Parichay 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update

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Parichay 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 9th January 2013 Written Update

Chopra House:

The episode starts with yesterday scene, Veena making halwa and kids asking Kunal to take them shopping. Kunal agrees to take them shopping and says it will be only 3 of them, KC, AC1 and AC2, who will go shopping and kids agree.

At the Store:

AC2 is looking at some video games whereas AC1 is looking at carom board and chess to purchase. Kunal notices this and tells AC1 to also buy video games and not worry about the money. AC1 says he is okay with carom board as it will last longer. AC2 chooses a video game and shows it to AC1 and KC, KC tells AC1 to buy one for him too, but AC1 says he will share it with AC2. AC2 didn’t like the idea of sharing and KC says he is just like his father. They all share a laugh. KC tells both the kids to go check out something else for them while KC looks at a pendant and has a flashback of Siddhi buying it with him in the past. In the FB, Kunal asks Siddhi why she is buying the pendant with 3 frames. Siddhi says 3rd one is for their kid. She says their child will not only complete the pendant frame but also their family. KC tells her to wear the pendant until the baby arrives as a token of his love since she is giving him such a beautiful gift (the baby). She promises KC to always keep the pendant with her.

The kids notice that KC is checking out the jewelries and assume that he is buying it for Siddhi. The store owner tells Kunal to purchase the pendant as it will make his sweetheart happy. KC says he doesn’t want to buy it and moves on.

Chopra House:

Veena is busy with halawa preparations and start getting back pain. She thinks that there is still time till Kunal and kids are back so she decides to take some rest. Siddhi is watching all this from a distance and goes to prepare the halawa herself.

At the Store:

Kids are done with their shopping and tell Kunal to buy things for other members of the family. Kunal says he knows everyone choice and will purchase things accordingly. He buys a philosophy book for Raj as he likes to read and preach philosophy. He then tells kids that they need to find something antic for Veena as she doesn’t like anything modern.

Diwan House:

Abhay is asking a cop about who might have informed the IT officers? The cop says they will find out soon. The cop shows him the list of all the calls that were made to IT officers on that day and mentions that there is one call that was made from around his house. Abhay wonders how that could be possible. The cops leaves and Abhay has flashback of his conversation with Siddhi and figures out Siddhi must have called the cops. He says he should have never told Siddhi about any of this and Siddhi arrives his house at the same time. She asks him if he was thinking about her? She says she can tell he was thinking and cursing only about her and she is happy to see him so troubled because of her. She continues that whenever he will misbehave with Kunal he will find her as his shield standing in front of him and he will have no one to lean on to.

Abhay says he doesn’t need anyone to lean on too. He says he rather die than lean on to a woman. He continues that he is happy to see that she not only bluffed but also took action but she won’t be able to save Kunal from him for long because next he will do something so bad to Kunal that no one will be able to save him.

At the Store:

KC buys acupressure slippers for Veena which provides massage while walking. AC2 says he is getting to know his family better now. Kids ask KC to buy gifts for Gaurav and Seema and KC says he already bought it for them. KC says he has special gift for them on the way, roasted corn (Bhutta). AC1 asks KC to share the Bhutta story with AC2. They all leave the store and KC tells him the story of Bhutta: The story is that when Seema and Gaurav were newly married they were doing shopping and Seema wouldn’t like anything in the store, but when they stepped out of the store, she only wanted to buy Bhutta. She chose Bhutta over expensive gifts.

Chopra House:

Raj is trying to taste the halawa made by Siddhi assuming Veena had made it. He says Veena still hasn’t lost her touch. Veena asks Raj who made the halawa because she couldn’t make it due to back pain. She figures out that Siddhi must have made it because Veena herself had taught her how to make halawa. Raj says halawa is very tasty and asks Veena to taste it. Veena refuses to taste it.

Diwan House:

Abhay is thinking about his conversation with Siddhi and felling very angry. Richa calls Abhay to ask if he knows who had called IT against him? Abhay asks why is she bothered about it? Richa says she believes Siddhi had informed the cops. Abhay tells her that it was indeed Siddhi as she not only told him about it, but also warned him that she will do the same in the future. He continues that she wants to be the woman behind Kunal success, but he will also destroy her along with Kunal.

Richa says to herself that her doubts were valid that Siddhi is helping Kunal secretly. She says that If Siddhi continues to do all this secretly then she will do the opposite and take credit for all her work openly.

Chopra House:

Kids are distributing gifts to everyone. Raj is happy with his philosophy book and Veena is happy with her acupressure slippers. They also give Ishani and Anokhi their gift. They finally give Seema her special gift Bhutta. Seema starts to blush seeing the Bhutta and Kunal smiles naughtily at her. Both the girls tease Seema about the Bhutta (everyone seems to know her Bhutta story I guess). Veena asks who the rest of the gifts belong to? Kids say they are all theirs, but AC1 opens jewelry box and takes out the same pendent Kunal was looking at the store. In the flashback, kids are shown to have bought the pendant for Siddhi in return of the video game when KC was not there. They wonder that they have bought the gift but they don’t see Siddhi around. AC1 says she might have gone somewhere. The kids decide to give the gift to Siddhi from making it look like it’s from Kunal. While they are discussing this, Veena enters the room and says she has already seen the gift so no need to hide it. AC2 says that Kunal has bought this gift for Siddhi. Veena doesn’t seem to believe them. Kids request Veena not to reveal about the gift to anyone otherwise their surprise will be ruined. Kids leave and Veena is stunned. Episode ends.

Precap: Richa asking Seema about Siddhi whereabouts. Seema says that she had gone out a few hours ago, but hasn’t returned home yet. Richa says that Siddhi must have gone to consol Abhay and she is unable to understand whether Siddhi is supporting Abhay or Kunal.

Update Credit to: Rani

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