Parvarish 2 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Principal address students on stage and introduces a new coach and judge Ms. Divya Saxena and starts praising her she is very tough and old students hate her, but they are successfull because of her. One student jokes he heard her name. Jogi taunts him. Ria asks them to shut up. Ms. Saxena speaks over microphone that they must be confused who she is. She comes on stage and starts her moral gyaan that she wants them to be overall intellectual and not book worms and says they will not get usual syllabus questionsin buzzer round and she has selected a book India and Her Story and has kept 8 copies for 25 students, they should do combined studies and get ready for exam after 3 hours. Jogi and other students ask how can they study in 3 hours. Ms. Saxena says it is a challenge for them. They all run towards library.

Principal asks Saxena how will parents reacting hearing their children are given exam out of syllabus. Saxena says that is a challenge for them and she wants to see if they are intelligent both academically and in practical life.

Students start searching books all over library. Kiddie student says it must be in history section and runs silently. All students follow her. Adi stops Ria and says he will get her book and she stops outside.

Jassi and Jogi also continue searching books. Finally 2 students find book. Dolly warns Ria that she is overtrusting Adi and he is misguiding her. Ria does not believe Dolly. Adi comes and acts that he could not get book and is feely ashamed of himself, etc., and asks her to stay out while he tries again. Dolly says she will also search book. Adi says she is not participating in competition, so she cannot enter library. Ria backs Adi. Adi sends them both, removes book from his back and gives it to librarian to register it in his name.

Precap: Jassi shows Jogi study book in shelf. Jogi brings ladder and is is about to pick book when Jassi gets convulsion and falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Don’t show jassi as a weak student by creating health problems…

  2. You guys are doing really good job .. Thank you so much for keeping us updated! Just a request please dow load the episodes and upload it to your website so we can also enjoy the videos along the written updates!

    Thanks once again
    love from Canada

  3. where is riyas brain the students should go find riyas brains instead of the books lol . seriously hate that aditya guy even dolly is clever than riya . why doesnt dolly slap riya that would be the best part of the episode . we have a nice cute couple in the show amy and jhonty dont they look cute together

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