Parineeti 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev frees Pari from the jail

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Scene 1
The inspector arrests the guy who was having an engagement and says we will tell your fiance about all this. Inside the venue, Neeti talks to Rajeev and says the police were here so I have sent Ajay as a groom. Rajeev says I have to go and check on him. Neeti says I am your fiance now so let’s go together. Outside the venue, the inspector is arresting Ajay. Pari tells the inspector that arrest him if you think he is a goon, not because of your ego. I just think you shouldn’t arrest him.

Rajeev, Neeti and others come outside the venue to find Ajay there alone. Rajeev says I am so sorry, what happened? Neeti asks what did the inspector do? Ajay says the inspector was trying to arrest me but a girl saved me. His friend asks how did she save you? Ajay says that girl convinced the inspector that I am a good man. Rajeev says thank you for saving me, I will make you eat good food now.

Pari is brought to the police station. The inspector tells Pari that I will take you to my senior but she is very strict. He brings Pari to his boss. The lady inspector asks what did she do? The officer says she was blamed for stealing but she looks like a good girl. The lady inspector says I am not your wife here, go home and look after our kid, the officer leaves. The store manager comes there and says I am here to file an FIR against her. Pari asks if her husband came to the store to look for her? The manager looks on.

Rajeev sits with his friends, they say you should give us a party for your engagement. Ajay gets his dad’s call and leaves. Their other friends leave too. Rajeev recalls leaving Pari in the store and thinks she must be there only. I completely forgot.

The lady inspector says we will put you in jail. Pari cries and says I didn’t steal anything, just call my husband once. The officer gives her the phone, Pari dials his number but he is busy with Neeti and doesn’t see her call. Pari pleads to call him again. They call him again but he doesn’t see her calls.

Rajeev comes to Neeti and says I have to leave now. Neeti’s friend says you have to do a photo session first. They are all taking photos. The lady inspector calls Rajeev’s phone, Neeti picks up the call but before she could hear anything, Rajeev comes there and takes the phone. He goes from there. The lady inspector says we have arrested your wife Parineet Bajwa, you have to come to the police station. Rajeev says what? can I come a little bit late? the lady inspector ends the call. Ajay comes there and asks what happened? Rajeev says don’t tell anyone.

The lady inspector tells Pari that we have informed your husband but you will be locked up till he comes here. Pari says can’t I wait here? The inspector says you have to prove your innocence, till then we will keep you in the lock-up.

Rajeev tells Ajay that his relative was arrested today because of some misunderstanding, I have to go there and free her. Don’t tell Neeti as she might get worried. Ajay says you have to reach there in 45 minutes otherwise courts will close and you won’t get the bail. My dad is a lawyer so he can help you. Rajeev says please. Ajay calls his father and asks him to help his friend. His father says you have to meet the girl I have chosen for you and only then I will help your friend. Ajay says okay. Ajay tells Rajeev that I am coming with my dad to help him. Rajeev thinks if he comes with me then he will find out everything, I have to go there and stop him too.

Neeti is looking around for Rajeev and tells the guests to have dinner.

The police officer locks Pari in the lock-up who cries and says I am innocent, I didn’t do anything.

Ajay is leaving with Rajeev, Rajeev says you don’t have to come with me, you have helped me already. Ajay sits in the car with him and says don’t worry, I can help you, we don’t have time so let’s go. Rajeev drives away with him.

Pari is in the cell and cries. recalling Rajeev asking her to wait in the mall. Pari says it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have tried to leave the mall. She prays to God.

Rajeev is driving and is angry. Ajay asks who is your relative? Rajeev is frustrated and doesn’t answer him. Ajay asks him to relax. Rajeev says just don’t talk to me right now. Ajay says fine. Rajeev thinks if he comes inside the police station then my secret will be out, I have to do something. Rajeev sees a car coming in front of him and says that’s the only way. He bumps into the car and hits his car on the wall. He asks Ajay if he is fine? He nods. People in the other car are injured. Rajeev thinks now there will be a fight here, Rajeev tells Ajay to handle things here while I go to the police station. Ajay says don’t worry, I will call you. Rajeev takes a taxi and leaves from there. Ajay goes to talk to the man, man says he hit my car. Ajay asks them to calm down, we will take him to the hospital. The man says someone else was driving the car. Ajay says you are hurt, he takes him to the police station.

Rajeev calls Ajay’s father, he says I am coming to the police station. Rajeev says you don’t have to come, I have solved my problem. His father congratulates him on the engagement and ends the call. Rajeev says now I just have to free Pari.

Rajeev arrives at the police station and asks about his wife. The lady inspector says what kind of a husband are you? The store manager says I thought she was lying, she was trying to steal. Rajeev says what? The manager says she was trying to leave the store after wearing our dress. Rajeev says she was not stealing, she is new here. I will just pay you the money so take your FIR back. The manager says you have a big ego right? I won’t take my FIR back, you have to apologize to me first. Rajeev says I will do a social media live and tell everyone how you treat your customers. The manager stops him and says you are not a good man. Rajeev pays him 25K for the dress and asks the lady inspector to bring Pari. The manager gives him Pari’s dress and gives a discount to him, he says I am not a goon like you, he leaves. Rajeev thinks I won’t spare Pari now. The officer comes to Pari and says your husband fought for you, he trusts you. Pari comes out of the cell and sees Rajeev there. He glares at her and is angry. Pari runs to him and hugs him tightly before he can say anything. Rajeev is surprised and tries to control his anger. Jab tum hoty ho plays. Rajeev pulls away from her, Pari lovingly looks at him and says I am sorry, it’s all my fault, you asked me to stay there but I tried to leave. I am really sorry. She cries so Rajeev tells her that everything is fine, don’t cry now.

Neeti comes outside the venue and asks if Sanju left without telling her? Her friend says you shouldn’t take this lightly. Neeti says he must have something important that’s why he left.

Rajeev wipes Pari’s tears and says it’s not your fault, stop crying. Pari says no, it’s my fault and I gave you tension also. Rajeev says I don’t like to see you cry so stop crying. The lady inspector says you can go now. Rajeev says I paid the manager so we can take the dress now. He holds her hand and takes her from there. Pari smiles at him proudly. She recalls all the time Rajeev took a stand for her.

PRECAP – Pari asks Rajeev where did he go after leaving the mall? Rajeev says I told you that my friend was getting engaged, how many times do I have to tell you? Pari says I was just asking you.. Rajeev says enough, you are questioning me even after I came to free you from jail? He asks her to turn off the lights and goes to sleep on the sofa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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