Part 34 13/05/2019

Shaurya’s POV

I am waiting here anxiously to know what her condition is like, I am solely responsible for her situation too. I neglected her and now she landed here. I saw Sonal and Vicky sitting far seats and slept off. An old man came to me, he had a bandage on his head and Constable Raj Kumar with him too.

Constable Raj: Mr Khanna, this is the man who saved your wife earlier, he wants to see you before he goes off.

I stood up before him and both my palms joined together to thank him as some tears made its way down. He hold my hands and said don’t worry sir your wife will be fine.

Constable Raj: Mr Khanna during the incident, he was doing his routine inspection floor by floor, earlier he saw your wife coming out of the lift going towards the penthouse so he proceeded to check other floors as usual but when he came back to the same floor he heard some sound and immediately went to inspect and found your wife, he hit the assailant with the baton stick he was unconscious for some time and he alerted for help but assailant hit his head and escape from there.

Shaurya: Sir, no matter how much I say thank you to you it is not sufficient for what you have done for me today. God has sent you there to save my wife, if you were not there I cannot imagine what would have happened to her and I will be shattered too.

Guard uncle: Sir you don’t need to thank me, it was my duty to ensure safety and I am happy that I managed to stop from whatever bad from happening. I am happy nothing serious happens to your wife, but she was badly injured when I found her.

Shaurya: Thank you so much for everything sir. This is my name card, in case you want any help, or anything please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be most happy to help you sir.

Guard uncle: its okay sir just take care of your wife, my family and I will pray for her speedy recovery.

He left from there and I sat down as my fingers massaged my forehead. Just then I saw a nurse pass by me, I quickly get up and walked to her to stop her.

Shaurya: Sister, how’s my wife, is the blood transfusion done? Can I see her?

Nurse: Sir, they just completed the blood transfusion and the surgery on her ankle. We will be moving her to the HDU (High Dependency Unit) you can see her for a while, please wait.

Shaurya: Thank you sister.

While waiting for the sister to let him to see Mehak he stands near the door anxiously walking back and forth till his head turn when he heard the door opens he rush there immediately and the nurse asked him to follow her. After passing few doors, they reached the ward where Mehak was placed and the nurse asked him to go in. He nodded to her as he walked into the room.

Shaurya’s POV

Finally I am in the ward to see Mehak, the ward was so cold and I heard machine’s beeping sound as I walked pass few patients who are sleeping till I saw Mehak. Many tubes run around her with machine beeps. I dragged myself towards her as I reached the bedframe, I slowly bend myself to her not to awake her as she was in deep sleep. The bruises on her was visible with dark purple on her cheeks, cervical collar on her neck and one of the leg was placed with a cast and many patches on her arms. It was painful to see her like this. The tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face. I feel the muscles of my chin tremble like a small child. My walls, the walls that hold me up, make me strong just… collapse my eyes drip with tears. Moment by moment, they fall. Salty drops fall from my chin, drenching my shirt. I slowly caressed her head as don’t want to cause any pain or discomfort to her just few drops of my tears fall on her which I quickly wipe them off. My knees give up on me and I sat on the stool beside the bed. I hold on to her fingers gently placing them to my lips. I planted few gentle kisses on her fingers and placed her cold fingers on my cheeks to caress them along my beard. I kissed slowly at her wrist where the mark was visible where she was tied up. I called her name slowly few times but she didn’t move. I hold her palm securely with my both hands as if not letting her go. I sobbed unceasingly in her palm. I muffled into her palm. All I could do was cry and apologize to her for being an idiot and useless husband. I have failed as a husband as a son and as a man to protect her. I asked her to open her eyes and just say anything, she can hate me or she can beat me up but just not leave me. I slowly caressed her forehead as pouring my heart out to her. She is a piece of me which I can’t afford to lose it at any cost. There is no Shaurya without Mehak. I sniffled through my crying as I keep talking to her. If can I want to reverse back the time , the time where she entered the party room and we both danced happily and she wants to talk to me something. I want to listen what she wants to tell me. Please wake up and talk to me.

Hours passed I didn’t sleep even a second as I want to see her closely like this. Her tear stricken face and her distraught state made me sleepless. Just then I notice she moved her index finger slowly and stretch her palm a bit from my hold. I release her small palm from my hold and notice her eyelid still closed tightly but her some movement. I get up and called the medical officer there. He came to see her. He checked her pulse reading and he called her name few times as she tries to open her eyelids. She slowly opens her eyes as she flutters her eyelids few times. Doctor inspected her eyes and once her heartbeat has normalized he removed the oxygen mask from her just her pulse reader was running. Doctor said, she is okay, we can move her to the normal ward, just cannot make patient stress and no visitors if can. He pass some instructions to the nurse and went off from there. I rushed to her side as I planted a kiss on her forehead as tears of relief rolled out of my eyes.

Mehak’s POV

I felt like I have been sleeping for years. I still not able to open my eyes and I can feel parts of my body pain especially my leg and my neck. I feel some warmth feeling in my hand. This callous hand wrapped around my hand is not new to me. I feel pain in the meantime some emotional turmoil in me. I slowly tried to open my eyelid and saw someone calling my name and I was confused as not sure where am I and what happened to me. Slowly I fluttered my eyelid and see a man checking my eyes, I was wearing some kind of mask on my mouth, and he removed that mask off from me. Later I realize that I am in a white painted atmosphere and if my assumption correct I am in hospital but what happened to me? My vision still blurs as I try to gulp some saliva my throat hurts badly. I let out some cough and saw a familiar figure rush over me and planted few pecks on my forehead, it was none other than Shaurya. He was in disheveled condition, his usually gelled up hair is messy as they fall on his forehead, his white shirt was not tucked in and his face is all red as I can see that he had cried more than me, his eyes is red maybe he was staying awake the whole night and some of his tears dropped on my face.

I tried to think where I was last night and what happened to me? Why am I at the hospital? As some of the nurses rolled me out from this room to somewhere. I closed my eyes as bright lights hits on my face. I heard some similar voices calling me I want to open my eyes but it’s too heavy to open my eyelids, I am very tired. Finally I realize I am in a room when someone called me few times, the voice asked me can you hear me, please open your eyes. Slowly I lifted my eyelids to see who is calling me. I see a lady more like a motherly figure in front of me. She checked my eyes with a torch light. Good beta, don’t worry everything will be alright. Just some minor injuries, your ankle was twisted so we did minor surgery to correct that she patted on my shoulder. I can’t turn my head to nod to her, then I realized something placed on my neck so I moved my eyelids to reply her. She give some instructions to the nurse and she said something to Shaurya too and I saw Sonal and Vicky with them. My mind is still confused as what happened and why am I here, I closed my eyes to rewind back of what happened. I get flashes of memory from I walk into the party room, we danced and I went somewhere. Then I see flashes of me screaming and running for help till I saw the horrible face with scary mask I opened my eyes immediately as gasped. Hearing me the doctor and Shaurya comes to my side, tears rolled out of my eyes, doctor immediately calmed me down, asking me to relax, as she asked do I feel any pain and ask me to stay relax and I can’t stress myself, I sniffled lightly as few more strands of tears passed my cheeks. I saw the doctor injecting me and ask me to rest well.

Shaurya’s POV

The relief I felt when Mehak gained her consciousness were not explainable. I was lack of vocabulary to explain my emotion at that moment. I immediately summoned the doctor and they checked her thoroughly and moved her to her ward. She still unable to talk but she was able to move her eyes when the doctor asked her some questions. But when doctor briefing me about her condition we heard a sudden gasp and notice there were tears running on her eyes. Hopefully is nothing bothering her apart from the pain or is it she remembered what happened last night.

The doctor asked us to take turn to be with Mehak. I asked Sonal and Vicky to go back to hotel to rest and I will be here waiting for them but Sonal insist that I should go back and have some rest as I have been stay awake the entire night. Now she will go back to hotel to fresh up and once she is here I will go and fresh up and back to see Mehak. She is in deep sleep after the doctor injected her with the pain killer. Though a part of me has calm down but another part in me is still boiling up, whoever did this to my Mehak has to be punished severely. I fisted my knuckle as frustration built up in me. I am angry over myself for ignoring her in the party. I didn’t meant this to happen but I was just teasing her to see her reaction. I know whatever has happened I can’t reverse back the time only I could have be patient and listen to her instead being a jerk. I pressed my knuckles over my forehead as I see her sleeping. Till she gets well and be her usual self I can’t stay calm.Hours passed I was in the same position till Sonal came into the room, she whispered to me go and rest as she will take care of Mehak. I insist to stay and watch her but she asked me to go quickly and come back. I leave the room reluctantly seeing her sleeping and left to the hotel.

I reached my hotel room and slumped on the bed. My hand went to my neck as I cracked my head few times as its sore. Usually around this time Mehak will be walking with towel wiping her wet hair. I will be sneakily seeing her from balcony while sipping my coffee, she will be humming some tunes while wiping her hair, combing and fixing her earrings. My imaginary brought me back to the days what happened in the room, she was as usual walking with her comb, turning On the TV listening to some of her favorite songs were playing she was combing her hair and I was coming out of bathroom too wiping my hair. I didn’t see she was in front of me till both of us collided, she pushed her hair behind and looked at me. I manage to hold her by her waist to steady her, her hands was on my bare chest. A drop of water from the tip of my hair dropped on her forehead and it move down, my forefinger went immediately towards the drop as I traced along her nose, then when my finger touched her lips she gasped as my finger pulled down her lower lip. My sanity slowly losing as I tempted to devour her juicy lips. But I let go of her from my hold walk hold walking towards balcony brushing on her shoulders. I stand there near the balcony’s banister see through from the corner of my eyes, she is heavily blushing as she tucked her hair behind her ears, she walked slowly back to the bathroom.

I lie down on the bed, and stretched my arms my hand touched something soft, I take it immediately and it was Mehak’s duppatta. I cover my face with her duppatta, as I inhale her scent in that. Her scent is my addiction and it also overwhelmed me. It’s my method to calm my cluttered mind at times. Many times when she is not around I have done the same thing. People might think me crazy but she is all I ever wanted to live my life, my energy booster and my pillar of strength. Now she is not in this room but I can feel her presence in her, humming her favorite tune as usual how she will be.

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    1. Haseenah2020

      Thank you dear Raga, how are you doing dear?
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      HI Kavya, thank you so much for the wonderful kind words. Its my only mood booster so that I can keep on writing about our favorite Pair Mehrya. Was stuck with family , work and other matters till my brain didnt work for sometimes. Also whenever I want to write something I will do lots of readings and check the content before I post so that its relevant and not exaggerated items so it took lots of my time. Apologies for the delay but here I am. will try to be as regular as I can be but this fasting Ramadan month and lack of sleep does cause me a bit groggy. Will continue soon dear have a great day ahead

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      Thank you Angle for the feedback as well for your wishes too. i update on weekly basis, there are times due to work load I wont be able to post for that week but hopefully you guys understand as a writer I need time to think what to write so the chapter looks decent and good read. will continue soon next week Angle till then stay blessed always. A new chapter just has been updated do read and give me your feedback too, click on the Like button too

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