Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to rishi gargacharya.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and his all friends breaking the mountain. Balram says kanha you were right, we have easily broken this mountain which proves that it is not kept by prabhu Vishnu otherwise it would not have broken like this. kanha says brother we have to stop the people from getting fooled and making this mountain their god. Kanha and everyone go.
All people come start doing aarti of mandhrachal first in the village. Yashoda feels wrong about the mountain and she says to nand that she shall leave and let them pray to the mountain. Yashoda goes. the people say this mountain is our savior and it should soon be done with its pooja at its base and then we will make it the mountain of Vishnu.
Shokracharya is with kansa. Kansa says even if the karkasura goes to kill kurma avatar, then will he be able to kill kurma? Bhadraksh says guru shokracharya, Vishnu is too powerful and to defeat its avatar, what if he plays another leela like before and defeats kurma avatar too? shokracharya sees from his vision and says kanha, balram and their friends have broken the mandhrachal mountalet demons in but I wont let demons down, mandhrachal shall get his life back as he shall kill kanha and kurma avatar. Rishi shokracharya uses his shakti granted by mahadev and by using the power shokracharya puts back the mandhrachal mountain together. Shokracharya then says kansa, to defeat Vishnu’s avatar you have to bring all evil together. Kansa says what do you mean?
There jaidev is at the mountain mandhrachal, he prays and says mountain the way you are powerful please help me too and make my mudgal powerful and strong, the way kanha’s flute is strong I want my mudgal to be strong too, jaidev prays. As the mountain is put together, as it comes back jaidev is pulled inside by the rocks too. jaidev is shocked and says no! as he is trapped inside the mountain. All people come to the mountain and start praying, they start doing the pooja as radha holds the arrti plate. Everyone prays and after the prayer radha starts giving everyone the prashad. As she tries to find jaidev, kirti asks where is jaidev? Radha says I don’t know mother, even I am finding brother. Kirti asks nand and brij bhanu and slowly all people start finding jaidev. Radha goes to kirti and says mother I am sure it is kanha who has taken away jaidev because even kanha is not here. Kirti says radha are you mad? Think when you speak, why would kanha do anything to jaidev? Kanha can never do something like this and jaidev is so huge how will kanha even do something to him? brij bhanu says yes radha, we know kanha since birth and he is not like that, think before you speak.
Kansa says what to do guru? Shokracharya says kansa, till now Vishnu has not been defeated because no evil has been brought together before this, if we put all evil inside the golden crab then karkasura will easily kill kurma avatar. Kansa says now I understand.
There kanha goes to gargacharya’s ashram and a rishi says, gargacharya is doing meditation under water. Kanha is taken to the pond and he calls rishi gargacharya out. Kanha says rishi, I want to know about the mountain that has landed in vrindavan. Rishi says kanha, it is mandhrachal, he has come back to take revenge from you. kanha says now I understand, I will go and confront mandhrachal. Kanha goes.
Kanha goes to mandhrachal and says mandhrachal I know it is you, why have you come to take revenge mandhrachal says finally Vishnu you are here, you cheated with me and did not make me king of mountains, all I wanted was to be the king of mountains and a place amongst the gods but you cheated so now I shall take revenge and end you. kanha says mandhrachal whatever you did was for a selfish reason back then, if you had done it with your heart then you would have gotten what you wanted! Kanha says I wont let you do anything. Mandhrachal says I will kill all people of vrindavan.

Precap: kansa and shokracharya get on the top of Mathura, shokracharya uses his powers and summons all evil from the sky into the crab. Kanha goes to find jaidev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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