Parvarish 2 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj checks exam papers and asks Ria what is it, who gave it. Ria says somone gave it. Raj asks if she knows the meaning of it. Ria stammers. Raj says he did not teach her to cheat and shouts to get out of his sight.

Surinder prepares food for children and tells Darji she is reminiscing her school days when she used to study hard like her children and studies and used to enjoy snacks. Darji says Jassi has got fracture and she should not let her stress herself.

Ria confronts Simran and yells at her for informing Raj about exam papers. Simran says she did right and says at least now she will not cheat and will study hard. She says she should study at night alone and will not get her mobile.

Jogi starts her jokergiri with studying with Jassi. He does pushups and says questions are finishing but not his stamina. Jassi says he needs intelligence and not strength for exam. He says he needs to play buzzer fast to answer. She asks question and answers fast. He replies late and says he pressed buzzer first though. His jokergiri continues.

Ria tries to study at night alone and thinks it is so boring and she would feel good if she studies with Adi. She goes to Raj and Simran’s room and tries to steal her mobile silently. Simran holds her hand and says she has to keep 2 eyes front and 1 back to watch a daught liker her and asks her to return mobile and go to her room and study. Ria angrily goes and sits on sofa. Simran comes out and says she knows what happens in her age. She prepares coffee and says she should study whole night. Ria thanks her.

While studying, Jassi gets convulsion and falls unconscious on bed. Jogi sees that and calls family. Family rushes and sprinkles water on Jassi. Jassi wakes up and says she is fine. Surinder gives her milk and then goes back to kitchen. Darji and Kulvinder smell gas and just when Surinder is about to light gas stove they hold her hand and stop her. They then open all windows and doors. Power also goes off. They call everyone down. Surinder says Kulvinder he saved her on time, else she would have died today. Kulvinder asks her to stop thinking much and asks Jogi how will he study without lights. He says with torch.

Precap: Surinder says nobody can defeat Jassi in studies. Simran says nobody can deter Ria’s focus. Ria is seen kissing Adi’s pic.

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  1. Riya needs to learn a lesson soon.
    Height of Badtameezee.
    Thank God I do not have a daughter like her. 🙂

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