Parineeti 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev sneaks out to meet Neeti

Parineeti 9th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajeev goes to lie on the sofa and angrily asks Pari to turn off the lights. Pari sadly looks at him and thinks to not disturb him anymore. She turns off the lights and thinks I can’t change my party dress now, I will do it in the morning. She dozes off on the bed, Rajeev wakes up and checks on her to see if she is awake. He takes the suit that he was hiding and sneaks out of the room. Rajeev thinks Neeti must be waiting for him to join their after-party.

Neeti is waiting for Sanju/Rajeev and says to herself that Pari couldn’t attend my engagement ceremony so I should visit her and Rajeev with Sanju sometime.

Pari is sleeping in their room when she sees a dream of Rakesh attacking Rajeev and trying to kill him. She sees Rakesh entering their room and trying to kill Rajeev.. Pari wakes up being scared and looks around the dark room to see Rajeev gone from there. She says where did he go at this time? It’s very late.

Scene 2
Rajeev gets ready and arrives at the after-party, he goes to Neeti and says sorry for being late. Neeti says you have to pay for it. Rajeev does sit-ups and asks if she is happy now? Neeti laughs and forgives him. She tells him to not be late again otherwise she won’t easily forgive him. Rajeev says never.

Pari is looking around for Rajeev when Parmindar comes to her and asks what is doing? Pari doesn’t answer so Parmindar gets angry at her for disturbing everyone’s sleep and asks her to go back to sleep. She leaves.

At the party, all their friends tease the new couple and force Rajeev to show affection. Rajeev pulls Neeti closer and kisses her forehead lovingly. All their friends cheer for them. Rajeev and Neeti start dancing to a slow song romantically. Neeti tells Rajeev about Pari’s husband and says you are like him as Pari says he is also very gentle and caring just like you. Rajeev says you haven’t made me meet your friend and her husband. Neeti smirks and says I have a perfect plan to introduce you to my friend and her husband.

Chandrika finds Pari roaming in the house and asks what happened? Pari tells her that she can’t find Rajeev. Chandrika gives a call to him. Rajeev sees the call and thinks if Pari has done something back at the house? He gets angry at her.

Precap: Rajeev shouts at Parineet, says I married you for the land and for my career and freedom, I have nothing to do with you, get lost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Stupid parineeti story, again two wives one husband, these days heroes having two wives that means he is not a hero but a villian

  2. So annoying

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