Part 9 26/07/2018

Shaurya was driving for almost 6hrs watching Mehak who is sleeping soundly due the effect of the sleeping tablet, he smiled seeing her and reached his destination. Upon reaching a cottage which is located in deep forest covered in green oasis which is not accessible by humans a proper vehicle needed for travelling in and out. Upon reaching he parked the car in front of the cottage and gets down to open the cottage is set in 2 acres of grounds and sat proudly on the crown of the hill with the enormous block of a building in the shade of rustic brown. The facade covered with green lush plants and bright flowers.

He unlock the house huge oak tree door and carried Mehak inside greeting welcome baby to home sweet home carrying her to a room which reminiscent the British Era. He placed her on the huge English design bedding carefully as he place her on the bed her hand accidently touched his beard then to his lips, he held the wrist gently and place it on his warm cheek to feel her touch on him admiring the sleeping beauty he loosen up her pleated hair by removing the band which holds the pleats securely before he leave he kiss her palm and tucked her under the blanket and smile at her before leaving the room. He headed to the kitchen to check on the stock of the food items and all as he removing his jacket, he decided to cook something before Mehak wakes up and started with the meal.

After some time Mehak stuttered her eyelids gently and she wakes up. She slowly wakes up and manage to open her eye lid fully, she saw the traditional wooden ceilings with antic framed windows whereby glorious sunrays streaming beautifully creating a soft subtle aura around her she closed her eyes and open them again, she realize she is not dreaming, she sat quickly on the bed as she notice the change of location or the room she was self-talking to herself and asking where am I? I remembered I slept and now I am here, where am I, who brought me here, she remove the blanket adjusting her duppatta she notice her hair pleats has been undone she pushed the long hair strand coming to her face and wore her footwear she notice the burnished light wooden floors and the stone work above the windows she realize it’s no longer Anu didi’s house and she walks out of the room slowly to see where is she now with the question screaming deep in her head. She notice the new place is furnished with high wooden ceilings as the flooring and the walls glow with wood in naturally. She reached the hall of the house she notice  the place is tastefully and traditionally done with the mixture of mud , wood and stone work with a comfortable sofa in the middle facing the fireplace to warm up the house , she smells food aroma in the house and wonders who is cooking . As she was guessing where she is the main door of the house opened and Shaurya came with woods in his hands for the fireplace. Mehak stumbled to see him and he smiled widely and greeted her finally you woke up my love as he walks pass her brushing her arms to put down the woods. He added some woods as he remove his jacket placing it on the nearby sofa. Mehak stammered and ask where am I, where is Anu di, maa and Adi, I remembered I slept at that house at Manali and now what am I doing here Shaurya? He calmly said, Mehak let me make for you hot masala chai and you will feel better, he walks to the little kitchen to prepare the chai ignoring her question. She was annoyed and went after him and demanded for an answer Shaurya I am talking to you, where is this place and where is Anu di? He just replied Mehak you will love my tea and here after you will be asking me to make tea for you every day, He boiled the tea and pour it inside 2 cups and carrying the tray to the living area, Mehak follows him as her annoyance getting to the peak. He place the tray on the coffee table and sat down. He ask Mehak sit down as well as the tea is getting cold , saying it’s nice to drink it while its hot and tell whtr the chai is good or not, he took the cup and offered it to her she rudely push the chai and it spills on Shaurya’s hand and he hissed in pain he looked at her and Mehak was thinking he is going to be mad at her now but surprisingly he just smiled a little and walked to the kitchen and runs the cold water tap and wash his burned hand under the running water, Mehak went to the wooden door and tries to open it since it was locked she keep banging the door and screaming anyone there please help me , help me please she was screaming as Shaurya looks at her antics behind her. He rested his hands on his waist and asked her what did I do now that you are screaming for help, come here and sit down. She turned to give him a cold look and continue to bang the door. Shaurya sit down and rest his both arms on the sofa’s head rest and said this is deep forest and this cottage is located far away for any human accessibility so you can scream as much as you want but I bet you will be tired soon so no point that anyone will come to help you here, Hearing this she was appalled and turned to see him you mean to say there is no one around this place , he nodded and asked her to come and sit down to have the chai or he can make a new one as well. Frustrated Mehak came to stand in front of him and asked what you are doing Shaurya what is your intention now, I was living a peaceful live all these while and you came to ruin it and now what is your plan. Shaurya didn’t budge from his previous stance, he coolly replied Mehak I love you, I need you in my life the past almost 1 year we both suffered a lot and I want to correct all and start our life fresh. I know you are upset with me I am your reason for all the pain you are suffered so let me be the reason to heal all the pain he said gently. Mehak smirked at his tone and asked you are healing my pain its like now you heal me and you will break me again till that I am shattered into pieces and couldn’t be found anymore. Don’t play with me Shaurya now answer how did I end up here, he boldly replied I lied to Anu that PD is very sick and she wants to see you that’s her last wish so she spiked your milk with sleeping tablet so once you slept we carried you into my jeep and we are here now. Mehak’ jaw dropped open hearing it and she rush in front of him and hold by his shirt and shake him wildly you badtameez kahinka , and started to cursing him he enjoyed seeing her closely to him and smiled as she was cursing him. He looked at her beautiful face as he drowned in those almond shaped eyes and her scent was all he needed he smiled at her like an idiot as Mehak still cursing him liar , people who lie too much and cause others pain will definitely goes to hell why are you keep doing this aren’t you not scared of God and his punishments , Shaurya slowly lifts his finger and tucked her hair behind her ears and cupped her cheek with one palm and look closely at her beautiful feature, his sudden touch causes Mehak felt some sort of chills run inside her she stopped cursing him and her hands still clutched to his shirt and she felt the hard rock chest her eyes trailed from his eyes to his nose then to his lips which carrying his signature smile the smile which will make any women’s knees shaken and she always melt immediately seeing him in that manner. Later she realize that he is up to something pushed herself back and looked at him, asked him what are you doing Shaurya? He just replied staying away from you was the torture and I lived in hell all these while Mehak so now I don’t care of any punishments I already suffered enough if I have to die seeing you close to me I am willing to die in your gaze and scent. Mehak already had enough of his nonsense and gets up from there saying shut up and stop talking all these nonsense, open the door and I want to leave this place now she demanded. He gets up from the sofa and said we are not going back anywhere Mrs Khanna, he said in his sensual voice, she looked at him and said I am not Mrs Khanna, I have already signed the divorce paper and let go all the relationship I had with you, now you are a complete stranger to me and I am nothing to you. He holds by her forearms and pull her to face him, he looked at her deeply and said yes you signed the divorce paper but let me tell you something I didn’t signed it and I will not accept the divorce. Our bonding this tie up within us cannot be break by all these law and papers. The moment when I accepted you in my life as my wife I have vouched that I want you in my all my upcoming life as my Mehak and remember that nothing can stop me from bringing you in my life, she was stunned by his words she can’t think either it’s a threat or his demand or his love confession. He let go of his hold and she walked a few steps back to distance herself from him. She can’t form any word hearing it and her throat keep getting dried. He asked her to go freshen up as there is hot water available in her bathroom ask her to fresh up she didn’t move till he gently brings her to her room and guided her to the bathroom he adjusted the water temperature and showed the wood cloth cabinet where her new clothes are inside, she moved away from him and asked where is my clothes, he replied those white pale colored ones are not suitable for you so I throw them away and bought for you new ones. She was shocked with his reply and he ask her not to get shock too much as there are plenty more for her to react , she turned herself away from him and walked slowly to the bathroom shutting the door and leaned on the door unable to hold her tears and sobbed silently.

Shaurya freshen up and came to prepare some food and set them on the small dining table awaiting patiently for Mehak to come. Seeing her not there even after 45minutes he decided to go and see for himself, he knocked the door and there was no reply he turned the knob and it opened he saw Mehak curled herself lying on the comfy mattress. He walked in and sat next to her and called her she didn’t reply he slowly touched her arms and she pushed it away with fierce swing. She warned him don’t touch me and don’t come near me, he saw her face it was evident she cried as the almond eyes is all red, he hates to see it but he was helpless. He asked her what happen are you sick with a concern voice she asked him in anger tone why Shaurya why don’t you understand we are not meant to be together we will only hurt each other more and everyone around us, why don’t you just let me go she ended with pleading tone. His lips curved a little and replied Mehak you are upset with me and thinking that staying away from me you are doing good for either one of us no we both can’t stay away from each other we need each other to comfort and to fight also. Like you always say maybe Matarani wants us to be together that’s why even after 1 year you didn’t move on, and I can’t move on with others too. Because our ties are strong by emotional and love which is very unique. You will not realize it now but soon once your anger settle down you will soon see it. I was angry and became angry ruthless person again when you left but your memory, your voice, and your scent everything around you keep me going and compose so I can go on. I hired Private detective to trace you and he can’t find you anywhere till I saw that Kunal’s photograph at the Mumbai tourism exhibition and came to Manali immediately. Trust me Mehak without you I was living a dead man life, I know my Mehak very well and that’s was my reason for motivating myself every day to get going. In this 1 year I manage to do many achievements keeping you in my mind and heart because you were the motivation for my life. When your thoughts were with me I did many imagine when you are next to me I can conquer the world he said as he took her hands to his cheeks. She was unable to control her tears as sobbed and scrunched her nose hearing him, and pulled her hands from his hold. He let go her hands and asked her to come and eat as she has not eaten anything since yesterday. She said I am not hungry leave me alone, he gets up from the bed and scoop her in his arms as she asked him to let go and put her down he just head to the dining table and placed her on the chair. He served the hot roti and aloo gravy which smells good. She looked away but her tummy rumbles and complains she will not eat, he tear the roti and dip with the gravy and pushed it inside her mouth forcefully, she have no choice as to munch she stopped him and said I will eat on my own, he asked her how is the food, she didn’t reply he just said ask he stuff his mouth with food I learn to do desi cooking with Meera maa’s recipe and yours. I always wanted to cook and feed you as I read somewhere that a happy relationship is when the man cook and feed his wife so I want to see happiness in my wife. Mehak looked at him unbelievable is this the Shaurya I left or is he up to something again. She was not eating her food so he tear another piece to feed her but she ended up biting his finger. He jumped in pain and blow his finger and said looks like you became wild cat in the past month. Its okay I am ready. She looked at her food and asked why are we here and not to going back to Delhi. He looked at her intently with his strong gaze, he replied see Mehak we had some issues and differences so I want to bring you to a quiet place to sort all our differences before we head back home. I wanted to talk to you in Manali itself but all these people like Anu , Kunal and etc. was always there and I couldn’t talk to you and sort our issues anyway I don’t want to discuss about issues with any strangers and I don’t want 3rd party in relationship so this is needed. She asked do you think by talking to me all will be sorted and we will be happy. He understand her question but he don’t have any answer for her but he just replied maybe imagine we are newly married couple who came for our much delayed honeymoon and who knows things will work out saying that he took his plate and leave the dining table as Mehak looked at him in shocked to his word honeymoon and blushing. She left the dining table in hurry avoiding him and he knows she is blushing and feel embarrassed with his statement he chuckled and continue to clean up all.

He saw Mehak leaned on the window looking at the exterior with a pain in her eyes. Mehak sees the views of the mountains, green lush gardens with colorful flowers and thick misty cloud. She wonders what place is this and but she refrain herself from asking this question from him. His heart pinched seeing her face without the usual glow she has. He took out the key and open the cottage main door and Mehak immediately turn to see it and she walked quickly towards the door, she steps out and see the beauty of the surroundings. It was like heaven on earth kind of view, although she like it very much but she don’t want to admit it, she walked to see the colorful flowers and trace with her soft hands and walked past the bushes, the scent of lily of the valley and the bloomed red roses were nodding gently and smelling sweet like honey filling her lungs. Deep down in her heart she said this is beautiful though, he just followed her in few steps back as his hands was in his pockets. Admiring his intoxicating “fragrance” inhaling the fresh fragrance. He smiled to himself as she walk he told there is apple garden inside this vicinity. We can pick fresh apples. She didn’t pay attention to him. He continues Mehak this property belongs to one of my new business partner, he is mostly based in overseas and this cottage belongs to his family. They hardly comes here and it’s maintained by their family caretaker who stays in the town. He comes here once a week to check on the cottage. So when I came to Manali and need our space to discuss with you I contacted him and he ask me to stay here as long as I want.

There was an old well-built behind the cottage she went to see it, and see squirrels running after one and another. There was thick forest behind and he ask to go as there is some hidden beauty in it, she reluctantly walked into the forest and as she walked in passing the thick branches and bushes they reached a clear blue waterfall  drizzling and pounding to the rocks. The bottom was varnish clear bliss pool. Mehak’s breath stopped a moment seeing such beautiful sight. She was so into the water fall and didn’t see the slippery rock and was about to slip when Shaurya held her on time and Mehak closed her eyes tightly in panic, he admired those features and seeing it closer as inches away was a bliss to him. He stared intently and wants to see her like this in his arms for the rest of his life slowly she realize that she is not in the ground as she felt the strong arms around her waist she opens her eyelid and see Shaurya looking deep into her and she looked into his eyes, the eyes where she find her love and solace it gives her enormous feeling of love and now it has so much untold pain in it, a lone tear came out from her eye and he wipe the tear away with his thumb. Mehak stands up and straighten herself. She walked away from him heading back to the cottage.

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      Hi Kavya I am glad you like the update and the twist I added here, I always wanted to lock these 2 away from the Sharmas and Khannas so they will have some moments on their own. so now both will have their tashan soon and you will laugh too as you enjoy the chapters. Will update next week dear as I am busy at work too. thank you dear

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      Hi Jayashree thank you dear for the feedback glad you like the update, yes my naughty boy Khanna always up to something mischievousness and now he kidnapped her into a forest where there is no human accessibility lets see how he rekindle their love story again …. thank you dear and stay blessed always

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