Parvarish (Season 2)-Analysis

Hi guys! Greetings! This is Alisha, the writer of the story known as “Love-Once Again”. ??
This is an analysis, as you guys already know, on Parvarish. The show that had 2 seasons.
Season 1: 21 November, 2012 to 14 August, 2013
Season 2: 23 November, 2015 to present day

Coming to the timings, at first, when the show started, it used to air from Monday to Friday, but now a days the timings for changed a bit. I wonder it’s for only a short period of time or till the show ends?
Well, I watched season 1 of Parvarish too (not the whole of it, but I did) and according to me and many other people season 1 was much better than season 2.

This show is also not that popular. The main problem is dragging and negativity. As in the recent update Anita stated that you never know who is the next to turn negative? That’s true, her point was valid. First they turned Jogi negative (when he learned about Jassi’s adoption), then Ria, then Aditya and Ankita, then Sumed Sir and then Amy and Abid (who are still lost in the jungle, trying to win SOTY). ?
Anyways, coming to the other point,dragging. It’s the main problem with all the serials except some of them. We know how much they dragged the SOTY competition. They kept on dragging, dragging and dragging until they decided to bring back Sumed (after turning him negative) to end the track (by killing him, we still miss you Amir.)
Who else thought that Sumed would be related to Jassi’s or Simran’s past? It’s me ?✋?. Yeah, honestly I thought so but it didn’t turn out to be like that.

Now a days, the season 2 focuses on another track where Ria, Jassi, Jogi and Aditya rammed their car into someone (that mysterious guy, about which only Jassi knows but no one is letting her say anything) and are trying to hide this from everyone. Come on, atleast reveal that guy who they rammed car into. It had been a week we are waiting for it.
CVS should end this track as soon as possible. They should focus on the Jassi’s adoption track or Simran’s past track, atleast that would be much better than this. If they do so then I hope they don’t drag it like they dragged the SOTY competition.

Now, coming towards the couple thing. This is how it started:
Jogi liked Ria, but Ria ignored him always, as she had a crush on Aditya. Aditya was with Ria only because he wanted her to loose SOTY. During the competition, we came across Rahul, Amy and Abid. Rahul was kinda cute and at that time Aditya was negative so everyone (including me) wanted Rahul and Jassi together. Even Rahul liked Jassi, but Jassi, she never understood. How ever that chocolate thing, if you guys remember. ??
Now, we have Jassi and Aditya together with Rahul as “Kebab Mein Haddi” sometimes. ? On the other hand, we have Jogi and Ria together, happy, with no one in between.

So, let’s have a poll:
With whom Jassi looks better:
But atlast I did like to say, they are still kids you know. Anyways, thanks to the cast of the serial. Here is a list of the cast, with who is playing whom:
Khurana Family
* Sandeep Baswana as Kulwinder Khurana
* Sangeeta Ghosh as Surinder Khurana
* Anuj Pandit Sharma as Joginder Khurana/Jogi
* Diana Khan as Jaswinder Khurana/Jassi
* Deepak Qazir Kejriwal as Daarji
* Meenakshi Sethi as Bebe
Gupta Family
* Vinay Jain as Raj Gupta
* Gautami Kapoor as Simran Gupta
* Bhavika Sharma as Ria Gupta
Other Important Characters
* Jitendra Nokewal as Aditya Kapoor
* Sushant Mohindru as Rahul Mehta
* Jovita Jose as Ankita Mehra
* Aamir Dalvi as Sumedh Singh
Supporting Characters
* Bhoomika Sharma as Dolly
* Simran Budharup as Meenu
* Sanjay Dhaka as Abid Ansari
* Zeeshan Khan as Jhonty Sharma
* Megha Chatterjee as Divya Saxena
* Vaani Sehgal as Amy Kapoor

Thanks for reading guys, please do comment so that I can know about your view.
Here are some other questions, I did like to ask:
1.Who wants this accident track to end? Raise your hands.✋?
2.Who else thought that Sumed would be related to Jassi or Simran somehow but ended up being disappointed when Sumed died?
3.How many of you want Amir to return?
4.Should there be a love triangle between Rahul, Jassi and Aditya?
5.How many of you want Jassi’s or Simran’s past track to start, without any kind of dragging?
I hope you guys would comment. Please please please.. Comment ker dena. ??Your comments mean a lot to me. I did like to thank Anita for encouraging me in writing this analysis. See ya guys! ??❤️

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  1. actually , not watching this show anymore……..started with a good concept but ………………….not it seems to be more of a love story rather than parvrish…………the thing is that i find this show more to be jasssi rather than other kids……… why didn’t they keep its name as jassi jesi koi nehi……..i find jassi as a mahan aatma which kids are not(including me) we wanted to see some good type parvarish rather than seeing these love stories with mahan attma jassi………..sorry if i hurt anyone but thats my point of view….don’t really know about the currents track of serial so can’t comment…… you………be happy……

    1. Alisha

      I agree with you Piyali, that is why I mentioned that they are still kids, no need of a love story or triangle. The show is about the upbringing of the children not about love (particularly it should be something different from all the other stories).
      Thanks for commenting, love you too. ❤️??

  2. thanks for mentioning i was looking forward to your post
    actually from daay one cvs have made lot of bloopers
    characters who were once there are disappearing riyas school friends , bua , dolly etc
    coming to the negative charcters there have been many negatives charcters already in this show
    coming to the recent track i was actually happy with soty party , but then adityas friend who was the host of the party was never seen in the show
    those boys (abhimanyu& frinds ) who were misbehaving with jassi and riya disappared suddenly just like amy and abhid
    coming to amy abhid there was injustice done to their charcters too personally those where only characters who stuck to the soty rules plus their characters were real
    sumedh sir chacter got butchered thanks to the cvs
    im not big fan of triangle love stories
    is rahul just a prop one day hes there and the next day he isnt there why are the cvs playing with this charcter
    just show the boys face who got hit by the car
    its time they show jassi real parents in the show i wrote that parvarish fc twitter too

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