Parvarish 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 6th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the quarrelling of Raavi and Rinku. Raavi asks Rinku to not interfere in her and Rocky’s matter. Rinku stops her. Angry Raavi is about to give a slap; Rocky catches the hold of Raavi’s hand and tells Raavi that it would be bad if she slaps Rinku. Raavi becomes upset as Rocky is mad over that girl and not believing his sister.(Sobbing) She tells that she will never ever alert Rocky in any matter. She comes out running weeping who is caught by Sweety and Lucky. Rocky tells a lie. Sweety gives him a warning.

Rocky is getting ready for his coaching classes when Rinku comes to apologize of starting a fight between him and his sister. She insists that she can understand when our family member is no believing us, how do we feel and calls Raavi. Rocky gets angry and says that he is not interested in a talk with Raavi but Raavi listens to their conversation. She (in a dilemma) thinks that ‘why Rocky is yelling at her when he likes her?’ After returning from school, Ginny, all tired and hot with the scorching heat persists Sweety for a glass of milkshake. Rinku assures her that she will make it for Ginny. Ginny agrees and she (in anger) tells Sweety that because of Sweety she got C grade in her biology project. When Rocky’s project was there, Sweety had made it for him because of which he got A grade. Her project remained incomplete due to Rocky and Rinku and Sweety only cares for Rocky and Rinku. Rinku is worried but Sweety convinces her that Ginny is like that. Rinku prepares the milkshake but while preparing she looses the hold over the vessel and it slips through her finding spilling milk. Sweety rushes to see the spilt milk and worries because in a superstition, spilling of milk is an inauspicious thing.

Ginny is upset and flipping through her digital photo album of her and Sweety. She shed tears from her eyes and plays the guitar. Rocky is heading towards the door to run for his coaching who is stopped by Sweety. Sweety asks him to accompany with Rinku but he declines. Sweety compels him to accept her granting. Rocky and Rinku set out to have a look for auto. Ashok follows them. Sweety is worrying about Rocky and Rinku and calls Lucky and haves a talk with him. Ginny is angry and tells Sweety that she is only worrying about Rocky and Rinku and not her. Sweety apologizes and gives a helping hand to Ginny’s project. Rinku is feeling sorry for what she had done, not trusting Rocky and then realizing her falls belief over the treacherous and shameless Ashok.

Rocky is still angry. Rinku begs Rocky for his forgiveness. But it goes in vain. She gets out of the auto hoping that Rocky will stop her but to no avail. Rocky sees Ashok and therefore calls Rinku but she doesn’t pick the phone. Ashok come and dashes his bikes which makes Rinku fall. She is frightened. Ashok rages his bike for the revenge. He is going to make an acid attack on her face but fortunately, Rocky comes and kicks the acid bottle from Ashok’s hand. Rinku shows a sigh of relief. Rocky fights with Ashok in rage for deceiving her. He confesses that he loves Rinku and will love her till death do them apart. Rinku is full of tears of happiness.


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