Patiala Babes 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita and Hanuman’s Social Media Argument

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Patiala Babes 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Biji requests Minnie to stay with her for some more time. Minnie says she will inform Babes and calling Babita says Biji wants her to stay with her for some more time. Babita asks what about her dinner. Mita excitedly asks Biji if she shall serve dinner for Minnie. Minnie says she will have dinner with Babes and is going now. Biji sadly asks if she will not have dinner with her. Babita asks Minnie to stay there and have dinner with Biji and disconnects call. Mita serves dinner and excitedly asks if she like Doi Maach, aloo poshto. Minnie angrily says it was okay. Mita insists to have custard. Minnie shouts she is here to have dinner with Biji and Papaji and not enjoy Mita’s dishes; she angrily walks away. Biji suggests Mita to give Minnie sometime to calm her anger.

Hanuman Singh/HS with Laala walks in to Khatri’s office and asks why did he call him, what did he do this time. Laala taunts if he closed is catering business. Khatri says it is his bread and butter and reveals he is standing again in society’s president election and shows form. HS says he will never become president again. Khatri says he can. HS challenges that he will make sure that Khatri does not become president. He then returns home and informs Babita, Nayeem Bi/NB, and Kammo about Khatri’s plan to stand in society president’s election and win. NB fumes that they should not let him win. HS says someone should stand then. Babita suggests Kammo who says Khatri will divorce her, so she can’t. She suggests Babita who says she is a tenant here, so she cannot. Minnie walks in with angry face and walks to her room, Babita follows her. NB says she will stand in election and will make sure Khatri loses. HS and Lala chants Abki Baar NB sarkaar.

Babita walks behind Minnie and asks how was her dinner with Biji and papaji, what did they say. Minnie stands fuming thinking of Dadaji’s request not to inform Babita about Ashok and Mita’s fight. Babita asks if she did not have dinner there. Minnie says yes. Babita gets happy and says even she did not have dinner, let us have together. She serves dinner. Minnie eats some and stops. Babita asks if she had dinner there. Minnie sits silently. Babita gets angry. HS notices situation and says Minnie they should divert mother ki daughter attention to calm her anger and asks where is mother ki daughter busy now a days. Minnie says she is busy replying to fans’ comments on facebook. HS comments as new fan and criticizes Babita’s recipe. Babita gets sad and complains Minnie. Minnie acts as fighting with fan. Argument ensues and they both insult each other. HS finally angrily replies if mother ki daughter is talented, he is super talented. Babita identifies him and Minnie feels HS gets caught so easily.

Precap: Babita tongue lashes HS that he spoilt her image on facebook with his cheap comments.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Babes is reaction is too much. She needs to chill yaar. Minnie is in with hs about social media

    1. time for babita to relax give her sometime and do the normal routine # hanuman should be back to basics # villans needs vadapao made by minnie

  2. don’t take me otherwise

    1. SsiyAa

      otherwise mat lena…. and his gandi wali epic laugh.. huh…huh..huh..huh..!!.. ????..

  3. I know tge precap sounded like there will be a big fight, but i am sure it will be something small and cute. When babita had scolded hs regarding camera, in precap that too had looked like babita was being too harsh but in the episode she quietened down, listened to hs and even accepted the camera. Something similar will happen this time too… Just delete the comments and thats it
    Todays episode was too cute for me. I especially liked the social media fights and how hs unknowingly gave himself away. Lol. ‘four teeth fell down’ and babita believed it even… I also liked minni and hs bonding. How they fight and make fun of each other lightly but also always help each other
    Cant believe how much kammo has changed. Did she really stop khatri from doing bad before also? If nayeenbi wins it will be great for them

  4. SsiyAa

    want to see the face of khatri if nayembi wins…
    and babita will scold HS, where HS will only look at her face romantically ??… i don’t think it will be big fight minnie will sort that out.
    babita is insecure with mita and minnie is only trying to protect her insecure thoughts, and i’m not liking it when mita try to be friend with minnie, biji is right mita should stop trying minnie can’t forgive her so easily.
    HS is in police but how cutely he made mistake by writing “mother ki daughter”, and spoiled the plan by himself.
    today’s episode made be laugh at end sections.
    makers are doing their job beautifully.

  5. Well Mita’s child will be Minnie’s sibling, Minnie would have to get along with Mita for the sake of her sibling. I think Mita will leave Ashok soon…

    1. Devinder Singh uk

      I think babes should give minnie some breathing s poo ace and vice versa Minnie does same for babes. When Minnie goes away for studies it will be very difficult for babes. It’s good they have such a strong bond but should give each other space at the same time

      1. Devinder Singh uk

        So sorry meant breathing space

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