Parvarish 2 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran suspends driver for careless driving and Jassi’s accident. Ria says driver is not at fault and she made accident. Simran says she knew it and wanted her to speak truth, how can she ram car over Jassi. She says it is Jassi’s mistake. Simran raises hand to slap her. Surinder comes and holds her hand and says she should be happy that Ria spoke truth. If children don’t do mistake, then how will mothers correct them. She asks Ria to apologize Simran. Ria does. Surinder continues. Kulvinder hears their conversation, angrily says Ria made Jassi’s accident and Surinder hid it. He angrily leaves towards him.

Surinder follows Kulvinder and says she did not want him to overreact. He says because of her wish to live high-fi, she forced our daughter to lie.

Jassi has to marry in future and if something happens to her, who will marry her. He continues scolding. Jassi comes and says she did not lie and just hid truth. He says she should have told him what happened. She says she does not want to tell all her problems and disturb him and wants to be self-reliant now. Kulvinder emotionally hugs her and wiggles Jogi’s cheek.

Kulvinder gets school accountant’s call to pay fees in 1 week. He asks what about scholarship. She says he should enquire admin department.

Darji sees Surinder cooking tensely, tastes curry and asks if it is salty. Surinder tastes and says she added salt twice. He says when she is so tensed, then how can she prepare food. He says he knows she is tensed about scholarship. Surinder calls and asks her to give school admin number as he needs to talk about scholarship. She says she will search and give it to him later.

Simran comes and says her mother-in-law’s caterer did not come, so her MIL asked her to arrange caterer for her friend’s maata ki chawki function. Darji says Surinder prepares langar in their gurdwara, so she can take up this catering. He encourages Surinder and says this is her children’s scholarship. Kulvinder calls Surinder again and asks if she found number. She says she will speak to admin herself tomorrow.

Surinder tells Biji that she is going to market. Biji says she will also accompany her. Darji says she should stay with her and asks Surinder to leave.

Surinder goes to maati ki chawki venue and prepares food. Simran’s MIL’s friend praises her culinary skills. Kulvinder calls Surinder and asks her to prepare samosas for him. She says she is in market and asks to buy it from a shop. He asks where is she, he will come there. She asks not to as she will come home soon.

Precap: Simran’s MIL reaches maata ki chawki venue with Biji and Kulvinder. Simran informs Surinder on time and she hides in kitchen.

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