Parvarish 2 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi sees Surinder missing from her seat and tells Ankita mammaji is not seen around. Ankita asks if she is afraid. Jassi says no. Ankita tampers headphone and thinks she will see how Jassi will win. She then blindfolds Jassi. Jogi sees that and rns near Jassi. Coach shouts that he will disqualify him. He says he wants to hug his sister and fixes headphone. Jassi asks where is mammaji. He asks her to see mammaji in he heart and goes back to his seat.

Coach asks Ankita to blow whistle and then guide Jassi. Jassi asks Ankita to speak. Ankita gets tensed that Jogi fixed headphone, but she will use complicated language. Coach asks if she is trying to trick, he will disqualify her. She starts and uses north, south, degrees, etc.. Jassi crosses hurdle in 6:22 min.

Jogi asks Jassi what happened to her. She says Ankita was using hifi language to confuse he. Jogi confronts Ankita. Coach shouts he will disqualify him. Jogi says Ankikta tricked Jassi by using hifi English as she knows Jassi is not good in English. Ankita says she did not do anything. Jogi says Ankita tampered headphone wire and he fixed it. She then confused Jassi with hifi English. Ankita says he is lying and she just spoke what she knows, she did not know she had to speak Punjabi in English medium school. Coach shouts to shut up and says he is not here to see their fight. He asks Jogi when Jassi is silent, why is he shouting. He scolds Jassi that she got less marks till now and she should pray other student should less marks then her, else she should say tata goodbye. Jassi feels shattered and runs from there. Ankita smirks.

Jogi follows Jassi and asks her to be confident. She says she came last. He says still 4 students are there and she should not lose hope. Ankita comes and taunts that she told not to come in her way, but she did not listen. Jogi warns her to go back, else he will lose temper. She mimicks that she is not coward like Jassi. Ria comes takes Jassi’s side. Ankita asks to stay away. Ria reminds her of attack attack and warns to stay away from Jassi, else she will repent. Ankita asks if she is taking coward Jassi’s side. Ria says she may be loser, but not a cheater like her and warns her again not to ever trouble Jassi, else she will repent. Ankita asks why is she behaving like villager. Ria angrily asks to repeat. Ria angrily pushes her down and starts beating her. Jogi cheers her while Jassi asks to stop them. Aditya interferes and stops fight. Ria asks Jassi not to worry as she is with her now.

Raj comes back and asks Simran what is happening. She says she does not know. Coach addresses contestants that out of 12, 10 participated in hurdle round and now 8 will move forward. Jogi asks Jassi to remember god and think mammaji is praying for her. Coach annouces Ria’s name first and Simran claps for her. Ria gets angry seeing her. Aditya’s name is called next followed by Ankita. Ankita taunts Jassi and leaves. Coach then calls Jogi. Jogi dances and stands aside. Coach calls rest of the students’ name. Jassi gets very tensed and apologizes her parents for not qualifying as she is coward. Coach calls Jassi’s name last. Jogi runs and picks his sister. Jassi asks what happened. He says he got backache holding her, even then she does not know what happened, she is qualified. Jassi also jumps in happines.

Surinder gets a call from Simran that Jassi is qualified for next round. Surinder happily hugs Kulvinder and they both dance and pray god.

Jogi happily tells Jassi that both brother and sister will win and taunts Ankita. Coach announces next round’s rule that they have to carry a box chained to their leg and whoever reaches him first will move to next round. Ria says it is very easy for him. Coach says only 5 contestants will be choosen as winner. Jogi counts. Coach says box will be in water. All contestants get tensed hearing that.

Precap: Jassi tells coach says nobody knows swimming. Coach if she has to participate in student of the year competition, she should not get afraid or else stop dreaming.

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  1. U hate Ankita how xan she be so crue l feel like punching her she should be disqualified

  2. Well, the coach’s acting is superb but he is so stubborn. I wonder how Jassi and Ria will qualify for the next round? On the other hand, I seriously hate Ankita. Can’t she stop troubling and taunting Ria and Jassi and just do her job?

  3. Hate that Ankita and her dumb friends .
    I don’t like aditya too .
    Liked Jogi and riya in this episode . Pls cvs get another boy for Jassi

    1. Yup! I agree with you Anita. Jassi needs someone who is always there for her when she need him. Aditya on the other hand, always keeps on taunting her. He only encouraged her when she was the part of his team, otherwise we always see him taunting her.

  4. I rlly think that aditya is going to win.

  5. Yup! I agree with you Anita. Jassi needs someone who is always there for her when she need him. Aditya on the other hand, always keeps on taunting her. He only encouraged her when she was the part of his team, otherwise we always see him taunting her.

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