Part 6 AABMDK 6th July 2018

Part 6 06/07/2018

During dinner Kunal was chit chatting as usual with Adi playing together. Mehak kept her head down, looking at the food. Shaurya once in a while keep his gaze on her as he talks to Anu. Anu’s mother in law asked beta are you married and have family? Mehak’s breath stopped a moment while Shaurya looked at Mehak and said, yes aunty I am married, Anu asked why didn’t you bring your wife come along , next time you should bring your wife together, he nodded. Mehak quickly gets up and goes to kitchen saying she will prepare milk for all and she wants to sleep. Anu asked her to go and rest, Mehak with her head still facing the ground, Mehak walked quickly to her room, Shaurya was still glaring at her. Kunal wish her good night Pikachu yes good night Pikachu didi Adi joined him too. She shut the door and run inside the bathroom she own the tap and she cried she let out the tears she have been bravely been holding the past hour. She leaned on the wall and her knees becomes shaky and she kneel down on the floor and cried. She mumbled why did You send him here, why? I don’t want to be burden to all and yet he is here, he will definitely will not let me be here, why? First you take my parents from me, then I left all so they can be happy, You think that I can’t live a peaceful life right? You want me to keep running from all corner right? If you can’t let me to live than take my life away from this torture I have to go through, I had enough. She cried and realized she is soaked wet under the water and changed her clothes and lie down on the bed. Sleep in very far away but all her memory haunted back in her mind.

Next morning Mehak was up early as she didn’t sleep at all, Anu saw her face is all red and swollen asked her if she okay, Mehak smiled and said I am okay just like that and having headache. Anu ask her to rest at home one day she will inform Sheela aunty but Mehak declined that she is okay if she drink kada she will be fine. Anu caressed her head and said, let go the past Meera the more you think about it the more present life and future you are holding them off. Let go the past and move on. Mehak didn’t reply but just smiled a little and moved on with making other things at kitchen and leave home to the café.

She reached café earlier than usual. As she was tying her apron and cleaning the eating area, Kailash bhaiya who saw her early surprised. Asked Arey Meera you are so early today, what happened today? He proceeded to the kitchen Mehak arrange the chairs and wipes the tables. Later chottu came he helped her as she goes to kitchen to prepare the food. She asked Kailash bhaiya what to cook and he said about Rajma Chawal, and few other items. She took down the list and wrote on the board outside the shop. She started to help Kailash bhaiya to prepare the ingredient and started to cook. As she done with the gravy, she moved to prepare the rice and helped Kailash bhaiya to prepare the dough for the rotis. He knead the dough and ask her to check on the vegetables is all enough or not, or else they need to call the supplier to send more groceries. She nodded and went to check the groceries and make some notes. As lunch time comes and chottu asked her to help her to take order, Mehak move to eating area as customers coming in she took orders. She need to keep herself busy as she don’t want any unwanted thought to come in and spoil her day. She saw someone with hoodie there and approach that table to take order as well. In her thoughts she was assuming its Kunal but she didn’t know who that is was actually. She goes there and asked Ji what you would like to order, we have Rajma Chawal, Chole Kulche and Roti with vegetable gravy. What would you like to order? That figure didn’t reply nor response. She became restless and gritted her teeth and asked Kunal Ji this is my working place please don’t do anything funny and embarrass me, please let me know your order I need to work. That figure remove the hood and she almost stumbled to see it was Shaurya. Her breath hitched as she try to think what is in front of her. He stared at her intently but it was broke when Kailash bhaiya called her from kitchen, Meera where are you, get the order and come to the kitchen quickly. She didn’t take his order but he replied her Rajma chawal. She rushed to the kitchen and breathe heavily as she can’t believe he came to her work place too. Millions of questions and puzzles running in her mind but Kailash bhaiya voice and he hit the wok with a metal spatula awakens her up, she looked at him blurry, he asked her what are you dreaming quickly start to prepare and we need to serve the customer quickly. She nodded and started to plate the food and started to pass to chottu to bring to the respective customers. Chottu was busy running back and forth from kitchen and Mehak without much choice bring the food to Shaurya and leave on his table. She swiftly move away from there to the kitchen and takes a deep breath as he watches her.

Back in the kitchen Mehak can’t concentrate on her work. Few times she tried to peak from kitchen to see if Shaurya is there or not. She gets annoyed seeing him still there, she gets Chottu and send him to ask Shaurya anything else he wants to add in. Chottu went to ask him Shaurya said he is fine. He asked where is Meera and chottu replied di is busy at kitchen. Chottu left to attend other guest and Mehak was still in mumbling to herself as she prepare other meals for customers. She scoop out the dhal makhni she prepared and arrange them on the tray to serve customers. Chottu serve that to one customer, the customer shrieks, which startles all at the restaurant. Customer trembles and started to drink lots of water. Kailash bhaiya runs out from kitchen to see what happen. He asked him what happen and customer trembled in between and say very spicy. Kailash bhaiya tried the dhal and he also shrieks as its burning spicy. Mehak quickly give them sugar to calm down they took a few spoons to calm themselves. Once okay the customer screamed how you all do prepare food for customer if it so spicy like this what will happen to us? Kailash bhaiya look at Mehak and she saw him he is very angry at her, she held her head down. Kailash bhaiya offered apology as today he didn’t taste before delivering the food and he ask the customer to wait for a while and he will prepare for him another set of meal, first the customer denied his reasons and wants to walk away but after sometime Kailash bhaiya made him to agree and went to kitchen to prepare some food for the customer. Mehak slowly walked behind him. Kailash bhaiya didn’t talk to her he ignored as he prepared the food for the customer when Mehak wants to offer to deliver to customer he called Chottu to send the food away. After Chottu left kitchen Kailash bhaiya asked her what happen to you today, where is your attention? Do you know how spicy was the food just now? Lucky today I manage to the customer and prepare for him a new meal if he walks away and all the other customers does the same it will be huge loss today. Mehak apologized for being sloppy. He asked her to go home and rest first so tomorrow she won’t repeat such mistakes again, she argue she is fine and will work properly but he asked her to leave.

She with her heavy heart leave the café. Shaurya who was watching all these at the café paid for the food and follows her. She reached a quiet place and sat on the bench and tears made its way down from her doe eyes. She wiped them away but it didn’t stopped there but she cried more. She realized someone is watching and she wiped herself and turn to see who was it, it was Shaurya standing and watching her. She quickly get up to leave and Shaurya called her Mehak, she stopped for a while he walked few steps towards her and Mehak’s back was facing him. They stand in that manner for few minutes. Mehak could feel his heat she could smell his cologne, deep in her heart she wants to jump on him and cry her lung out to shed all the anger and her sad feelings she bottled up in her. She compose herself and wiped the tears again and slowly make a step forward leaving him. He tried to call her as he lift his hand to hold her the wind blow her duppatta and he held them in and slowly bring it to his face as he inhale her scent. Her scent rekindle all his senses in him. His mind says to grab her and hug her tightly and shower her with kisses but his heart says talk to her and calm her first before he ruined their meeting. Their trance broken when Kunal and Adi there calling her. Mehak quickly wiped her tears away and looked at the direction where the duo coming. Adi runs to her and hugged her. Kunal walked to them and say hi Meera Hru? Usually at this time you are busy at café what happen today, your face also not the same as usual. Then he saw Shaurya, he extended his hand hello Mr Khanna, you are here as well, nice to meet you, reluctantly Shaurya shakes his hand with him. Adi keep asking didi are you okay, do you want me to tell momma to bring you to see doctor, and you are not well past few days. Mehak shakes her head and said nothing I am okay just a bit tired , Kailash bhaiya asked me to go home and rest so that’s why I am resting here and want to go home in a while, since you are here we all go home straight. Kunal looked at Shaurya , Mr Khanna come lets go home, Pikachu makes wonderful meals at home. My last stay at Manali I always look forward for dinner to taste the dishes made by her, this made Shaurya very angry and his brows furrowed in anger. He walked with them to the house.

Once reached the house Mehak walked straight in to her room. Anu’s mother in law who was in the reading room came out hearing the noise, she saw Adi, Kunal and Shaurya and ask them to come in. She saw Mehak’s room door closed and asked Adi is Meera back home, Adi replied yes dadi , di is back looks like she is not well. The old lady inhaled a deep breath and said if not sleeping at night and eat meals on time this is what will happen, what to do these days’ kids not listening to elders. She talked to herself and asked Shaurya am I right Shaurya? Shaurya smiled and replied yes you are saying the right thing. I used to get angry for small matters in my life and my maa used to tell me don’t keep grudges and control your temper all the time or else the loss due to your anger will destroy your life, here I am loss the most precious thing in my life due to my anger and searching them in every nook and street of Manali. Kunal mocked him and asked did you find it Mr Khanna? Shaurya’s eyes was on Mehak’s room door and said yes I found it.

Mehak who was inside her room hugging her pillow and crying hearing their conversation. She is clueless with things happening around her. She stayed in the same manner for a while. The elder lady went to knock her room door few times asking whtr did she eat anything or else staying empty stomach will make her even sick. After few knocks Mehak freshen up and opens the room door and came out hoping Shaurya is away. She apologized to her and she said it’s okay and asked her to eat something first. Mehak slowly proceeded to the kitchen seeing the house empty she realize he already left. She took some food and water and sat on the table. She has no appetite but the elder lady made her to sit and eat. After completing her meal, the elder lady asked her to come along with her to the nearest ancient temple to pray. So all the worries will be eased and she will feel light. Mehak obeyed and followed her after locking the house. She reached there and together with the elder lady she prayed as she closed her eyes, she asked for right path to be shown to her. She asked so Shaurya to move on in his life as she only bring stain in his happiness. He deserve something better in his life. When she opened her eyes she saw Shaurya standing right in front of her praying at the same temple looking into her intently. She was perplexed seeing him there and don’t know what to do next. Anu’s mother in law interrupted her and saw Shaurya standing in front of her. She asked arey Shaurya you also in the temple , good you came here the God here is one of our Manali believe the anything you asked will be given to you lucky you came here your lost happiness will be coming soon to you saying that she bring Mehak away, both Shaurya and Mehak looked intently at each other. He pleaded with his eyes for a moment she warned him with her eyes that she will never give him another chance.

At night all the neighbors gathered near the open area. All bring along some snacks and they lit up bonfire while enjoying the company. An elderly man from the same neighborhood asked about Shaurya and Anu introduced as one of the donor for the school and he came here for vacation. The neighbors thanked him for his contribution and said they are feeling lucky to have him around so their children can have better education and they blessed that he and his wife should have blessed happy life too. Shaurya’s eye were on Mehak who was sitting together with Anu’s mil. His mood lifted immediately and started smiling broadly hearing it. He thanked them and said yes I wish my wife will be happy too. Started with same games and anthakshari among them. Shaurya and Mehak just stealing glances at each other. Mehak took the food tray and walked to offer to all. She stopped in front of Shaurya and he kept his gaze on her and she kept her eyes lower. Pikachu a familiar sound interrupted them, Mehak shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath before turning to see at her back, but Kunal already near her. Seeing him closer to Mehak just added oil into Shaurya who already fuming. Kunal took the pakora plate which Mehak holding and said no one can cook pakora better than Mehak, Mehak’s eye turned to see Shaurya whose eyes was in red. Adi run to them with a guitar and asked Kunal to sing song, but Kunal said if he sing all will fall asleep as he have bad voice, Shaurya offered and took the guitar and tune them before he played and started to sing, Mehak sat down while Shaurya started to sing. He sang Mein Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.

you are mine, in this moment, you are mine,

tomorrow, things may or may not remain the same,

maybe something happens that you don’t remain yourself,

maybe something happens that I don’t remain myself.

maybe our paths diverge,

and we get lost while walking.

but I’ll still love you,

I’ll still love you.

I’ll die for this love,

but I’ll still love you.

O my life, in every silence,

I’ll sing the songs of your love.

and I’ll still love you,

I’ll still love you.

I’ll die for this love,

but I’ll still love you.

You are necessary for me,

like air for breathing,

I look for you

like feet look for the earth.

whether I have to laugh or cry,

I look for you like someone crazy.

whether you are in love with me tomorrow or not,

whether I have the permission tomorrow or not,

with the pieces of my broken heart with me,

I’ll stick to your door only.

but I’ll still love you,

I’ll still love you.

I’ll die for this love,

but I’ll still love you.

tum mere ho is pal mere ho

kal shaayad ye aalam na rahe

kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho

kuch aisa ho hum, hum na rahein…

ye raaste alag ho jaayein

chalte chalte hum kho jaayein…

main phir bhi tumko chaahunga,

main phir bhi tumko chaahoonga…

is chaahat mein mar jaaunga

main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

meri jaan main har khaamoshi mein*

tere pyaar ke naghme gaaunga…

main phir bhi tumko chahunga

main phir bhi tumko chahoonga

is chaahat mein marr jaaoonga

main phir bhi tumko chahoongaa…

aise zaroori ho mujhko tum

jaise hawaayein saanson ko

aise talaashoon main tumko

jaise ki paer zameeno ko-

hansna ya rona ho mujhe

paagal sa DhoonDhoon main tumhein

kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho

kal mujhko ijaazat ho na ho

TooTe dil ke TukRe lekar

tere dar pe hi reh jaaunga

main phir bhi tumko chaahunga

main phir bhi tumko chaahunga

is chaahat mein mar jaaunga

main phir bhi tumko chaahoonga…

Hearing him singing this song with full of life and the meaning are meant for Mehak and his voice carry the unspoken soul thru the song. Immediately Mehak’s eye welled and she shuts her eyes and tears stream down her cheeks. As he finished singing, she wiped her face and gets up excused herself that she is sleepy and gets back home to cry alone in her room.

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  1. hi di how is ur health , I missed u &ur update , beautiful update also I can feel the pain we have to see how our hero going to sooth it yar this kunal is irritating , adi is also always with him only not giving chance for both of them. bye di take care

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Sanju thank you dear glad you like the update. yes he is like the kabab mein haddi between Mehrya. so its going to be slightly tough for Shaurya to talk to Mehak . lets see how both confronts each other. thank you dear have a great weekend

  2. Hi haseenah Dr Hw r you? Hw was your health ? This kunal is irritating when mehrya will get united… Waiting fr the next update of mehrya part …. Happy weekend take care of yu Dr…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anu Naidu thank you dear for the feedback. I am still a bit tired as I am attending training and eyes ok a bit but need to add eye drops in between. So I want to jot down all in a paper first before spending long hours on the computer to type the ff. Slightly will be late this time but assure you I will update by next week thank you dear

  3. hii Haseenah2020 h r u… How was your health….

    Oh god.. I miss you so much yrrr…. I don’t like nothing …
    without reading your ff…

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Sapna hru dear I am good now but not all ok now still a bit tired with my eyes. glad you like my update. you take cre and have fun

  4. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah….hru dear…hope ur health is fine now n u hv taken proper rest…it was really very nic update…now I like Kunal bcoz d more he go closer to Mehak d more Shaurya got irritated n uske SABAR KA BANDH tut jayega n thn MERI MEHAK MERI MEHAK will start n he will talk to her….I luved this song…its one of my fav songs…try to upload nxt soon…tk cr

  5. Hi haseenah. Hope ur health is fine. Coming to the FF it’s awesome. U don’t know how many times in a day I check whether u updated FF. The emotional part is too good. U take care of ur health. Lots of love??

  6. Hi di how r u and ur eyes i just loved ur update nothing much to say just u r the best and so is us ffs loving it . Keep going an dplz take care of ur self. With love.

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