Parineeti 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev and Pari meet people as a couple

Parineeti 7th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari and Rajeev are in the car, Pari helps him in unbuttoning his sherwani, Rajeev looks away.

Neeti is in the car and calls Rajeev, he sees Pari beside him and doesn’t take the call. She calls him again but he thinks to take it when he is alone. Neeti gets worried for him.

Rajeev and Pari come back to his house. His cousin asks about the engagement, Rajeev says it was fine. They come to their room, Rajeev says this dress looked nice on you. Pari asks where did he go leaving her in the mall? Rajeev gets angry and says I told you that my friend needed me, I had to go through so much to save you from the police, he angrily leaves. Pari cries and says I didn’t know it would worry him so much.

Rajeev says to himself that I will stay away from Pari, she makes him angry.

Vicky comes back home and tells Gurpreet that he brought Pari to Rajeev, they are happy together. Rajeev is living with his Taiji. Gurpreet says that’s good, Pari won’t feel alone there. Beeji says Neeti is there too with her. Vicky sadly leaves from there.

Rajeev calls Neeti and says I am really sorry for leaving early, my boss called me and he was angry so I had to leave for a meeting. I am really sorry, Neeti says it’s okay. Rajeev says I love you a lot. Neeti asks if he will come to the after-party? He says I will not miss it for anything, he ends the call. Bhabhi comes there and tells him that Tai’s friends are coming so you have to stay in the house tonight. Rajeev says I have to go out today. Bhabhi says you know Tai. She brings him to Pari and asks her to get ready to meet Tai’s friends. She leaves from there. Rajeev angrily looks at the clothes and asks Pari to get ready. Pari says what should I wear? Rajeev says wear anything you want. Pari smiles looking at his suit and thinks he is angry at me.

Vicky sadly recalls Neeti getting engaged. Gurpreet comes there and says you look worried, what is it? Vicky says I am just tired. Gurpreet says don’t hide anything from me. Tell me. Vicky says it’s nothing. Gurpreet says I trust you, come and have dinner now. She leaves.

Tai’s friends come to meet her. Simi talks to them, her friends taunt her for not getting married early. Tai says I don’t want any love marriage in this house. Rajeev comes there. Simi asks them to stop taunting her, I will marry when I get a guy, She leaves. Tai says she is right. She asks Rajeev to sit with them. She asks about Pari. Pari comes there in a veil. Tai asks her to take off her veil, she does and all her friends praise her looks. Bhabhi comes there and says Tai would make her life miserable too, I mean Tai can be strict. Tai asks her to go inside. Bhabhi Shatrika says I am sorry and leaves. All friends leave.

Beeji shows jewelry to Gurpeet and says Jaswant made these for Pari, we should send these to her. Gurpreet says I will do that.

Rajeev comes to his room and hides the suit that he needs for the party. Pari comes there and says I am sorry for everything, please talk to me. Rajeev says I just want to sleep, he lies on the sofa. Pari sadly looks at him.

Precap: Pari and Rajeev are in a room. A man walks in and says to Pari, what are you doing here, no one can save you from me now and pulls her. Rajeev steps in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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