Part 62 17/05/2020

Mehak’s POV

The moment when doctor said I am pregnant and its 4 weeks plus, I was thrilled. I was short of words and gaped. Only I can feel when maa hugged me as she planted kisses. Shocked was an under estimated word, I was beyond that. Unknowingly tears wet my cheeks, maa wiped them off. Maa was over the moon and she hugged me and went to hug the doctor too. It took me a while to get back to self-till Maa made me to sit back and doctor explained to me about my test result and showed me the print out from the sonography scan. She pointed the black dot and said that’s the baby. Our baby. I can’t believe we are going to have baby and what is Shaurya’s reaction going to be. Will he be excited like us here or what? I know he is not so fond of kids, but this is our baby and I am clueless of his reaction. While we are returning home, maa suggested to go somewhere to eat and I feel like to have ice cream. We went have ice cream in all flavors and raspberry with vanilla was so good. I asked for another scoop too. I never really enjoyed that flavor earlier but now I seems to enjoy them. We came home and when maa wants to call Shaurya and my family I stopped her. I want to reveal this news to Shaurya in special way first. I want to see his priceless expression first before anyone else. Maa massaged my head before sleep and I was waiting anxiously for Shaurya to call. I know today he didn’t call me in between except in the morning, as he was attending the site visit with his partners. His call came right at the time and I was enthralled to hear his voice. I tried not to let my excitement spoil the fun. I gulped in my emotions as I speak to him. I just asked him to come home soon and we hang up shortly. Throughout the night I was happy as my hand went to my abdomen to caress them. I started to check my mobile what can I do to surprise Shaurya. He always into surprising me, this time I want to make it extra special and memorable ones too. I got some ideas and quickly made a reservation for a surprise party planner to do the necessary. I sent them message on my requirement after I browse through their website. I put my mobile away and went to sleep but the excitement in me don’t let me to close my eyes. At last I pulled Shaurya’s pillow next to me to calm down my mind to get some rest.

The next morning, I get down for breakfast, maa already prepared few dishes for me and she was delighted to see me. She made to me to sit and served me despite of me telling her I am okay I will eat little. As we were busy eating Vicky came to join us.

Vicky: Hi morning bua, morning Bhabhi. Wow so many dishes today? Anything special today?

Karuna maa: Vicky, there is something why we have all these dishes,

Before maa could complete her sentence Mehak hold her hand and shakes her head not to say anything. Maa understood immediately and just say some random stuff. Once Vicky left to work, she asked Mehak what the plan and she told her that she have asked surprise party planner to organize in one of the garden setup at a café in Mehrauli.Karuna maa was excited and give some ideas too. Mehak called Shaurya to check on his flight arrival so everything as per their planning. Mehak and Maa was teamed up and exchanging ideas as how to reveal the news to their most favourite person. So once all preparation done, Mehak freshen up, wore a beautiful long dress with minimal makeup and accessories. She took whatever she needs in her hand and bid karuna maa bye and get in the car with the driver. In 30mins she reached the venue. She checks on the preparation by the organizer. It was almost 5 in the evening. Mehak requested for a transparent gazebo in the middle of the open space in the café. The café was close for private event which is for Mehak and Shaurya. Trail of lights were hanging from each end to the other end. Candle lights were placed around there to create the extra special feeling. Light, everywhere light, scintillating dancing and swinging as it created the mood for the special occasion. Mehak pass an envelope to the organizer and they prepared a huge box with balloons inside as they put the envelope in there. Later the box was put away till Shaurya comes. By 6.30pm driver were sent to airport to pick up Shaurya and Mehak told the driver not to say anything and drive him straight here. If he asked where he is going, just tell him that its Mrs Khanna’s order. She kept another envelope in the pocket in front of the passenger seat as well pass another envelope to the driver.

Shaurya saw the driver and get inside the car, the driver greeted him with a smiley face. He asked the driver, why he is in such a happy mood, driver just covered up saying he just happy to see him back and kept his mouth mum. Driver turn on the radio and old song played. Shaurya rested his head on the headrest and waited to be home. As he checks his mobile, his eyes caught on the bright colored envelope in the pocket of the seat. He took them out and saw it read as For Mr Khanna.

His lips unknowingly twitched as he knows who would have put that there. He carefully opened the envelope and saw a card. He opened the car and smiles as he reads them.

Dearest Husband aka Mr Khanna,

Welcome back to Delhi.

You must be wondering what is this card for?

Well there is going to be a lot of sleepless nights for us, as someone is going to be between us.  Someone who is going to drive us crazy and that someone also will be both our priority.

Come soon you will know the rest in short while.

Confused with the card content, Shaurya tried to read the card again, to see what she is trying to convey to him. But unusually his intelligent part didn’t kick in. He smiled as he put the card away. He looked away the buzzling city traffic. He realized the driver did not take the usual road to Khanna Mansion that’s when he queried the driver where is he heading to. Driver forwarded him another envelope and said Sir this is Mrs Khanna’s order. I am just following them. Shaurya took the envelope from his hand and opened them quickly as he read the content.

Mr Khanna,

Yes, our route has changed. But I bet it will be for a good reason. The route that we are travelling together will be extraordinarily fun filled yet will be memorable for two of us. A journey where we started as two will have someone to join us soon.

There are more surprises on your way so come soon.



He smiled happily as he finished reading the card. Mehak is full of surprises these days to him as earlier she was extra clingy with him, she was unusually temperamental at times and now she is up to something. His face filled up with a bright smile as he pumped up with the excitement of what is his witty wife is up to.

Mehak’s POV

Shaurya will reach any minute now. I looked at the gazebo it looked stunning with all the light setup as the night slowly embraces. I was excited but suddenly my stomach churns as what is Shaurya’s reaction going to be. I looked at myself in the mirror nearby as I touched up with some powder and straighten my suit. One of the organizers came to me and told that Shaurya has reached. I smiled and told him to send him to the gazebo. I walked towards the gazebo and stand in the middle as I inhale a deep breath to calm down myself. I looked at my tummy and caressed gently and looked above the sky to wish me good luck. I felt a sudden surge of unknown energy in me. I never arranged something like this a surprise party or something as I am noob in that. Its always Shaurya who likes to surprise me with all little stuff and he pays attention to all my preference and every time my face lit up in the surprise, I can see in his eyes how happy is he to see me like that. I can see love and happiness radiates from him. So now its my turn to do this little effort from me, to show him some happiness, to show him my love for him and to share the most important news in our life to him in this special way.

Shaurya’s POV

I reached a posh café located at Mehrauli. I wonder why this place. I walked in as I adjusted my suit. Few of the café staff greeted me and I saw a signage saying, closed for private event. I was wondering what event and why Mehak asked the driver to send me here. Is she here too? I asked myself. I walked inside as I conceal the confusion look. The café was decorated with lights and candles everywhere and I was guided to walk further inside. Then as I reach the glass door, I gently pushed them and step out and was mesmerized by the surrounding. Trail of lights hanging brightening the scene and there was a gazebo and my breath hitched to see Mehak standing there with an unusual glow in her face. Her alluring and glowing look just made my heart to beat wildly. I walked towards her with my usual stance. I can see the indescribable nuance in her. I reached her and forwarded my both palms as she placed hers in there as her face lit up with unwavering smile since she saw me. The smile which she always have for me which I fell head over heel for her.

Mehak’s POV

He reached the glass door leading to the gazebo setup and I waited anxiously. The moment he looked at me with a loving gaze I can see his longings and melt in his gaze as my knees turned jello. His intimidating look does makes me have butterflies in my tummy. When he reached the decorated gazebo, he forwarded his both hands to me as I reciprocated with placing mine in his. He secured them with his warm hold and pull me towards him.

Shaurya: So Mrs Khanna, what you are doing? You are looking hot today looks like you are up to something. Look at these setups and all, as if some proposal going to happen?

Mehak moved closer to Shaurya as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Mehak: Mr Khanna, special day, special moment so we need to do something extra you see.

Shaurya: Wow, what happened to you to day my love, you are something extra today. I got few cards; clues and your messages are not easy to decipher. Now you have booked a café to surprise me. Looking at this ambience my heart cant take this much of surprise my love. Spill the bean.

Mehak: Not so fast Mr Husband, you already waited for 30minutes, wait another few more minutes. So till now its always us now we going to have someone else too. This someone will be so special, will be bothering us so much and we also will be taking turn to spoil them. Because of this someone our night sleeps will be disrupted.

Shaurya cringed at her words and look baffled as he tried to understand her statement. Looking at his look Mehak pointed to the huge box placed near her and signed at him to open the box to find out.

Mehak: Your answer to all your confusion is inside the box. Open the box.

He stepped away from her reluctantly holding her hand as they stand together. Shaurya bend a bit as he pulled the bow hesitantly. As he undoes the ribbon, and open the box there were huge balloons popped out which made him to chuckle and below the balloon there was an envelope which he caught it immediately. He looked at her as he opens the envelope. He saw the sonography print out which made him puzzled. He never seen something like that before. He looked at it front and back and look back at Mehak.

Shaurya: What is this Mehak? Something in black and white. Looks like a faulty print out from the printer.

Mehak closed her eyes in irritation and looked at him back.

Mehak: Buddu, you don’t know what is this is it?

He clicked his tongue not knowing how to reply her.

Mehak: You got promoted Mr Khanna.

Shaurya: what promotion? (still looking baffled)

Mehak: You are going to be world coolest, the handsome and loving dad.

Shaurya was shocked and in the meantime thrilled when Mehak uttered the last word. Dad

He moved to her and cupped her face as he looked into her eyes. Mehak cupped his face as her thumbs caressed his stubbles. He pulled her to hug her tightly as he planted countless kisses on her head then pull himself off to see her face.

Shaurya: (planting another kiss on her forehead) really. When, how? Oh My God, what I am talking? Mehak tell me something.

Mehak: Yes Shaurya, you are going to be papa soon and we are 4 plus weeks pregnant.

Saying that Shaurya kissed again on her cheek, his hand went down to her abdomen and caress it protectively. He kneels to her abdomen and place a gentle kiss as he looked at her from the same position. He stands up as he slides his arm to cup Mehak’s cheek as his fingers caress her nape gently. He whispered I love you as he captured her lips. His lips stayed there longer as her palm rested on his chest for support. He let go off her lips as she trembled for air. Her face turns red with his deed.

Shaurya: So you did all these for me, this is so beautiful and I am super excited to become a dad and you will be mommy. Omg how crazy I am, you have given me all the clues from the car yet I cant find the answer. I am so happy now.

Saying that he carried her gently off the ground swinging her around as she let out a giggle. She rested her hands on his shoulder as both screamed in happiness oblivious to their surroundings. Their moment were interrupted with burst of confetti, and singing of congratulations, it’s a celebration song. Shaurya slowly put Mehak on the ground and the couple see were the noise coming from and shocked to see , Karuna maa, Vicky, Kanta chachi, Mansi Chachi, Jeevan chachu, Ravi Chachu, Dadaji, PD , Nehal , Sonal and even Mohit were there. They all had the same happy look as they clapped for Shaurya and Mehak.

Mehak: Maa, what is all these?

Karuna maa: Mehak beta, you give us the happiest news ever. I know you want to surprise Shaurya first then only you want to tell the rest, but I thought why not surprise you both. So, I quickly call and arranged everyone to come here to celebrate this moment. Afterall we have been waiting for this for long time right.

Mehak: Aww maa, you are the best.

Saying that Mehak leaned to plant a kiss for Karuna maa, as well Shaurya joined to kiss maa on her other cheek.

Karuna maa; Congratulations to both of you. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful news.

Later Mehak was hugged by the Sharma family and both Vicky and Mohit wanted to carry her but Shaurya went to them to query them.

Shaurya: What you two doing, be careful. She is not a toy besides that must handle her gently now.

Everyone laughed at Shaurya’s statement as now he became overprotective husband and dad too.

Daduji: Shaurya puttar don’t worry, this is all are okay, you see our PD we used to do the same too.

Shaurya suppress his laughter as the whole family started to tease him. Slowly Mehak went to stand next to him and she hides herself on his chest. Later the entire family enjoy their dinner there as Karuna maa made an announcement.

Karuna maa: Brothers, sisters and children. As this is such beautiful news I am arranging a pooja at home tomorrow so that we will seek for Matarani’s blessings for our new family member. We want our grandchild to get all the blessings, love and care from us. Also, to ask for matarani’s protection for Mehak during this period.

Kanta chachi: You are right karuna ji. Let’s do the pooja at home. We must thank Matarani for this news. We all will be there tomorrow and will have fun with everyone. We didn’t had this much fun for a very long time.

The Sharma’s return to their home, while Khanna’s return to theirs. Back in their room , Mehak and Shaurya was at their balcony. Shaurya was sitting leisurely as Mehak rested her head on his lap. Mehak was holding one of his arm and playing with his fingers. His other hand caressed her hair gently. He was still in his exhilarated mood as he slowly asked.

Shaurya: when did you know about this news?

Mehak: I just realized I didn’t get my menses for couple of weeks. So when I accompanied maa yesterday, I went to hospital with maa. So when they did the testing doctor showed me. She showed him the sonography print out again, You see the black dot there, that’s our baby.

Shaurya: But, Mehak here I only see that dot I cant see head, hands, leg and body. So how is this can be a baby?

Irritated with his reply, Mehak got up from his lap and looked at him.

Mehak: Shaurya, you wont see the baby so fast, it will take some weeks for that all to form.

Shaurya:  Okay okay baby, sorry I was just curious. Our baby looks so cute in there. (he calmed her down immediately)

Mehak rested her head on his chest as she looked at the print out smiling at it.

Shaurya: So I am going to have 2 babies. One is the mother of my baby and the another is who made her mother.

Mehak: Yes we two will drive you nuts and worry you , irritate you all the time. By the way are you happy Shaurya? Or you are just…

Shaurya: What rubbish are you talking about, I am super excited about our baby. I am thrilled Mehak. We will have Jnr Mehak or Jnr Shaurya soon and we will going to have lots of arguments who will spoil our child.

Mehak: Not like that Shaurya, you said long ago you don’t like kids, you are allergic to them.

Shaurya: oh yea, that’s someone else’s child but this is going to be special as this is ours Mehak. This is the baby that our whole family been waiting for.

Their moment was interrupted when karuna maa came with the milk glass.

Karuna maa: Mehak beta, drink this milk first. Shaurya I need to talk to you. My friend Doctor Geeta is the one who confirmed her pregnancy. We will continue to see her throughout Mehak’s pregnancy. She said Mehak need to take balanced diet and as well her vitamins etc. She needs to take rest too. From now onwards don’t only pay attention to your business but do take care of Mehak and the baby. All these are your new responsibilities. Monthly must bring for doctor’s appointment, making sure she eats well and rest well also she must be happy all the time so the baby inside her womb will grow happily.

Shaurya: Maa I promise , I will take care of my babies properly (seeing the confusion in maa’s face) I mean, Mehak is a big baby and now she is carrying another baby, so its two you see. I will take care of them with good care.

Karuna maa: Okay beta, Mehak quickly drink your milk and come, you need to rest well. Tomorrow got pooja at home and you need to be rest well.

Shaurya who was perplexed with Karuna maa’s word he got up from there as Mehak still looks lost as she stops drinking her milk and looked at both Shaurya and maa.

Shaurya: Maa, where is Mehak going to sleep? Don’t worry she can sleep well here, I did not see her for two days. So, I have a lot of things to talk too. (he stammered with his word which only made Mehak’s eyes widen hearing him)

Karuna maa: Betaji, I know you didn’t see your wife past two days, that’s why I am taking her with me to my room, so she can rest well for tomorrow. If you keep talking whole night how she can rest well? So, after tomorrow pooja you can take care of your wife. Tonight, she will be with me. No, I got a better idea wait. Vicky…. Come here beta.

Vicky came there skipping happily. Shaurya looks at them confusingly as what is his mother is up to.

Vicky: Bring your brother to your room and make sure he sleeps with you there. Mehak need complete rest, today pity my child she went to prepare so much to surprise him. We have pooja at home tomorrow and she need to be well rested. Mehak will rest in this room because I am afraid she cant sleep in my room. I will come to sleep here.

Vicky came to Shaurya’s side to pull him but Shaurya resisted him and continued.

Shaurya: Maa, what is this, is it too much for a husband to be with his wife? Don’t do this, I promise you I wont disturb Mehak okay, please maa. Mehak do something, Vicky tell maa please.

Vicky : bhaiya is just one night , its okay come, we can play with my new game in Nintendo and we go to sleep. Bhabhi needs rest, look at her how tired she looks.

Mehak cant say anything as maa insist her to finish the milk. Later, Vicky pulled Shaurya away from the room as maa closed the room door and settled herself on the bed and in short while she dozes off. Whereas Mehak cant sleep with all the excitement and she misses Shaurya. In Vicky’s room Shaurya beat him up with pillows for bringing him there and didn’t help him to be with Mehak. He became restless and walks up and down at the corridor. He looked at the time and wants to try his luck. So he dialed Mehak’s number. Mehak saw her mobile vibrating and quickly went away from the bed to answer the call.

Mehak: (in her whispering tone) why you called, not sleepy is it?

Shaurya: Mehak, don’t spoil my mood. First, I was away for meeting and cant sleep well for 2 nights, today I came home to hug you, to tell you story and to do naughty things but my own mother separated me from my wife. What a bad luck for me.

Mehak: (giggling to his talk) You know what, I know why you get so excited about, so please put your dirty talks away then go to bed, tomorrow got pooja in home and need to do preparation etc.

Shaurya: Acha Mehak. At least please come to see me to give me a good night kiss please, I don’t understand why there is so much restriction in our culture. Husband cant be with his own wife. Sad part is my own mother is the villain here.

Mehak: Shaurya don’t talk rubbish, maa is sleeping now quietly go to bed. After tomorrow we will be sleeping together, you can talk to me as much as you want, you can tell me your stories etc. be a good boy okay (in her babyish tone)

Shaurya: Okay baby, can you come out and give me good night kiss and my heart wants to meet you badly.

Mehak: Okay I will come for 2 mins okay.

Shaurya: hello what 2 mins, am I doing instant noodles here. Come out and have a good time with me, don’t worry maa already slept, Vicky is playing his game and he wont notice I am missing. We shall meet at my study room, okay?

Mehak: Shaurya if we get caught how?

Shaurya: I am with you baby, nothing will happen, okay I will wait for you at study room, you come there okay?

They hang up the call and Mehak checked maa, she was sleeping as she lets out loud snoring, Mehak tip toed towards the door and slowly open them and headed towards the study room. She slowly opens the door and saw it was dimly lighted. She found Shaurya standing there and closed the door quietly and went to him as she embraces him tightly as if never seen him for ages. He felt the same and he hold her to his body. He kissed her cheek with a loud noise which made Mehak to giggle.

Shaurya: And now you are mine and I am not letting you go anywhere, you will be here with me in this room, we will sleep in the couch and I have a lot of things need to talk to you and my baby.

Their moment was interrupted when there was a knock in the room door. Shaurya’s face creased as he wonders who that is. He moved Mehak away and went to open the door and saw maa and Vicky standing there, Vicky was giggling quietly as he suppresses his laughter whereas maa was looking at Shaurya and Mehak curiously.

Karuna maa; what you two doing in here?

Shaurya; Maa, I told you right I need to talk to Mehak.

Karuna maa stepped in and she twisted his earlobe till he ouches in pain and begged her to let go.

Karuna maa: What did I told you, Mehak need rest and don’t bother her, but you didn’t listen at all. Grow up Shaurie, now you are going to be a dad not some school kid, so don’t be so stubborn with me, or else you will get nicely from my walking stick.

She let go of her hold and bring Mehak away to sleep. Mehak keep turning her head to look at him. Vicky was taunting him and Shaurya started to beat him up for not helping him. Mehak mouthed at him I love you to Shaurya as he let out a deep sigh at her as he blows flying kisses to her. Seeing both there, Vicky side hugged Shaurya and said, bhaiya I love you too. Come let’s go to sleep, tomorrow we have lots of things to do at home for pooja bhaiya. Shaurya had no choice but to obey his mother’s order and went to sleep with Vicky. The next morning, Karuna maa asked Vicky and Shaurya to look into the decoration of the house, food preparation and others. While she asked Sonal to come early to take care and groom Mehak for the day. She also asked Awara to send her breakfast to her room and make sure she finished them up.

Karuna maa: Beta, this is your dress and some gifts for you. Please wear them today. Sonal will be here soon, so she will help you.

Mehak : Thank you Maa, what is the need for this? Is just the pooja at home I can wear something from my wardrobe, and you are spoiling me with all these suits and jewelry sets.

Karuna maa; Of course, you are my only daughter and if I cant spoil you who else will I do? Now you are carrying our family’s heir. When the mother is happy , the baby will be growing happy too. God didn’t give me that happiness but Shaurya came in my life. I took care of him just like my own child and he also thinks the same of me. So I will take care of all your needs and wellbeing just like how you took care of me. All doctors told that I cant walk again due to my condition but its only you who made this miracle.

Mehak: (placing her palm on maa’s hand) But maa, you are not less than my own mother. You are more than a mother to me here. Its not necessary we must give birth to become a good mother you are the perfect example of a mother who loves everyone selflessly. Love you maa. (she place a kiss on maa’s cheek)

Karuna maa: (place a kiss on her forehead) thank you beta. Now get ready, Shaurya and Vicky is busy with the preparation for the pooja. Today you will look like a bride.

Just then Sonal arrived and they exchange greetings. Maa left the room and Sonal helped her to dress up in the heavy lengha suit. Once done, Sonal made her to sit on the dresser’s seat as she start working on her hair. Both friends’ banter with each other just like usual. But Sonal looks gloomy a bit, Mehak notice that. Mehak looks at her face through the mirror as she slides down the bangles in her hands. Shaurya who came to his room to get dressed up, stopped at the door when he heard their conversation.

Mehak: Do you know Sonal, it was maa who knows about the pregnancy first, she was over the moon. While we were at the doctor’s office she was so elated. Never seen her in such condition. Then when I told her my plan that I want to do a surprise for Shaurya and reveal to him in special way she supported me. That’s why I didn’t want to inform anyone first. But the surprise turned another event for us when maa arranged everyone to come to the café to celebrate this moment. Maa is so sweet.

Sonal: Haan yaar. Aunty is so sweet. She always has extra care and love for you. I have seen that many times.

Mehak: Yes Sonal. Even today I insist to wear something simple, but she wants me to dress up like a bride and all these jewelries. Look at this earring, isn’t this so pretty?

Sonal: You listen to your sasuma (mother in law) and be a good daughter. Not all sasumas are like that you know. Remember Ajay’s mom, Pammy aunty. How she is? I heard she started to look for a girl for Ajay. Remember how she demand for dowry? For her useless son, she has a list of dowries and demands.

Mehak: Okay leave them. Tell me what is the problem?

Sonal: What problem? (puzzled with her question)

Mehak: (pulled her infront of her) Sonal, you are my brother’s wife, but you are my childhood friend. I know all about you and I never seen your face so gloomy like this. Did Mohit said something or something happen at home? You know right, you can tell me anything?

Sonal: Its nothing like that yaar, of course I will tell you. Just that you are happy now I don’t want to tell something and spoil your mood.

Mehak; come one tell me,what is it?

Sonal: Mohit came home 2 days back. He suggested that I should move with him, so we can live together. He already looking for rental house and he wants to talk to the elders at home. But you know right he is a bit hesitant don’t know how to ask all these. I know our family is good but is just that we all live under one roof and never stay away from the family, so we are clueless. If can I want to find a job at Rajasthan too, so we can work together and plan our future together. Can you talk to chachi and Shaurya to help us?

Mehak: This is such a brilliant idea Sonal. Don’t worry I will help you. But Sonal (with a puppy face and pouting at her cutely) Tussi ja rahe ho? Tussi na jao (are you going?..please don’t go)

Sonal and Mehak let out laughter as well Shaurya who heard their conversation laughed silently as he heard his drama queen wife.

Sonal: At least you are with your saiyaan (sweetheart) and you don’t need me. Don’t act innocent with me.

Mehak : Okay okay. I will get it done for you. Now once all this done, maa will call us to go for the pooja.

Shaurya who heard them all, he planned something, and he knows what to do next. He stepped away from there smiling to himself.

Pooja started as Sharma’s came, and Khanna’s family friends and relatives were present there. Maa signed Nehal and Sonal to bring down Mehak but Shaurya said quickly he will get her down and before Maa could reply he climbed the stairs headed to their room. He slowly turn the door knob and his breath stopped for a while to see Mehak dressed up like a bride. His baby’s mother looking extremely gorgeous as both their eyes met, she smiled wholeheartedly at him. She missed him so much and she got up from the bed immediately but Shaurya step in towards her. His right arm on her stomach stopping her as she enveloped him with a hug. She quickly place her lips on his cheek leaving them there for sometimes as Shaurya held her securely. He let himself absorb all his happiness through her kiss as they both relishing the moment. She pulled herself away and looked at him with the same love intensity that he looked at her. Mehak, he whispered only to be heard by her, as he reached out and pulled her to him, one hand on her waist and the other behind her neck as he bring himself down to place a kiss on her crown of the head. They gazed at each other lovingly.

Mehak: Hello Mr daddy Khanna, you didn’t came to see me since morning? I am upset with you (in her mock angry tone)

Shaurya: baby I always run came to see you, maa ask me to monitor the pooja preparation. This is special pooja so I took extra effort to make it special for my babies. Come lets go, everyone is waiting for us.

He bring her down and guided her the stairs, all the guests looked at Mehak and was mesmerized how she looks lively and gleams. The ladies helped her to sit on the seat and Mehak looked around the home as it has been ornately decorated. Karuna maa took the chunri (red shawl) to cover Mehak’s head. Maa asked Shaurya to stand next to Mehak. The priest started to conduct the pooja as everyone join in. Priest ended the pooja in good note and guests showered Mehak with gifts. She was contented as each and everyone blessed them. By evening all guests left and only Sharma’s stayed as Mehak asked them to stay little longer. Kanta chachi was feeding Mehak with some fruits when Shaurya came in.

Shaurya: hello everyone, I have some important announcement to make.

Daduji: Shaurya puttar, what announcement?

PD: Balwant you have grown old but no brain, let my hero to talk.

The family tittered at PD’s word. Mehak wonders what announcement is he going to make and Kanta chachi asked her what is it Mehak and Mehak shrugged her shoulder signing that she have no idea.

Shaurya: My partner at Rajasthan wants some reliable and trustworthy manager for his business there. He asked me to recommend someone. Since Mohit is already working there with another friend of mine, I recommended Sonal to him and he is looking forward to hire Sonal in his organization. Besides that, Khanna industries invested a small percentage in his company so basically Sonal still works with me just that she will be in different location. Accommodation, transportation all provided, and I think its good for Sonal and Mohit to be together instead both now living apart. So, what you all are thinking about this?

Mehak was completely taken aback by his announcement and looked at him in awe as she looked at Sonal and Mohit who was sitting next to each other in happy mood. She knows Sonal did not tell anything to Shaurya, as she only told her and expect her to do the talking but how did Shaurya find about all these amazes me. Her eyes were pasted on him as he looked around the rest of the family.

Kanta chachi: Shaurya, plan is good, but they are still young and all, can they manage all on their own?

Jeevan chachu: Haan beta, what is it Sonal to go all the way there to work? Mohit is working and we all are okay, she is girl why need to send her away?

Shaurya: Chachu, women must be empowered too. When I get Mohit to work with my partner, my intention is for him to gain knowledge and experience. Now Mohit is independent. Sonal is doing good in my restaurant too. Now is her time to do even greater out there. Chachi if you don’t give them an opportunity how will they learn to manage their own. Once the kids started to work and earn their money, we should let them be independent giving them more responsibilities. This way they will learn about life, and when both work together they can plan for their future get new property etc.

PD: Kanta & Jeevan, if hero says or does something there will be always some good thing there. I have full faith in his suggestion. Lets send these two and its still in India, if we want to go , we can go to visit them anytime.

Kanta chachi: Okay PD, just as you say and yes I have trust in Shaurya. Shaurya, by when Sonal must go there?

Shaurya: Chachi, she can leave in two weeks’ time or if you need more time, we can negotiate?

The entire family agreed and Sonal along with Mohit were happy on their new venture. When all done Shaurya’s eyes went to meet Mehak who was looking at him since he started just now, she felt blessed to have him as she mouthed I love you to him and he smiled at her. Once the family return home and Karuna maa passed the milk to Shaurya to feed Mehak, she returned to her room. Shaurya came to his room and saw Mehak’s lehnga, dupatta lying on the bed and he heard the water sound from the bathroom. He put the glass away and smiles as he took her lehnga and dupatta, fold them to put them away on the daybed. The bathroom door opened and Mehak came out. She flung herself into his arms as, placing a kiss with loud sound at his right cheek which made him let our humorous chuckle.

Shaurya: Wow , you have been quite worked up. I was waiting for the day to end so I can be with my baby.

Mehak: How you do that?

Shaurya: (his brows joined as his forehead creases in confusion) Do what?

Mehak: (resting her hands on her hips as she looked at him) About Sonal and Mohit. She just told me about it today and you already do the arrangements, how did you do that all?

Shaurya: (rolling his eyes) not a big deal baby, to me, all it matters is to see you happy like this. So I did what I can, Sonal is lucky because my partner was looking for someone suitable for that position and she fits into that perfectly. Now both Sonal and Mohit can live together, spend time together and built their future too. And now don’t ask me how I found out as I know all your unspoken words. (caressing his thumb at her jaw) Now lets not waste our time and sit together talk about us. I am excited to tell you this.

Saying that he didn’t let Mehak to interrogate him, both settled down on their bed as Shaurya shows her about some cool baby stuffs he saw and what he read on line about early pregnancy do’s and don’t’s. The excited new parents went to bed after their long discussion with hopes and dreams as they argue either it will be baby girl or baby boy they are expecting.

Party place at Mehrauli
Party place at Mehrauli















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