Parvarish 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 5th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Pinky sad at Raavi’s words on seeing the piano as she doesn’t seem happy with it. Jeet starts playing the piano. He is playing the song ‘pehla nasha.’ She is happy. He dances with her. She is happy. He tells Pinky that he had the practice to play piano when he was young and still he hasn’t forgotten it. By seeing her tensed, he explains her not to be unhappy as Raavi made her wish to buy a piano when she was a child and now she also may not be remembering that wish. This washes the sadness of Pinky.

Lucky ans Sweety are leaving for attending someone’s wedding. Lucky is calling Sweety. Sweety comes and sees Sid teaching Rocky to ride a scooter. Lucky and Sweety are shocked.
Sweety is in thoughts of Sid teaching to ride a scooter when Rocky comes to ask if Sweety needs anything for kitchen work. She denies. He goes.
Sweety asks Lucky about Rocky and his riding a scooter. Lucky has no problem with it.

Pinky has brought a gaming software [XBOX] for Sunny. He is very happy and calls his friends to invite his them to play with it. Raavi and Raashi see it. Raashi asks Pinky for her gift. Pinky says that it will be ready after sometime and takes Raavi inside to have a talk with her. There, Raavi apologizes for her behavior that she didn’t like her gift. Pinky is not hurt. Raashi comes and asks for her gift again. Pinky has ordered it from America which will take sometime to come. Raashi tells that she wants the gift of her choice which is that she wants to go with her school friends and teachers on a school trip for a project to Bangkok. Pinky denies and Raashi goes. Raavi and Pinky laugh.

Pinky is coming to Ahluwalia’s when Meera greets her as she has come from office early due to some meeting is over. Pinky asks about the photocopy of the book of parenting which Sid was going to give her. Sid is not at home and therefore Meera takes her inside and gives that photocopy and invites to have a chat with her. Sid comes and offers her lemon juice to which Pinky declines. She is in a hurry as Sweety’s phone calls come and as she’ll be waiting for her. Pinky invites Mathurs to their house.

Sweety is angry as neither Rocky nor Pinky is picking up the phone. Rocky comes who had gone to his pal’s house with Sid’s scooter. Sweety asks him how did he come inside without ringing the door bell. He has the keys with him and therefore he came without ringing the door bell. Sweety becomes angry and scolds him to not follow like Mathur’s do. He is confused.

@Mathurs and then Ahluwalia’s
Pinky leaves. Sid offers her to carry her shopping bag up to Ahluwalia’s. Sweety opens the door to see Pinky with Sid at the door. Pinky excuses and Sid leaves greeting Sweety. Sweety asks whether Pinky went to Mathur’s house or not and to stay away from them as possible. Pinky shows the gifts she brought for her and Ginny. By mistake, the photocopy too comes out with the gift. Pinky hides it. Sweety likes it but after knowing from where she has brought she shocks and scolds her. Pinky feels bad. Then, after seeing Pinky’s unhappy face, Sweety praises it and tells that it’s ok and she’ll buy one for Ginny,too. Pinky becomes happy and she shows the gift she brought for Ginny from the same mall. This shocks Sweety and again, she scolds her. Pinky is hurt.
Sweety is in her room when Ginny comes and the beautiful dress gifted by Pinky catches the eye of her. She praises Pinky’s choice and the dress which is gorgeous than the dress Sweety buys from the cheap market. Sweety feels bad for Pinky as she scolded her for no reason. She decides to visit Pinky’s house to apologize for her scolding.

Pinky is having a chat with Meera. Raavi comes and says that Ragini is so cute and takes permission from Meera for Ragini to stay with Ahujas. Meera has no problem if Ragini wants to stay. Ragini has no problem if Tanmay too is staying. Tanmay is in Sunny’s room talking with him and telling him to read storybooks. Raavi comes and advises Sunny to download it in Ipad. Tanmay downloads it.
When Pinky and Meera are having chat, Sweety comes and sees Pinky with Meera. She is shocked.

Precap:- Sweety is asking Pinky that why did she invite Mathurs to her house. Pinky tells that it is their duty to invite them at their house as they too had been to their house many times. Sweety is shocked and tells that she is sorry for interfering in Pinky’s matter. Sweety leaves. Pinky tries to call Sweety in vain.

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