Parineeti 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv gets exposed


Parineeti 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari comes to Neeti. She sees Rajiv with him. Pari asks are you okay? Neeti says are you okay? People say the guy came at on the right time. Pari thinks Rajiv saved her like Pari. Monthy comes. He says how are they not reacting. Natasha says this is real life. Giving life for each other. Promis eme you will love me like Sanju loves Neeti. Pari says he’s Rajiv, that must be a misunderstanding. Naman says who Rajiv? Natasha says that’s Sanju, Neeti’s husband, and Naman’s friend. Pari says how can U be confused? You can ask him. He’s my husband.

Neeti says I am fine Sanju don’t worry. You care too much for me. He says I was so scared. I can’t stay for a moment without you. I can give my life for you. Neeti says don’t say that. I can’t live without you either. Rajiv hugs her. Pari is shocked. Pari says he saved my best best friend’s life. Rajiv kisses Neetu’s forehead. Neeti kisses him too. A man says they are such a good couple. They just got married. Pari says I am Rajiv’s wife. He’s my husband. The man says he’s Sanju. He is Neeti’s husband. Everyone says he’s Sanju. Pari is confused. Pari is shocked everyone says he’s Sanju, not Rajiv. Pari looks at Rajiv with Neeti.

Rajiv kisses Neeti’s forehead. Pari breaks a vase in anger and says enough. Neeti asks Pari why are you crying. What happened? Pari shoves her. Rajiv says I didn’t even think Pari was here. Neeti asks what happened. Pari says what’s going on? Neeti says nothing. Pari says Rajiv I didn’t expect this from you. I thought you were saving my friend but you.. How long was this going on? Neeti says are you okay? Pari asks where is Sanju. Neeti says I am here, I am fine. What happened? You should be happy he saved me. Pari says I am happy that he saved you but what was that kiss? Pari says you care about the kiss not that I am safe. She says are you possessive about me? Pari shoves her and says I want an answer. Neeti says what happened? I have the right to kiss him. What kind of question is that? Monty says to Rajiv you should run. No one can save you now. Rajiv says I will face it all now.

Pari says have some shame. You just got married to Sanju and you were kissing him here. She says to Rajiv everyone is thinking you’re both husband and wife. Neeti says yes we are husband and wife. What is the problem? You’re too drunk. I kissed my husband Sanju. Pari says no he is Rajiv, my husband. Neeti is shocked. Neeti says are you drunk? He is Sanju. I can do what you want with him. He is my husband. Pari says he’s my Rajiv. She says to Rajiv to tell her the truth. You’re my Rajiv. Neeti says enough. You can’t recognize your own husband? That’s my Sanju. Either you’re too drunk or someone mixed something in your drunk. He’s my husband Sanju. Pari says he’s my husband Rajiv. Neeti says where is your Rajiv? Pari says why are you calling Rajiv Sanju? Neeti says Monty come here. She asks who is he. Rajiv or Sanju? Pari says to tell everyone, Monty. He is your other Rajiv. We all live together. Neeti says enough. You have crossed all the limits today. Pari says you crossed all the limits my kissing my husband. You fooled me. I thought you were my best friend.

Neeti asks Sanju to tell her that he is Sanju. Pari says Rajiv tell her you’re Rajiv. Whose husband are you? Neeti asks Natasha. She says he’s Sanju. She says Pari you ate something wrong. Pari says Rajiv tell everyone you’re my husband. What’s going on? Neeti says Sanju says something. Pari says tell them you re Rajvi. Rajiv shouts enough Pari. Neeti is right. She is my wife. Pari is shocked. I married her. Do you have a problem? Yes, this is the truth. Neeti says who else do you want to ask? She asks Pari if she’s okay. Neeti says he’s my husband. What’s wrong? Pari says who am I then? Neeti says my friend. Pari says I want to hear from him. Who am I Rajiv?

Pari says Rajiv tells everyone who am I. I want to know. I want an answer. Tell everyone who am I. He says you are the biggest trouble, the biggest stress of my life. He says to Monty I spoke to her two times with love she thought I love her. He says it’s not even possible. I never had any feelings for you. He says we are not even a match. I am a city boy. Tell her Naman how am I. And she is a village girl. Neeti is shocked. He says I can’t even imagine loving you. THe only person I love is Neeti. Pari says then why did you marry me and ruin my life? Rajiv says I was forced. Who would want to marry you? Two people left you. Your dad was begging people to marry you. Pari says your mom brought the proposal what are you saying? Rajiv says she only wanted your dad’s land. She wanted her respect. I always loved Neeti. I got my freedom after marrying you and came back here and married Neeti. She is my life. I can’t live a second without her. Neeti is shocked. Neeti slaps Rajiv.

Episode ends

Precap-Neeti says I have never seen a more disgusting person than you in my whole life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg! Rajiv really got exposed?!!!

  2. Ye v sapna hi hoga

    Expose to hoga naii bus sapna dekhega

  3. What I was waiting for has happen

  4. This has dream sequence written all over it

  5. I still feel that it’s a dream

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