Patiala Babes 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Biji Throws Mita Out of House

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Patiala Babes 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Biji insists Babita to return home and claim her rights as Ashok and Mita are not married, Ashok is on wrong path and Babita needs to bring him back on track. Mini confronts and says papaji is not a kid and when he has decided to live with his mistress, why will he accept Babita. Biji asks not to interfere between elders, Ashok is her son and she is asking her bahu to return home. Mini says Babes will not go as she herself saw papaji staying with his mistress in Babes’ room. Biji says they came suddenly, so she could not send them away. Mini says when she cannot control her son, how can she expect him to change, she should send papaji to receive Babes. Babita scolds Mini not to argue with Biji. Mini says when Biji cannot stop papaji, why she wants Babes to be back, if Babes goes there,

she will not keep quiet. Biji asks Babita if she will not come. Mini asks not to hurt Babes more and send Mita out of house first if she can. Biji leaves.

Ashok scolds Mita why did she inform family that they are in live-in relationship and not yet married. Mita asks what wrong did she do. Ashok says they wound up London business and came here, though they have money now, till when they can survive; he wants papaji and Sukhi’s help to set up a business and contacts here, he will keep this house as collateral and take loan. Mita says he paid EMIs of this house, but it is in Dadaji’s name. Biji walks in and packing Mita’s bag says she will not stay here after breaking her bahu’s house and drags her out. Mita warns Biji is doing wrong, she will not keep quiet. Biji asks what she will do, because of her, her bahu and granddaughter are away from her. Ashok says if Mita goes, even he will go, he is stubborn like papaji. Biji says even he can leave right now and walks in. Dadaji says Ashok should obey his mother and leave this house with his mistress in 2 days. Ashok stands stunned.

Babita tells Mini that she should have listened to Biji and returned home. Mini asks not to think so much and relax. Babita continues. Mini thinks she knows how to cheer up Babes. She goes to kitchen and drops flour on herself and mamaji. Babita walks in and asks what happened to her. She says mamu/Pinku wants to have halwa and since Babita is tensed, she thought of preparing halwa for mamu. Babita asks her to go and clean herself, she will prepare halwa. Mini walks aside with mamu and tells him that Babes gets busy in kitchen and cheers her mood. Pinku says her plan may work.

Saroj asks Pinku to go and reconcile Babita and Ashok’s differences and send Babita and Mini back home. Pinku says Ashok has brought his mistress home, he will not send didi/Babita back there forever. Saroj says that means Babita will stay here forever. Their son Sonu passes by. Pinku stops him and asks about his tuition test results. Son says it has not yet come. Pinku forcefully checks his bag. Babita gets busy preparing halwa. Mini joins her. Babita says she will add raisins and almonds in halwa for Sonu. They hear Pinku scolding Sonu and walk to them. Pinku continues punishing Sonu. Sonu blames Babita and Mini for his poor results and asks Pinku to send them out of house and return his room.

Precap: Saroj cries that she runs house with great difficulty and now has to bear Mini and Babita’s expenses also. Babita cries in front of Mini that she cannot return to her sasural and cannot stay in maika and ruin peace of her brother’s family.

Update Credit to: MA

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