjan dances in happiness while returning from music concert. Bablu says Bhabhi is so happy, he will treat them all with falooda. They go to falooda shop and order falooda for all. Bablu signs Arijith’s songs and flirts with Pari. Pari warns him to shut up. Bablu asks Surjith to inform Pari about him and Neha. Surjith hesitates. Yogi also insists. Pari asks what about Neha. Bablu says Surjith and Neha are dating each other. Surjith shyingly nods yes. Pari fumes thinking how can Neha hide it from her.

At home, Kusum informs elders that kids have gone to watch Arijith Singh’s concert. Daadi says Rafi Saheb was a best singer, Dadaji backs her. Prakash says Kishore da was a best singer. Argument continues when Prakash gets repeated calls. He picks it finally. Pari’s mother Mrs. Ganguly speaks and says they all will be in trouble for what they did with Pari. Prakash warns her to mind her language. She continues that she knows how they treated Pari like a doormat, etc.., she should file police complaint against them, etc..

Precap: Gunjan dances on a song and emotionally signals Yogi that she wants her voice back. Prakash tells family that Pari’s mother had called. Kusum says Prakash wants them all to get Pari married soon.

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