Parichay 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

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Parichay 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 8th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with KC thanking Someone on the Phone for some Help. After attending the call,He takes some files from his table.He then sees a New Year Card among those files. He opens it n finds it blank. CA n BA thinks that their plan in working. In the hall, Sidhi takes the newspaper and finds a Blank New Year Card. She thinks it KC who have kept the card.She goes to meet KC…She runs and on the way…she dashes wid KC. KC asks her wat her intentions are. Sidhi tells her dat she too wants to ask him the same. KC tells dat he is telling abt the card which she have kept. Sidhi says that she hasnt kept any card and taht Its KC who has kept teh card in teh newspaper. KC replies dat he didnt do such a thing. Sidhi says that she knows dat KC might be teh one,.who kept the card…coz dats KC’s style of wishing New Year..n not her style. She says that KC ahd forgotten to wish her..n yday’s convo wid the kids..made him remind abt it. KC replies dat he doenst want to wish her..but if she wants a card..he wud definitely give her. KC goes to table,takes a pen and writes something on the card. He then gives the card to Sidhi..and tells her to read it Carefully..Saying this he leaves. She then opens d card and sees: I HATE YOU..written by KC on one side..and on other side..he had drawn a Heart (which was scribbled).Sidhi feels sad.

Diwan Mansions:

Abhay getting the Fbs..of how the Income Tax Dept ppl came to arrest him n all…Richa tells him to think who myt have betrayed him…who might have called teh Police n all…Abhay tells dat her dat he has no idea..regarding this. Richa tells him dat his employees might have betrayed him .Abhay says that there is no chance.He then tells her abt wat happened at teh party..n how he told everything to Sidhi,..Right then..Mr.Shabadiya (the watch n clock dealer) comes there n tells him dat he need to send the goods at the right time..Abhay tells him dat the goods are still under police custody..n dat he need to give him some time.Mr.Shabadiya doesnt agree to taht.Abhay gets angry and shouts at him.Mr.Shabadiya then decides to cancel the Deal…and then he goes. Richa advices Abahy to cool down. Richa then wonders who might have called the IT dept. She then feels dat it has to be Sidhi…as Sidhi myt have taken revenge on Abhay..for insulting KC

Chopra House:

Seema cooking in the kitchen.Vikram comes there and tells him dat him n KC (ViNal=Vikram+KuNal) have grabbed the deal..Seema becomes happy..and hugs him..Anokhi then asks for a party frm a Maamu(Vikram).Vikram tells dat he wud give them a big Party.Seema sees someting tied around Anokhi’s wrist and asks her abt it.She replies dat its a stylish bracelet. She asks Viku abt it..Viku tells dat the bracelet is damn gud n stylish. BA n CA comes there.CA tells dat it is stylish..bcz he had brought it for her. Anokhi says that its stylish..bcz She is wearing it…Seema tells not to be too stylish…or else teh ppl might cast eyes on her. Hearing this,Anokhi decides to remove it…and Then Vikram says nt to remove it suits her n all..He tells Seema not to discourage Anokhi by saying all this…Seema tells her dat her fashion n style shoud be kept in Limit.Viku then tells abt the deal..BA n CA gets happy hearing the deal.Viku tells dat Mr.Shabdiya had given the deal to ViNal…as Abhay cudnt deliver the goods at the right time.BA n CA hugs KC..Right then KC comes in..Both the kids Hugs their dad n congratulate him..Seema,Anokhi n Viku congratulate him.Seema tells KC dat she wud make all his favorite dishes.But the others decide to order Pizza..KC then decides to have Pizza n Cold Drinks.He tehn goes to his room..n Viku orders Pizza

KC goes to his room.He finds Sidhi ironing the clothes.He goes towards him n tells dat he has brought a news..wight be be a Sad news for her.Sidhi confused. KC tells dat him dat Abhay has suffered a set-back…as KC has grabbed his deal now. KC tells him dat from now on…he wud snatch each n every thing of Abhay..n wud destroy him.He then tells Sidhi to go to he needs her support now…Sidhi smiles…KC sees this. Sidhi says ( to herself) dat her husband is KC..n she is happy for him…now she’s sure dat KC wud be successful very soon

CA tells Seema that he has kept the trays n cups in the table.He then goes to room…syaing dat BA has become lazy these days and that he himslef has learnt how to get up early now-a-days.He then tries to wake BA up…but BA doesnt get up.CA then gets an idea..He takes a tie…and then tickles BA..with the tip of the tie…BA gets irritated and wakes up..He then asks fr his CA doesnt giev him..He wears it..n the Kids decides to play a prank.CA tells BA to lie down..KC comes there.CA (acts as BA) and tells KC dat CA is a very lazy boy and that he isnt getting up from his bed. KC smells something fishy..n then tells CA (whose acting as BA) dat this Chota Anand is coming frm a rich house …so he is spoilt brat..He tells dat he has a medicine for this…He goes to the Anand (lying in the bed) and wakes him up..presses his ears n Calls him Chotte. BA-CA Gets sad that KC understood their Prank.KC tells them dat he understands everything..n that there are differences b/w CA n BA

BA’s hair is soft..while CA’s hair is never kept soft n straight.its like Horse’s hair…
BA nose is long..Bt CA’s short
BA’s specs always slips down his when CA kept the didnt slip at least once
BA is left handed..while CA is right handed

Sidhi sees this from a distance. BA tells CA dat he knew dat KC wud find abt the KC is very smart..CA sadly says that he didnt know much abt he hadnt stayed with his Pappa earlier. KC tells him not to be sad..n dat slowly..they both would learn everything abt each other.KC tells dat he was getting bored of BA as BA is kinda serious…bt CA is KC’s xerox..n dat he’s gonna enjoy with him. CA gets happy n hugs KC..KC kisses him. KC then decides to give different names for BA n CA..Since BA is elder..his named wud be Bada…so his name is ANAND..Since CA is younger…His name wud be a chota one…so his name is ANDY. Both Kids get happy..Sidhi too gets happy

Watchman brings a letter to the Chopra House..He says that he had rcvd the letter yday…bt since Chopras werent at home yday..He kept it with him.Raj takes the Letter. Seema n Veena prepares the tiffins for Anokhi-Ishani..Seema tells take Ishani’s tiffin too as she had forgotten to take it.BA n CA wishes that they both studied in the same school. Raj tells dat their wish has Come True..KC asks: Wat Wish..Dad?
Raj says that he has got a letter frm CA’s school.KC asks CA whether he has done any mischief at school! Raj says that BA has got admission in CA’s school. They all get happy..Veena decides to make Carrot Halwa…Seema tells dat she wud make it..Veena gets angry n asks her whtehr Seems thinks..she doesnt to make Halwa n all..Sidhi tells dat it is not like dat..Sidhi tells that Veena might get back-ache..n dats why Seema forbade her to cook. Veena tells her not to interrupt their conversations. BA n CA asks gifts frm KC had now earned money after a very long time.KC then tells them to come wid him.Kids gets happy
Sidhi smiles…KC looks at her.

Episode Ends

Kunal in some shop..holding a locket ion his hand…getting a Flashback..where Sidhi buys the very same locket frm a shop. KC asking Sidhi why there is 3 hearts in that heart..Sidhi replies dat the 3rd space is for dat one..who is gonna come b/w Them.
Siddhi in SiNal bedroom holding dat locket in her hand…(i think dats an old one)

Update Credit to: Sonia

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