Parvarish 2 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach shoots bullet in air and orders Jassi to jump in water. She jumps in water and bats her extremities. Kulvinder thinks she slipped and needs help. Jogi tries to jump into water, but coach stops him and says it is just waist level water and she will not drown. Kulvinder says coach she is getting short of breath. Coach she is fine and is just packing, once she calms down everything will be fine and he should go and sit, else he will disqualify girl. Kulvinder goes back to his seat. Jassi reminisces Surinder’s words that she has to hold her breath for 10 seconds and remove chit from box and if she gets afraid to think that mammaji has held her hand and will never leave it. She then gets into water. Aditya and Ankita tensely look at each other. Jassi opens box lock and gets chit out. Ankita and Aditya fume in jealousy. Everyone clap for her. Coach asks her to come out of water. Jassi tells coach she did it and she is student of the year. Coach looks at Jassi and says Jaswinder Khurana’s timing is 3 minutes 19 seconds. Jassi gets tensed that she lost the competition. Surinder encourages her not to worry.

Kulvinder reminisces giving swim suit to Jassi. Surinder says let us go to Jassi. He says he is not courageous to see her crying and losing her dream. Surinder says he is right, but she will stop Jassi’s dream breaking as mother’s duty. Ankita and Aditya smirk. Jogi extends hand at Jassi to get her out of swimming pool. Jassi cries that she broke her parents’ dream. He gets into swimming pool and consoles her that she tried at least. Jassi cries that she failed. Jogi say sit is okay and takes her out of water. Surinder tries to encourage her, but she says she failed and is a coward. Surinder claps for her followed by Jogi and rest of people present. Surinder says she faced her fear for her mamma and pappaji and they are proud of her. Jassi says no and runs from there into washroom and cries reminiscing telling about competition to Surinder, telling Jogi that she will win for mamaji and pappaji, etc. Surinder tries to enter washroom, but Kulvinder stops her and says let her face the reality. Surinder says she will explain Jassi that 3 min will not decide her life and she already won when she overcame her fear and jumped into water to get student of the year chit. Kulvinder says why she is not understanding his point. Surinde says she will leave her life but not her children.

Jassi continues crying. Surinder comes in calling. Jassi wear her gown and wipes clothes. She smiles at Surinder. Surinder consoles her and gives moral gyaan.

Coach announces that intraschool competition is finished now and 5 students will go for interschool competition who will represent their school and says let us see who are these 5 students. Surinder goes and joins Simran. Simran asks if Jassi is fine. Surinder says yes and asks where is Kulvinder. Simran says he left. Coach annouces first student as Aditya Kapoor and asks everyone to clap for him. Everyone clap for him. Ria congrats him and says next time she will not let him go first. Aditya says he will not let her come near him next time. Coach announces second name as Joginder Khurana. Jogi comes forward sadly. Coach asks him to smile and tell a joke. Jassi asks if she can tell a joke. Surinder smiles seeing Jassi. She jokes and everyone laugh except Jogi. She tells Jogi that she does not know to joke but tried, he should smile. She says she knew he cannot win if she is in, so she got out of competition. Jogi also jokes. Coach announces third name as Ankita Mehra. Ankita grins at Jogi and stands next to Aditya. Ria stands nervously followed by Simran. Coach announces her name as fourth contestant. Everyone clap for her while Aditya and Ankita get jealous. Coach says brave Jogi and dumb Ankita qualified and only god can save them now. He says let us see who is fifth student who will fulfill his/her and school’s dreams. He asks any guesses… Everyone look at him nervously. He announces Nishant Khanna as fight contestant. Surinder and Jogi start crying sadly.

Precap: Coach invites all contestant students for party. Ria tells Simran that she should not mind if she wears short dress. Jassi tells Jogi that she is coward and loser and does not want to attend party.

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  1. I feel so bad that jassi did not qualify i feel that jassi is really a loser she should be brave and stand up instead of being shy and stupid

  2. Honest opinion

    Ughhhh hope there’s some twist & jassi can re-enter the competition… Otherwise the writers r showing that evil wins & good loses!

  3. I think the 5th finalist nishant will have an accident jassi will replace him maybe but I don’t want this too happen . I hope Ankita creep gets disqualified and jass replace her .

  4. Thanks updater to give written update of Parvarrish s2

  5. Thanks for the update!
    I love this show , no saas bahu drama.
    They are showing the issues faced by teenagers .
    It is not always winning that matters, Jassi has come a long way fighting and overcoming her fears.
    The girl who was afraid of water was underwater for so long , creditable.
    She will turn out to be a winner in Race of Life 🙂

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