Parichay 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 5th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1 {phone conversation Kunal-Tisca}

Tisca asks Kunal if there is any problems with his families interference to take up actor A.K’s case for that Kunal replies that yes all his life he was adamant not to do anything out of his principles but now when he got nothing out of his goodness now he will go to any lenths to make money even if it means to fight a case & defend a accused.

Tisca tells him that it good for him & Kunal disconnects the call.

Veena comes in his room & listens Kunal talking to Tisca & tells him that she had come to slap him & ask why has he forgotten all his principle & values for money, but now she will not do it coz he has no longer the son who she was proud of the son whom she never even raised her voice at had a thought of slapping him, she tells kunal that all these years she was proud to say that Kunal is her son but not anymore coz she is ashamed of him & in his wish to earn lots of money by any means he has given up on his values & principles which are seeming very unimportant & small to him but soon when he won’t feel ashamed of himself that will be the time his true identity will be lost & tells Kunal that from this very moment he will not remain their son, & tells him that when he never used to earn just to keep intact his values & riteousness then too she was proud of him & tells him to remember her words that how much ever money he earns but he won’t ever feel happy out of it & leaves.

Scene 2 {Hallway}

Anokhi is excitedly giving her friend a news that when Kunal her uncle will fight A.K’s case in court then they will all go to see him & may be Kunal will help them meet A.K & smiles & laughs with excitement.

Ishani comes & asks why is she promising her friends but Anokhi tells her that who wants friends to meet A.K & they both will meet A.K first & laugh.

Scene 3 {Raj {daddy Chopra & Veena’s room}

Veena says when Kunal had got a gold medal then he had kept it in her hands, Daddy Chopra is really sad & says then he had taken it from her hands & kept it in Kunal’s hands but who new one day he will defend an accused like this.

Veena says she had lost a young son {Anand} but she had hopes on Kunal that he will live up to their expectation there was a time that he used to stop me from crying but today her tears also could not move her son to change his decision, when Kunal was small he used to love festival of Ram & say he will always support the truth & good but now she doesn’t know what has happened to her son, Daddy chopra says that Kunal has changed & nowadays its just false that speaks louder & instead of going against the wrongdoers Kunal has shaken hands with them & assures Veena that he is very sure Kunal will one day realise his mistakes & return to the right track both Veena & Raj cry & console each other.

Scene 4 {SiNal’s room}

Kunal is working while Siddhi is upset & pretending to sleep, Kunal looks at Siddhi sleeping but continues to work while Sidhhi in deep thoughts & there is lots of tension & silence between them. (L)

Scene 5 {Gaurav-Seema’s room}

Gaurav tells Seema that its so strange that the person who has thought him to walk on the right path has chosen the wrong path himslef that same Kunal has opted for the opposite & supporting an accused.

Seema says that the momsnt she came in this house she could also asks for comforts as her dad was just a phone call away but Veena & Raj has always thought them to not take any favours those same parents who taught their son he forgot about it.

Gaurav says but its harsh truth Is that a person has to compromise their values if they need to survive in their lives, Seema says its not true but she is scared what will happen. Gaurav tells her that they just need to watch.

Scene 5 {Next Morning}

Seema & Sidhhi are dusting & cleaning & Raj is reading newspaper while Kunal comes & asks where is the breakfast when Veena replies rudely its inside the kitchen & asks him to serve himself.

Door bell rings and two women Neighbours come & congratulate Veena about her eldest son getting famous & Kunal is proud of himself but sees Veena giving a fake smile & the neighbor say to Veena that now that her eldest son has become a high profile lawyer & has taken up A.K’s case they must be a regular visitors & insist Veena to calls her son, Veena says she doesn’t have an elder son.

Neighbours say that they are talking about Kunal but Veena says she doesn’t wish to talk about him & storms inside her room & Kunal leaves his breakfast & goes while the two women talk to eachother that they acting proud & its not good thing & leave.

Kunal goes to get ready to go for his work & Sidhhi gives a sad look to Raj.

Scene 6{outside the court}

Kunal come to court & gets down from an autorikshaw & sees Ashu Tai (housemaid) & asks her she has come here? To which Ashu Tai replies that yesterday he did not give any answer to her question so she has come to court to get the answer that whn he has helped so many other people get justice then why is he going against truth & his Mother{Veena} many years back helped her financially & her sister Raveena used to give her school books for her son Mahesh to study & also paid for her knee operation expenses so why is he doin g he opposite thing.& helping the wrongdoer as her son & husband both are dead & she is the only breadwinnner of her house if .. .

Mukherjee Dada looks at the housemaid & Kunal looks away from her while tai pleads Kunal to go against the person who has ruined many people’s life & her life has no hopes left but she only wishes that her son gets justice & only he can help her get it. A.K’s assistant is following Kunal to see who is he meeting.while Ashu Tai pleads Kunal to leave A.K’s case.

Scene 7 {Chopra house}

Sidhhi request Veena to eat her food whille she refuses, Sidhhi asks her if she wont have food then how will she take her medicines Raj asks Veena if Kunal will change his decision by not eating & only she will end up ruining her own health so Veena says she is trying to pack bags so Siddhi asks if she is going somewhere so Veena says they are going away from this house, Raj asks where will they go when Veena very angrily says they are leaving this house as she doesn’t want to become an extra baggage on Kunal & who knows tomorrow he says that because of them he is forced to so wrongs things so to avoid this situation they better leave prior to it & says they will work with integrity & live a respectful life & also they won’t have to entertain neighbours who are coming & congratulating on Kunal’s achievements,

Siddhi tries to make Veena understand that Kunal mostly needs Veena at this stage & out of all Kunal felt bad when she commented that she doesn’t have an eldest son & now it’s the time for them to bring Kunal from choosing wrong path. Veena asks Siddhi not to stop her as she doesn’t wish to live on Kunal’s money Siddhi says that neither members of this house want Kunal’s moneybut & together they need to talk to Kunal only then will Kunal think about what he should do & what path to choose. Raj says he thinks Siddhi is right that when they will declare that they don’t want Kunal’s wrongly earned money then his mind will come to the right place, Sidhhi says we will say we don’t need this kind of money then he will understand.

Scene 8 {A.K’s place {Aman Kumar house}}

A.K asks Kunal now that he has told everything that he asked to tell so he has to tell him what exactly he’ll be doing in the court & Kunal replies that he did say all things except for exactly what happened that night that he only knows one other detail that he doesn’t know A.K says & what is that? Kunal says the night when incident happened a young boy named Mahesh was killed that night & co incidentally he knows the mother of the boy whos name is Archu Tai & she used to work as a housemaid in his bandra flat many years ago so we should not discuss it with anyone else as of now..

A.K’s friend asks Kunal to excuse them as he want to talk to A.K in privacy & tells A.K that he is following Kunal as he had asked him to do so A.K says till his case is on asks his assistant to keep an eye on him.

Kunal come back & A.K tells him that he will definitely follow his instructions.

Scene 9 {chopra house}

While back at Chopra house Siddhi, Veena & Raj are waiting late at night for Kunal when Veena asks Raj to go & sleep as she will talk to Kunal alone when Raj asks why will she talk alone when they all want to talk to Kunal then will do it together so Siddhi says yes it important if they speak to him together.

Scene 10 {Pub-Discotheque}

Kunal & A,K are at a pub drinking & A.K asks if its so necasary to give so many answers to his questions so Kunal replies that to tell a lie you need to be aware of the truth so that your lie seems the truth in the court & he doesn’t end up asking him a question which doesn’t go in their favor.

A.K says he is very sure now that Kunal will only win the case so Kunal says he only fights a case to win & A.K says that’s like a winning spirit brother!!!from now he is tension free about his case as Kunal will do his job.

Kunal says he will be able to do his job only when he will help complete his & for that he need to explain everything what happened the night of accident.

The moment A.K says Nothing special he was heavily drunk & was driving car on deadly speed & then he raise his hands & accidently a waiter’s tray fall & drinks spill on A.K & he starts to abuse the waiter What the….inspite of waiter repeatedly apologising A.K says you small status people are worthless & he has spoilt his shirt & Kunal is seeing all this drama & probably recording it on his phone & A.K asks the waiter to get out of his sight or he might kill him… A.K’s assistant{guys I am sorry I am confused about this guy who is A.K right hand man is he a frnd or an assistant} comes & ask him to cool down & takes him to a washroom while Kunal sitting watching A.K;s behaviour.

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