Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shokracharya tells kansa to summon karkasura.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with jaidev stopping kanha and balram. Radha says jaidev brother, see he is kanha. Jaidev says angrily, I was stopping you both then why were you running away? Kanha smiles and says no, actually we were going back home as mother had called us. jaidev says so you are kanha, you have made my sister cry and now I will punish you for that. kanha laughs and says come jaidev brother, you are even my dau and radha and I often fight like this, everyone knows. Radha says brother jaidev, punish him very well. Jaidev says yes I will punish you, radha was right you try to talk sweetly with everyone. Kanha says okay then jaidev brother, punish me very well and such that I shall remember it! radha says yes brother. Jaidev says but how should we punish him? kanha says that is what I am saying. Radha says even I haven’t thought of it yet. Balram smiles. Kanha says then you take your time and decide, I and brother have some important work. Kanha and balram go.
In Mathura, kansa says how will kurma avatar die? And how will he be summoned? Shokracharya says there is a demon or a deity, you can call him divya or evil but he is call karkasura. Kansa says karkasura? I don’t know about him. shokracharya says he is a demonic crab, but in many cloned forms of crabs, but they all come to be one karkasura! During samudra manthan, when the gods got amrit Rahu the demon came disguised as a god and drank the amrit, the gods were tricked but while rahu drank the amrit lord Vishnu came to kill him and used the sudarshan chakra and cut his throat, but his head still remained immortal. But the blood that flowed contained the poison as well as amrit too and it fell on a small crab, the crab consumed the blood and karkasura was born who had both negative and positive powers, one who was good and evil both and who was asura as well as divya! So no one could end such a demon! Not even tridev. So Vishnu came again when karkasura tormented the swarg lok, Vishnu used his powers and created many crabs out of the huge karkasura! So that all his powers could be distributed into smaller crabs which could lessens his strength. This way karkasura lives all his life being many crabs, which is why he wants revenge on Vishnu and he can kill kurma avatar. Kansa laughs and says kurma you are gone now!
In vrindavan, the priests sit in nand’s house as they decide to establish mandhrachal as vishnu’s mountain and to make it their bhagwan too! Everyone say yes and priests read kundli of village to decide the auspicious day to establish mandhrachal as vishnu’s mountain. Kanha and balram come. Kanha sits and hears everything and says but rishi and nand baba and everyone, before you take any decision we need to find out if the mountain is good or evil. Nand says what do you mean kanha? Kanha says father, the mountain can be a trick of kansa and he wants us to fall in that trap. Nand and brij bhanu says no kanha, id it was that then the mountain could have been a demon and killed us all, it has the sign of vishnu’s chakra and it belongs to prabhu Vishnu only. Nand tells the priests to go ahead.
Kanha and balram go. kanha says I have to do something to stop all people and father.
Radha is with jaidev and she says brother jaidev, I have a nice idea now to punish that gwala kanha. Jaidev says what did you think about? Radha says brother, I think you should break and destroy kanha’s flute, it is what he loves most and if you break it then he will be punished for making me cry. Jaidev says then we will do that, I will destroy kanha’s flute.

Precap: Kansa goes to call karkasura. Kansa fins karkasura in the depth of the sea as many crabs! Mandhrachal says let kurma and Krishna avatar come here, I will kill Krishna avatar and complete my revenge. Kanha takes kurma avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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