Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Khurana when will they leave Raghav. He says its Sunday, court will be closed, he will be out tomorrow morning. She thanks him. He asks shall I drop you home. She says thanks but I m not going home. He asks then where are you going, I don’t want to interfere in your life, but there are many accidents happening around you. She says I know you want to fulfill promise to Raghav, I have to buy some items that pregnant women buy, I won’t be comfortable with you. He says so sorry, carry on. He leaves. She thinks you act good, you got friendly with Raghav, you are my baby’s enemy, maybe this is some plan against Raghav, he took the blame on him and now he is worrying when truth came out, how did proof came to me, that lady disappeared, there is something, I have to find out.

Sudha shouts and throws things. Harjeet calms her down. Sudha cries and says Raghav will be roaming free, this is injustice. Harjeet says yes, but Rehaan did this, he makes me feel he is not mine, he told me its Naina’s plan, she took him to police station, don’t know how she got Raghav’s bail. Sudha says I know her, she is clever, I can’t forgive her. Harjeet says if you want to kill Naina, you have to do this before Raghav comes.

Dilraj makes Naina ready. She asks Naina to make a new start with Raghav. She asks Naina to come downstairs to do Raghav’s aarti. Sudha and Armaan plan to make Naina fall down the stairs. Sudha thinks now none can save your child Naina. Naina thinks of her marriage and applies sindoor in maang. She thinks to give respect to this relation, its husband’s duty to protect wife and child, Raghav did his duty, now I will do his duty. Raghav comes home. Dilraj stops him at the door to get aarti done and asks Naina to come. Naina slips down the stairs. Raghav runs to her and holds her. Sudha and Armaan get angry.

Naina hugs Raghav. He takes her downstairs and makes her sit. Kal ho na ho….plays……….. Sudha asks Naina to walk carefully. Raghav asks Naina why was she excited to do his aarti, he came from jail, not from any war. Naina says nothing will happen to me, you are with me. He says I will lock business and become your bodyguard. Naina says maybe there was something on the stairs. Sudha worries and says wait, I will check.

Sudha says I can’t see anything there, maybe maid dropped something, Armaan just go and check, Naina you should be careful. Armaan removes the string and says there is nothing there. Raghav says see, there is nothing. Naina says you always feel I m wrong. Raghav sees Armaan and says fine, I will check. He checks and says there is nothing, I m going to have bath, it will take 10 mins, just don’t get kidnapped, don’t fall or slip, do you get that. Naina says I get that. He goes. She says he was better in jail, he always scolds me.

Naina gives glasses to Dadi. Raghav asks Naina to get glasses for herself also, as she does not see and walk. Dadi smiles. He asks her to have oranges, it will be good for eyesight. They argue. Dadi asks them to stop it. He says if anything happened to my baby then… Naina looks at him. Dadi smiles and says see, how own blood calls, he got worried for his baby, you will be a good Papa. She goes. Naina says you called baby as yours, was it acting in front of Dadi or… He says it was a drama, its not my child. He goes. She calls him Sadu. She gets a call and says no, don’t come home, I will meet outside, none should know about it.

Naina meets caterer and gives money for the girl’s family. He says its much money. She says this will be just for few months, I can’t compensate for her entire life, her family lost her, I want to meet her family. He says she just had her mum. She asks for address to meet the lady. Dadi checks the stairs. Harjeet asks her to go and rest, what are you doing here. Dadi asks why do I need rest.

Harjeet says I had to discuss something imp, Armaan and I were thinking to open charity on Veer’s name. Dadi asks Sudha to see. Dadi sees glue marks/holes on the railing. She says who made this holes here. Harjeet asks her to take care. Dadi says I m worried for Raghav’s child, so I have to be careful, I think someone nailed the staircase. Harjeet asks why will anyone nail this, you don’t need to think this, maybe Naina could not control seeing Raghav and slipped while running, she should have thought for her child, what can we do. Dadi says you ordered some nails in morning. Sudha worries.

A man tells Naina that lady is missing, don’t know where she went, they were good people. Naina asks if he knows anything more. He says no, Renu worked and her mum used to work in neighborhood, they did not talk to anyone, why do you ask. She says I felt bad hearing about Renu’s death, I came to meet her mum. He says you came late, she left. She thinks things are getting more confused, there is something wrong, I have to enter the house, maybe I get some clue.

Naina says I went to Renu’s house, Renu died by Veer’s hand. She shows Raghav’s pic and asks why was your pic there in that girl’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sathyaa

    So now it’s very clear, That girl Renu’s Mom has killed Veer…
    Don’t know where this show is heading to, but its always good to see Ragav and Naina together…. They’re​ sweet always either it’s a happy time or tough time…

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