Parichay 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 25th February 2013 Written Update

Kunal lost in thoughts while he’s on his way to court,He says to himself that he has a goal today n also has the opportunity to achieve his goal,even time is in his favor but why isnt his heart in his favor.

Siddhi praying to god,Kunal might have convinced her but he cant convince himself,he knows that he’s wrong but unable to stop himself.She always prayed for his victory but today she’s unable to do so b’coz he’ll win this case for his client but for him its a loss.

Kunal reaches court.He’s again lost in thoughts remembering about the oath he has taken while entering into profession that he’ll always fight for truth n will never take the support of lies.When he’s about to enter the court,his inner conscience(good-G.C) calls him.Kunal is shocked to see one more

Kunal.G.C says that he too is shocked to see Kunal Chopra who always fought for truth by abiding to his principles is going to prove a person guilty when he doesnt know if he’s really guilty or not n that too for money.

Bad conscience(B.C)(teesra Kunal) asks Kunal if he’s listening to G.C.He mocks that this truth,honesty,principles are waste,they cant fulfil your needs,only money can fulfill them n he’ll get money only when he wins the case for his client by proving the opponent as guilty.G.C asks Kunal if he’ll be happy if he gets innocent person punished,Will it be not a crime.B.C says thats its his duty.G.C says that Kunal’s duty is to give justice n without knowing the truth about the person he cant do that.B.C says that he’s an advocate,giving justice is the duty of judge n his duty is to fight for his client without pride n prejudice.He tells Kunal to fight for his client n get his opponent punished.

G.C advises Kunal not to listen to B.C n says that he never let injustice happen to anyone n always fought for truth n honesty even when he himself has faced injustice.Then why does he want to go through that path now,if he supports the wrong once he’ll continue doing the same throughout his life.He’ll repent his whole life for fighting this case n tells him not to listen to B.C as its wrong n advises him to listen to his heart.Kunal will fight only for truth n gets justice to the innocent.Kunal is confused.

B.C says that Kunal is a lawyer,a dad,son,lawyer’s duty is to win case for his client,dad’s to keep his kids happy n son’s is to be a support for his parents in their old age n husband’s is to keep his wife happy n fulfill all her dreams n how’ll all these things happen,only if he earns money.He advises Kunal to fight the case,win,fulfill his family’s needs.G.C tells him to think only n only about truth,B.C tells him to fight only for money,he has fought enough for his principles but now he should fight for money.G.C advises not to become the person whom the world wants him to be,he should remain as the same person who’s always honest n fought for truth,never bowed infront of wrong.B.C says that he’ll fight only for money,he fought for principles,truth throughout his life but today he’ll fight only for money n for happiness of his family.G.C tells him to continue going in the same path through which he has always been n no one can stop him.Both disappear.

Veena asks Siddhi about the money n why Kunal is worried now a days,she asks her if its b’coz of burden of responsibilities.Siddhi says to herself that she cant tell her about the money n tells Veena that Kunal might be worried about some case.She diverts her by asking her to teach her some recipe.

Kunal overhears some advocates talking about some incident.He finds out from dada that the accusee against whom he was going to fight the case has committed suicide.Kunal is shocked to hear it n wonders if its just coincidence or a murder,he convinces himself that god doesnt want him to fight this case,thats why the person committed suicide.Dada tells him that Inspector in whose custody Utkarsh died wants to meet him.

Kunal meets the Inspector,who tells him that the case he’s going to fight is closed as the accusee committed suicide n he just want Kunal’s signatures on some papers as formality.Kunal asks him the reason for suicide when the case hasnt even started/any judgement want given.Inspector says that he doesnt know about the case but as far as he knows about Utkarsh he was very honest,hard working Income tax officer who never cheats anyone for money.Inspector shows suicide note of Utkarsh to Kunal.

Siddhi sees the suicide news of Utkarsh.Kunal comes home.Seeing him worried she tells him that its not his fault as he didnt even fight the case.Kunal says that in the suicide note utkarsh has written that he’s committing suicide as he couldnt fulfill his responsibilities towards his family.He says that there’s no difference btw that guy n Kunal except suicide thing which he’ll never do.He’ll do anything to earn money n fulfill his responsibilities towards the family.Siddhi says money can fulfill your necessities but cant bring happiness.

Kunal asks if she thinks that without money,a person can fulfill his necessities n be happy n he takes her outside n shows her poor family sitting under tree.He says that they are together but doesnt have a roof to live under,food/clothes but as per her they should be happy.They suffer outside in heat,cold,rain etc n if they get money wont they be happy.Money cant give happiness is useless words n one says it only when they have a roof,food to eat etc.The truth is the person who committed suicde is dead n these people are living dead life.If you have money you’ll be happy,its true that money isnt everything but with money one can get happiness n luxuries.He asks Siddhi if she thinks that the guy doesnt want his kid to go to school.Kunal says that she fears if he’ll do something wrong for earning money n he fears that if he’ll become like this poor guy or the guy who committed suicide.He says that he’ll earn money at any cost for his family n their happiness n leaves.

Siddhi goes inside n tells Kunal to do whatever he thinks is right n she’ll do what she thinks is right.She says that he too wants to keep family happy n she too wants the same,she tells him to give happiness to family which can be brought with money n she’ll give them happiness which money cant bring.Both their intention is the same but paths are different n challenges him if he can keep the family more happy or she.

Kunal suddenly wakes up in middle of night n opens some book,in btw he keeps seeing if Siddhi is awake or not.He says to himself that now he’ll earn money in such a thing about which none has even thought of.

Kunal asks Siddhi if pasta,dining chair,cushion cover are the ways through which she’s going to keep the family happy.She says that for the things which he’s going to spend money the same things she’s doing without any money n along with it bringing happiness of living together.If she doesnt do this,may be he’ll get chance to do something.But now she’ll never give him that chance.Kunal says that only time will decide it n both leave.

Update Credit to: sahasra

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