Part 22 Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Ki AABMDK

Part 22 11/02/2019

The atmosphere at Khanna mansion was livelier with Sonal and Nehal around with Mehak. These three never stop pulling each other’s legs and cracking jokes at all times. Maasi sometimes gets irritated with their constant boisterous laughter’s. Karuna maa joins them as well whenever they are cracking jokes and she also sometimes tells some jokes and Shaurya never seen his mother as happy as now. Maasi sees him and said lalla never seen jiji being so happy and energetic like this. Feel like very soon jiji will be able to move around on her own, this is all due to Matarani’s blessings. Shaurya takes a deep breath and said you are saying its Matarani but I will say it’s because of my laddoo. Maasi turned to see him as she saw his face glow a bit in smile, maasi remember you used to pray every day to Matarani, every Thursday go temple and do all for mom’s recovery nothing happens, but after Mehak come home ,mom is very happy and with her love she made mom to recover quickly. That’s Mehak wherever she is, she will make the surrounding happy with her presence. That’s how maasi she make me happy. Maasi turned to see him while the other’s busy arguing and laughing on something. She asked if she okay with you now I still see she don’t talk to you. Shaurya shrugged his shoulder, now from house mate we are move to roommate status maasi , to become friend and lover and husband and wife will take time, so let it go slowly, if I made anything in rush, she will not think twice to leave me again so I am being very patience with her. Maasi pulled his cheek and said Matarani will make all well for you lalla, Shaurya smirked please ask your Matarani how soon this will happen maasi gently tapped his bicep and ask him to be patience.

The next morning Mehak was with Karuna maa at the garden pushing her wheel chair and stopped at the right spot, and she started her usual physiotherapy and it was going smooth as usual. But after sometime Mehak heard a puppy barking sound and she was looking around where this noise does comes from. Karuna maa also asked her beta where this puppy sound coming from. She said not sure and walk towards the bush and look carefully. She was surprised when she found a golden retriever hiding at the bush. She called the puppy to come to her and it slowly came to her but before she bend to carry it started to run away from her, she started to run after the puppy calling him to stop and she won’t harm him but poor puppy didn’t understand human language. The security guards also sees her running after the puppy and all started to run to help her. Awara who was coming with his smoothie in his hand also puts the smoothie away to help Mehak gets the puppy. Shaurya who was in the garden doing his work out got the puppy, He gives his usual questionable look at Mehak, security guards and Awara who is heavily panting to catch the puppy. He ask them why are they running after the puppy and whose puppy is this? Security manage to blurt out sir this puppy sneak into the house at morning, we tried to get his but he hides now madam found him at the garden but he started to run that’s why we are running after him. Shaurya furrowed his eyebrows and asked I hired you to take care of the security of my house even you can’t handle this puppy how you going to handle if here is an intruder? He looked at Awara where is my morning smoothie aren’t you supposed to bring it just now? Awara stuttered sir I was coming with your smoothie but bhabhi asked to help so I left the smoothie at the table. All of you are useless none of you can do a simple task too, all go back to your work he ordered. The security manage to ask sir the puppy, do you want me to send this out? Before anyone say anything Mehak interrupted NO. Shaurya’s eyes went to her. She was looking into his eyes for few seconds and slowly said I want that puppy. After said that she looked at the grass, Shaurya step forward and he pass the puppy to her. She was all happy to get the puppy in her arms. She caressed him slowly and cooing happily at the puppy as he barks at her. The security slowly said sir, he ask them to leave, and the puppy will stay. Mehak walks with the puppy in hand as she talks to him and giggle with him. Shaurya follows her and wiped his sweat with the towel and Awara run come to him to pass the smoothie. He took the smoothie from him and saw his mom at the garden with maasi. Karuna maa asked, where did this puppy came from beta? Shaurya answered maybe he just entered into our house maa, Mehak quickly said maa I want to keep him, he is so cute. She asked maa what we shall name him. Maa smiled and said whatever you like beta. She said how about Piku. Shaurya said please give a proper name, the previous puppy you named him tamatarlal and he run away from the house and this Piku by today evening he will run away because he don’t like the name. Mehak rolled her eyes in annoyance. Then what to name him, if you are so creative why don’t you give some suggestion. Maasi interrupted both and she was rubbing her temple and said both of you started to fight in the morning for dog name also is it, faster give him a name. Mehak said ok from now onwards his name is Naughty. Shaurya grinned lopsidedly and said is that you can afford to think? Mehak hugged the golden retriever lovingly and said it’s my puppy and I will name him tamatarlal or aloo gobi what is your problem? Now I named him Naughty, maa is that name cute and modern for our puppy she asked maa and maa replied anything you said beta, come lets go inside. All get inside the house and Shaurya rushed upstairs to freshen up. Sonal and Nehal came out from the room and saw him they whispered slowly, jiju is the plan working, Shaurya grinned and said yes thank you my sister in laws, for the puppy idea. Your didi started to shower her love on him already. Nehal said yes jiju she always wanted a golden retriever and Dadu didn’t allow to have pets in the house so she didn’t had one. So whenever she sees a puppy she will be over excited that’s why I suggested you to get a puppy for her. Shaurya thanked them for their idea and went to freshen up.

During breakfast time all were enjoying their breakfast but Naughty started to bark and Mehak quickly went to him, she caressed him slowly and asked what happen is he hungry or what and she asked Awara to pour some milk in a container and Naughty immediately went to have his meal. She asked Awara to give him some food. She return to the dining table and said Naughty is hungry, I will go and get for him some puppy food. Shaurya said he will get some dog food and dog treats when he is coming back from work. Mehak wanted to say something but maasi asked her to eat first and let Shaurya get it. She sat down quietly to finish her food. Shaurya control his smile as he looked at her. Sonal and Nehal looked at their plate and smiled to see what is happening at the table. Soon Sonal left to work with Shaurya and Mehak was busy with her daily chores. In between she busy pamper her fur kid Naughty, as he with its cute and furry little body wiggling its tail and letting out cute barks in between. She asked Nehal to take care of him while she goes to check on Karuna maa and help a bit with maasi at the kitchen. Karuna maa pulled her leg saying I thought you forgot about me beta after you see that puppy. Mehak pouted and said maa, how can I forget you, you are my maa, is just that Naughty is new right so I busy caring for him. Maa caressed her cheek and said I am just joking and maasi were saying you are so attached with that puppy and forgot about us. She bring her to the dining area to have her lunch with all. Poor Naughty started to run all around the house which cause maasi to distress. She screamed for Awara and the security guards to chase the dog out but Mehak quickly interrupted and said she will take care of him and not to chase him out of the house. Maasi nodded and continued their lunch while Nehal look on to Mehak as she sadly carried Naughty with her to the kitchen. She give him some food and he munch them quickly. Awara came to see her and he asked her to join others for lunch as he will keep an eye on him. Mehak asked if he is alright about it and Awara confirm he is sure to handle Naughty she caressed the fur kid’s head and went inside to have her meal.

At White Chilies, Shaurya was busy in discussion with clients as his new venture a hotel he acquired in Jaipur is coming up. The renovation work was all done some minor touch up required and he is next meeting with his event organizing team for the grand opening. As he sent his clients off from his meeting room, he heard giggling tone of Vicky from the corner, he walked to the corner and see why is he giggling. Shaurya saw from behind the wall where Vicky was leaning on the wall laughing seeing a video where Mehak, Sonal and Nehal imitating some movie dialogs and also dancing for some songs clippings. Shaurya rested both his hand inside his pants pocket and cleared his throat which made Vicky to straighten up. He asked her what is he doing and Vicky said Nehal posted her new Musically and Tiktok post in Instagram so I am checking it out. You see bhaiya, bhabhi is cute and talented she is too good in all these clips, Vicky proudly showing them to Shaurya. Shocked is an understatement word, he is literally surprised and equally stumbled his naive, innocent, cute wife has been exposed to these social media apps and she seems to be enjoying all these stunts. To cover his shocked expression and he wants to see more of her videos he deviously asked Vicky to check at the front office whtr the event planning team are here or not they need to discuss on the hotel opening. Ji bhaiya Vicky said and wants to move from there but Shaurya stopped him and he coyly asked for his mobile Vicky pass it to him as he heads to the front area of the restaurant.

Shaurya went to his room with the mobile he browse through to see many post from Nehal and Sonal together with Mehak. Mehak was really cheeky, talented and yet cute which made Shaurya’s lips sprout in smile. Then he saw a video of Mehak with Vicky acting out for the song Dekha he pehli baar saajan ki ankhon mein pyar. Where she covered her head with the duppatta and slowly removing them and his brother was singing the other line and she is singing the following ones. He smiled as he check the other video where both mimicked to sing Ankiyon Milaon Khabi Ankiyon Churao, she was too cute with him and giggling endlessly at the end. Although he was happy to see her smile he was feeling slightly jealous as his sunshine is smiling happily with his brother and not him. Then comes a notification from Nehal’s account he scroll to that and saw a video of Mehak , Sonal as they are detangling their hair Mehak took her brush and pretend to sing song Dil Pe patthar rakh ke munh pe makeup karliya song. She twirl around the room and Nehal said di you looking hot di which made Mehak to realize she is been recorded, she start screaming to Nehal and ask her to delete them and the video ended. Shaurya smiled unknowingly seeing this new side of her, he checked thorough Nehal’s account and found a lot more similar videos and smiling endlessly when his secretary Ria knocked the door to inform his event planning team has arrived. He put the mobile aside and started the meeting. During the meeting he still can see Mehak’s pouty posing and her cute antics and made him to smile throughout the meeting which made the event team surprised to see him in that condition. They never seen Shaurya smiling during their meetings and he always has the stern look but today he looked extraordinarily different. The meeting ended as they concluded on the setups for the opening. Shaurya passed Vicky’s mobile and said he is leaving as he needs to go to pet shop. Seeing Shaurya’s face bright as Vicky purposely pull his leg, bhaiya today did you apply any new cream or something, Hearing that Shaurya quickly wiped his face and saying no I didn’t apply anything why Vicky is it something on my face, Vicky kept a good distance and quickly said you are blushing and smiling like college boy since morning after seeing bhabhi’s video. If you like the post so much I will post more videos of bhabhi and me every day. Vicky’s word made Shaurya to grit his teeth and he shrieked Vicky I will count your bones now, quiet and go back to your work, he warned him and quickly left that place to avoid embarrassment.

At the pet shop Shaurya gets all kind of pet toy, pet treat, food, some warm cozy place for the puppy to rest. He was excited how Mehak will react seeing all these stuffs for her pet Naughty. He reached home and hear Mehak with Karuna maa having good time as Naughty squeals in between them. He asked Awara to bring out all the items from the car and he walked to see Karuna maa and he greeted her. Maa asked how his day was and he said many meetings and need to finalize some matters too. Maa asked him to go and freshen up and get some rest too. He nodded but before he goes he called Mehak and she looked at him straight, he said he got all the things for the puppy and ask her to come and check. Mehak excitedly walked behind him to see the things he got for Naughty.

She was so excited to see the little bed for the puppy. So many variants of pet treats, food and snacks. Naughty barked gently at Shaurya he took the puppy from her hand as he caressed his head. Mehak looks on and asked him to return Naughty to her and he place the puppy back to her. He walked to his room but heard her talking to the puppy, Naughty stay away from that khadoos Khanna, his mood is unexplainable okay? Shaurya smiled in silent only she can give all these kinds of pet name and he can be so happy about it.

The day went well as the entire family sat together for dinner and Shaurya hopes to see Mehak is bright and smiling like this always.

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