Parineeti 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari sees Ajay with Shreya and thinks it’s Sanju

Parineeti 8th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari cuts her hand. Everyone rushes to her and screams. Rajiv drops a glass of water. He was imagining all of this. Neeti comes and says are you okay? You look stressed. He says come with me. Neeti says why are you so worried? Should we go to a doctor? Rajiv hugs Neeti and says I love you so much. Neeti says I love you too. Why are you so worried? Rajiv says I fear losing you so much. You’re my only happiness. My mom used to say a man only bows to three women. Devi maa, his mother, and his wife. Do you trust me right? I so fear breaking your trust. Neeti says of course I trust you. No one can take your place. Neeti says is there anything you want to tell me? Something that you can’t. Rajiv says nothing. I am fine. Neeti says tell is everything okay? He says yes. My heart is sinking. I feel like something bad is gonna happen. Neeti says don’t worry. I am with you. She sits with him and gives him water. Neeti says you are drunk. I can call a doctor if you need. Rajiv says I only need you. Just sit here and talk to me. Neeti says don’t behave like kids. Don’t stress about the future. Let’s enjoy our today. Rajiv says sorry I ruined all the mood I just wanted to ask you to keep trusting me. Neeti says is everything okay? Rajiv hugs her. He says in his heart one day or other the truth will come out. I have to make you believe that I love you only. Neeti thinks about what is he hiding. Neeti says let’s go enjoy the party. Smile. She takes him out.

Pari looks for Neeti. She sees Shreya going to the lobby. Ajay goes after her. Pari this Sanju is cheating on Neeti for sure. He’s with Shreya. I will show everything to Neeti. Seema asks Rajiv and Neeti where were you two? Subhash says they just got married. They need alone time. We also disappeared from our sangeet. Your mom made such a fuss. Neeti says Sanju wasn’t feeling well. Subhash says men are loose with their hearts. Keep Sanju in tight control. Seema says what are you saying. They just got married and they love each other a lot. Rajiv says in their heart what I am doing isn’t right at all. What do I do? Neeti says Sanju loves me a lot. We can never get on each other. She says right Sanju?? He says yes.

Scene 2
Shreya says all you men are the same. You all play with our hearts. I loved and trusted you and that was my mistake. Pari says in her heart that Sanju also promised Shreya. He says what promise didn’t I fulfill? You know the entire truth. She says you sat with Neeti in that mandap and promised to marry me. You’re playing with me and Neeti both. He says to know the truth. I had to sit there. I will close Neeti’s chapter and then we will get married. Everything will be fine. Sometimes there’s a twist in the story and we have to pretend. Pari says he married her for some benefit. Shreya says enough. Don’t talk to me. Ajay says I love you a lot. Pari says I will expose him. Ajay says am I a liar? Shreya shoves him. Shreya says let me go. Pari says I need to find Neeti and tell her everything. Ajay says only you’re in my life. I was only helping Sanju. I didn’t know I would get stuck in all this too.

Neeti says to Natasha it becomes so difficult to understand men. She says but Sanju is simple. Neeti says he’s acting weird. He hugged me and said never leave me. Only trust me that I will never fail you. Natasha says he could have an affair. Neeti says please. She says Naman used to say he was a flirt. Pari says he’s very sweet. He always keeps me happy. Natasha says he loves you a lot. Pari says Neeti I need to talk to you. Neeti says are you gonna doubt Sanju again? Please I convinced Sanju after so much time. He loves me a lot. Pari says she’s even more innocent than me. Pari says come with me.

Episode ends

Neeti says I can’t tolerate anyone accusing Sanju’s character. He’s already so worried. Pari says yes that’s because his girlfriend is also here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Stupid show

  2. How many times will you dream sequence? Even the audience know its all bullshit, you’re really struggling with this story

    1. Exactly LIKE WHICH BEST FRIEND DONT SEE THERE HUSBANDS, like come on STOP DRAGGING THE SHOW, your gonna loose audience

    2. This show is all stupidness. Seems like they are struggling for story lines. Even children would loose interest much less adults. Show writers we need to move on from this. Show something that would vet us glued to this show.

  3. Also a dream sequence?!
    Don’t you have any sense?!😤

  4. This so called sangeet has been going for one week. Why so much drag. The most stupid and nonsense show in the world.

  5. Faiza Muhammad

    Please have some sense now which kind of show is this.stupid series.

  6. Guys dont get frustrated, it’s a comedy show from day one, so just relax and enjoy this comedy and laugh out loud…

    1. The joke is only funny the first time you hear it….

    2. This show is all stupidness. Seems like they are struggling for story lines. Even children would loose interest much less adults. Show writers we need to move on from this. Show something that would vet us glued to this show.

  7. You got it right.

  8. So neither of them even saw each others wedding pics on social media?? So much for being best friends 🤣😂

  9. This show need a new writer or cancel the damn show too boring ,most stupidest show i seen in a long while

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