Part 40 27/06/2019

Shaurya’s POV

I am taken aback with Mehak’s mood change since we return from Keukenhof Park. She is so energetic like a child and I must say the place has actually lifted her mood and she was so curious to walk around to see all the flowers etc. before we leave. After we returned from the park I am exhausted and now need to prepare dinner still. I was checking the fridge what to prepare that’s when I heard Mehak asked whtr she can cook and her question immediately made me stand straight to see her, I want to know whtr she said that or whtr I was hallucinating. It was indeed herself ask me this and she walked into the kitchen asking me where is all the ingredients and I pointed the cabinet and she started to get into work mode. I was still in a state where cannot believe if this is real or not. But she asked me again am I going to be there to ogle at her or help her, my chuckle came out without realizing and I came to help her to knead the flour as she cut the vegetables. Soon she ask me to go and complete my work and I went to my room. I feel contented as she wants to do something and cooking is her favorite ones. I need to share this happiness with someone and immediately got my phone in hand and scroll down as I see who to call and I decided to call Dr Kaur. It will be early morning there but I still dialed her number and after some time she answered my call. I greeted her and told her about how Mehak was today and now she wants to cook dinner too. Dr Kaur said it’s a good change in her and it’s a good news indeed. She asked me to continue to motivate her and see how Mehak progress slowly. I thanked her and hang up. I came downstairs and savor the food she prepared for me. It’s a simple meal but to me it’s tasted heavenly as prepared by my love. I started to have faith that she is going to be alright very soon and that made my appetite large and I didn’t mind having more rotis. These few days we can’t meet with Diya and Janhvi as Diya is travelling due to her work so is just Mehak and me checking out these places to keep as occupied. I planned for two days trip to Bruges. It was almost 3hrs by train from Central Amsterdam. We saw country sides and beautiful hills on our trip. It is absolutely scenic view. I saw Mehak’s face lit up from the moment we boarded the train and she seems to be relaxed too. Once we reached the city we walked to the nearby bed and breakfast place for our lodging. We kept our things inside the room and decided to walk around the town.

Mehak’s POV

The entire city filled with historical monuments and beautiful looking churches and buildings. The first place we went was The Belfry it’s a 83 meter high building which was built in 13th century it’s also UNESCO world heritage site which needs us to climb 366 steps in order to reach the top to view the entire city. I was so unfit and panting midway climbing the stairs and Shaurya seems to be fit though, he was steady as he climb the stairs up. We saw the carillon and its 47 bells. He chuckled at me and pointed to me to a child which is around 7-8years old climbing the stairs even faster than me which made me not so happy I pouted at him and continue to walk up in a slow and steady manner to the top of the tower. After reaching the top I was amazed to see the dazzling and breathtaking view over the entire city of Bruges and its surroundings. After see the site we walked down slowly and we reached the bottom of the tower at no time. We went for lunch at the nearby café and Shaurya showed in his mobile some places to see and he asked me which one I want to go. I am not a fan of museums so I chose the Canal boat tour. As Bruges knows as Venice of the North so it’s a must for tourist to hop in the boat ride and floating around the expansive network of canals. It feels as if in fairytale I read during my childhood. Very Disneyfied indeed with overhanging willow trees, lush little gardens just above the waterline and old bridges crossing the water gives the impression of being in a fairytale. Floating on the canals provides an entirely different view of the city’s historic center, bringing up close to some of the town’s most incredible sites that would otherwise go unnoticed. It was almost evening when we finished our canal tour. We walked a bit and saw a stall selling snack by the roadside. It was famous Waffle stall selling hot waffle with Belgium chocolate topped with ice creams and other toppings. Looking at the passersby from the stall holding the delightful snack I smiled like a child who is excited to see the favorite snack. Seeing the smile on my face Shaurya said come let’s get one for us too and we waited in the queue and picked the waffle and the toppings not to forget to drench it with more chocolates on top. We sat on the nearest table and started to dig in the appealing dessert. I started to lick my fingers not bothered about my surroundings and I notice Shaurya’s eyes were fixed on me. I continue to eat the Belgium waffle and I asked not meeting his eyes, why are you looking at me like that, he turned his gaze away and put in another piece waffle into his mouth as he replied I just wonder whtr you are really 23years old or 5 years old. Why I asked quickly? The way you are eating this waffle with licking your fingers not bothering about people surrounding us just made me to think you are a 5years old girl in a 23years old lady’s body, he chuckled as he said that. Acha, I quickly pulled the waffle plate to me and started to eat them as I replied him well this 5 years old doesn’t feel like sharing this with you anymore besides that you like healthy snacks only so don’t bother about this fattening and sweet stuff I can handle alone. I heard his chortle as he wiped his hands with tissues and I started to enjoy the waffle all by myself. He called me after sometime and I lift my head up to see him when he snap a picture of mine and snorted at me. I wonder why and asked him why is he laughing at me like that and he show his mobile and my jaw dropped seeing my picture with chocolate spreads across my mouth and I am in total mess. Can’t believe that I have been gobbling like that and no wonder he calls me a 5 years old child. Gosh. I wiped my mouth with the tissues and it took some time for me to get over the mess but his annoying laughter is too much for me to handle. I swap my index finger with the leftover chocolate and rubbed it on his sharp nose tip which made him to silent immediately. He was surprised and didn’t blink as he looked at me. Now it’s my turn to be shocked as I don’t know whtr my action made him angry or what as I see a different set of emotion from his eyes. My hand was still near to his face and I thought of wiping it off before he gets infuriated but he grabbed my wrist and bring my finger to his lips and slowly enter into his mouth as he suck my finger slowly and I can feel his tongue around my finger and I felt a slight tingle in me as he remove that finger out of his mouth and he took a tissue to wipe my finger before letting go of my wrist. My face burnt in warm feeling as I lower my gaze and saw him wiping his nose and I told him there is still a bit of chocolate on the bridge of his nose, he wiped them off as his eyes were still on me. I don’t know why I am feeling so shy just then he asked me to lets go and I followed quietly. We return back to our room and is a small compact spaced bedroom and the owner of the place greeted us and we nodded to reply and walked to our room. I went to fresh up first then Shaurya fresh up later and we doze off once we rested on the pillow.

Shaurya’s POV

After rounding the city tower and canal tour we walked to the Belgium waffle and I can see Mehak’s excitement to try the signature Belgium dessert. We got ours and sat on the nearby bench to start eating them. When Mehak put one piece of the waffle into her mouth she was overexcited and started to eat them happily. I saw there is chocolate sticking around her lips and laughed seeing her in such mess. What surprises me is that she was annoyed with my behavior and took a bit of the chocolate and swap it across my nose. I was insensible with her action and before she pulls off her hand from there I pulled it over to my mouth and relish her index finger. I made sure there were no chocolates on her finger before letting it go, she was stupefy with my action and once I let go she wrapped her fingers with her other fingers and put them away. Her face has turned really red and she didn’t react much as we walks to see the rest of the place and we went back to our room. She slept once hit on the pillow but I watched her as she sleeps as she breathe in and out sooner sleep engulfed me.

The next morning after breakfast we went to some other places and I want to bring Mehak to chocolate museum. I notice that she is truly has the wanderlust to see the new place and surroundings. We took a tram and she was excited to see the new place. I didn’t reveal the place we are heading just hinted that she will like it. We reached the chocolate museum and seeing the entrance I saw the much awaited expression on her face, she was excited as a child going into the funfair. We joined with the tour group which explains in English. It was interesting museum about the history of chocolate. Every single thing inside the museum is made of pure chocolate. From the Mayan to modern day Europe. Our tour group had some kids as well and Mehak was like a kid too as she observes chocolate artwork. Before we leave we get free chocolate bar with our ticket and we can eat chocolate buttons as we move about the several levels of the museum. The tour ends with a chocolate making demo and another free chocolate. We walked along the streets and found there is more chocolate shops and some handcraft items. We decided to leave that town as its quiet far from the city and took the tram back. It was pretty crowded tram and she was sitting in the first coach and I was on the second coach standing as I keep an eye on her and also the stops. Several stops passed and there was one stop I have to move out to give way to the wheelchair passenger, once he off from the tram I got back and it was crowded in the first coach. I slowly walked in passing some passengers to stand nearby Mehak and was astonished when she was not in her seat but another lady sitting there. Panic built up in me and I looked right and left as I called out her name loudly. But there were no reply and I started to ask the people in the tram there did they say a lady sitting there pointing to the seat where she was sitting earlier and I showed her picture from my mobile and all seems not to seen her earlier. I get down immediately at the next stop and started to look around calling her name as I walk back and forth not knowing what to do. I blamed myself for not keeping an eye on her. I was watching her the entire time but I didn’t know when she left the tram. My head feel like going to burst with this anxiety as this is a new place and not many speaks English and how if she got lost somewhere and she don’t have a mobile too with her. I was so careless and how if she met with any hooligans or something she just survived one traumatic incident and now, no no no she will be fine nothing will happen to her. My feet just runs everywhere in the new city. I showed her picture in my mobile to the passerby’s there as I asked them whtr they have seen her. I was exhausted from running all the streets and corners. I sat at the nearby bench as my elbow rested on my knees and my fingers massaged my temple, I didn’t want to cry , I keep telling myself she will be alright and she must got lost somewhere and I take a deep breath as I decided to walk to the town’s police station to lodge a report.

Mehak’s POV

It was so good to see a chocolate museum. I always thought museums are boring with all the dead people’s history etc. but this is something I never imagine to see. They should have one in Delhi too so we know the history of our very own dessert, like the history of kulfi, gola, gulab jamun, rasgullas and jilebis. Even thinking about all these stuffs made me to salivate. I brush off my thinking and started to munch on the complimentary chocolates I picked along the tour in the museum. Once we left that place we walked around the streets selling souvenir items and chocolates. Shaurya suggested we go back to the city so we can see more places there and have lunch there so we boarded the tram. It was pretty crowded and I was in the first coach while he was standing far from me, I turned to look at him few times and he smiled at me as he stands at there. As one stop comes I saw him getting down from the tram so I get down. I was busy adjusting my hair as the tram passes me and I turned to look and I didn’t see Shaurya there. I looked around and he was not there. I felt some tightness in my chest as I feel a sudden creepy feeling in me. I run around the unknown streets as I called for Shaurya. Is he playing with me hiding somewhere and seeing how I am searching for him? I don’t know when I started to cry, I wiped my cheeks away and I started to blame myself for not being alert. I can’t recall the place we stay in the town, how do I even go back I don’t even have a penny with me. Only a few speak English here and I tried to prescribe to them Shaurya’s height and with his bearded look and all nodded in negative manner and I am afraid and I felt the same fear I felt on that day night. I became tired because of all these running around and this sudden creepy feeling in me. When I look around I started to see people with the horrible scary mask walking around me, I rubbed my eyes and walked as I sobbed heavily calling his name till a police officer came to me and asked in some foreign language if I am alright and I can’t seem to understand him but he seems to be a good person and he bring me to the police station. Back in the police station they made me to sit down and offered me water and sandwich, I declined the sandwich and just had some water. They get an English speaking officer to talk to me and I wiped my tears away and calm myself a bit as I told them that I am from India and with my husband and I lost him as we travel via the tram. She asked me where am I staying and I can’t recall the place name. She asked me his mobile number, I can’t recall his overseas number either. I trembled like a small child as she shoot me with questions. She calm me saying they will help me find him and she offered me tissues as my nose became runny due to crying inconsolably. She asked me to sit and wait while she goes to check on how to help me. I was there wiping off the tears which is running nonstop as I heard a familiar voice. I tried to listen to the voice again and I knew it, it’s him. I quickly get up from the couch and walk off from the room towards the voice which is very familiar to me. The lady officer whom I was talking to was calling me but I ignored as paced up my steps towards his voice. I saw two officers talking to a tall man from my peripheral view I know it’s Shaurya as I recognized his jacket and his tone. He sounds so worried and I walked slowly behind him and placed my trembling palm on his shoulder, he turned immediately as he felt my hand on his shoulder and as I confirmed it was him I didn’t think twice but just buried my face on his chest as I wrap my arms around him and I felt him placing his chin on my head. I feel safe to be in his arm and I found my solace in him. I let out a new torrent of tears burst out me. I held him in silence sob as he rocked me slowly as my tears soaked his chest. A tiny lapse let me pull away from him as I blinked my lashes heavy with tears, before I fell on his chest again, I can feel his pain he went through earlier because of me as I he wrapped me protectively around in his arms. At that very moment my anger, grief, pain, roller coaster ride of emotions

Shaurya’s POV

I reached the town police station and after speaking to some officers they directed me to meet with another officer who is in charge of missing person case. He quickly guided me to his desk and started to ask me and I repeat myself of the tram journey and how I lost her. He calmed me down and asked me for the tram boarded time and which stop we boarded and which stop I realized she is missing so he could check on the CCTV which is placed in the tram. I give the details and he asked me to wait as he needs time to search them at the system. While I was standing there someone hold on to my shoulder which made me to turn to see immediately. The moment I turned to I was crushed with a hug and instantly I know who it is. I wrapped my arms around her and send a silent prayer to Matarani for bringing back her safely to me. I can hear her sobbing as she hugged me tightly. I rocked her slowly so she can calm herself now and to assure her she is alright now but she pulled away from me to see me and I saw her blink her eyes with tears away before falling back on my chest as she let out little sniffles. It feels like I started to breathe again and I felt the same emotion when Mehak came running to me when I fake my car accident and when she hugged me seeing me there. I felt the same feeling the same kind of hug she gave me.

Shaurya: Kyu kia esa… agar tumhe kuch ho jata to… pagal ladki (Why did you do like this, how if anything happens to you, mad girl?)

Mehak: To tumko kya bolo, tumko to koi fark nahi padta naa.. mujhe kuch bhi ho jata, to tumko kya… (So what if anything happens, you don’t bother about me right so why are you worried?)

Shaurya: Jaan nikal jaati meri, jabse tumhe mila hu pagal ban gaya hu tumahare pyar me.

(My breathing stopped and you since the day we met, you always drive me mad)

Mehak: Acha, meine socha tum mujhse hmmm.. (Really, I thought you…shy and not able to talk)

Shaurya: Kya me tumse (what is it with you) in teasing tone.

Mehak: Kuch baatein zubaan se nahi ki jati… bina bole samjhi jati hai… (Something we don’t need to say it loudly we can understand them even without saying)

Shaurya: Meri samaj me nahi aati jo bolna hai khul ki bolo… (I don’t get you, tell me what is it?)

Mehak who was blushing on his chest didn’t speak anything as she clutched on to his jacket. The way she is clinging, like an anchor in midst of tsunami of upheavals, the tension and coiled energy bouncing off everything insight, the controlled angry waves, rising by the seconds & all their stiff resistance against one another dissolved like snow on hot coals the moment they were in embracing each other.

Shaurya: Bolo, Mehak Shaurya Khanna.

Mehak: I ……. I …. Love you Shaurya……

The way how she confessed her love to him in such a soft tender note it’s the sweetest thing that Shaurya ever wanted to hear in his life again. The words that he thought he will never able to hear it from her and he was about to lost hope from life with the events happening around them but when she crushed him with a tight hug and now her love confession made him dizzy in happiness.

Shaurya’s POV

It was the best day of my life. My tears overflowed with joy and fell just like the bouquet that I had thrown in the air as it fell over me. The moment when I found Mehak safe in my arm now and now she said just the word that I am dying to hear from her made me like feel like I was born for this, I was born to gain her love. All my life it was filled with hatred, emptiness a hollowness which always made me the poorest person on earth. I have the name fame money and I could get anything within my fingertips but love the purest ones from Mehak is all I needed in my life. She is my sunshine to my lost soul and my medicine to all my wounds. I know she will forgive me as she have the most beautiful heart and with her pure love she spread love and light wherever she goes. When I met Mehak earlier in my life she brings the music, the colors and I started to see life as beautiful thing and today she just made it extra special. I sniffled my nose away as I lifted her off the ground as she still clinging to me around my neck. I didn’t want to let go her at all. I want her to be like this, I want us to be like this till death do us apart. I heard some clap and whistle sound and I realize we are in the police station. Mehak pulled herself from my neck and looked around and at me not meeting my eyes and asking me to put her on the ground, I grinned at her and said no I won’t or else she will go missing again. She was turned to beetroot color embarrassed but I didn’t bother about anything anymore. All I want is to hold her like this. One of the lady officer said kiss your lady. Mehak’s eyes widen hearing her and she shakes her head in negative warning me not to do that. A few other officers started to sing the same thing kiss your lady, don’t be shy. I slowly put Mehak on the ground as I cupped her face and pull her towards me as she closed her eyes and planted a kiss on her forehead as they clapped for us. My lips stayed at her skin for a moment till I rested my forehead against hers and as our eyes were still closed. We thanked the officers there and walked out of the police station as I wrapped my arm around Mehak keeping her secured.

The End

Dear readers thank you for bearing with me for all these while, I am happy that I ended the story in a good note , hope you guys had a great time and thank you for all your support.Special credit to my dear Aarthi for bearing with me as she help me type the hindi script and helped me whenever I needed. Thanks to my IF buddy Nithya for some of her fabulous words which I used in my chapters here.

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