Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Balram kills dhenukasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dhenukasura coming to vrindavan, he takes damodar and the other 2 men and then goes to nand’s house. all people are scared and nand says go away from here, you have turned our people into demons. Dhenukasura says from now you all will listen to me and your god will be bhagwan kansa and not that cheater Vishnu! radha laughs and says who are you to command us? We will not follow adharma! Nand says yes that is right. Dhenukasura laughs and says I will see how you don’t follow bhagwan kansa, only he is your god and now you will all come with me to take his darshan in Mathura. Dhenukasura makes sound and his bugs come out of his mouth which turn all people into iniquity and demons, they listen to dhenukasura. Dhenukasura says come on now, we will go to Mathura to take darshan of bhagwan kansa and pray to him. all people say okay and start saying bhagwan kansa ki jai! Radha is not affected and she says I cannot stop these people, what do I do? I have to tell kanha what dhenukasura has done.
There balram and kanha are coming back to vrindavan, radha runs to them and says kanha, dhenukasura has spread his adharma to all the people of vrindavana, he has turned everyone into demons and everyone is following him now. Kanha says we have to stop everyone before they reach Mathura. Kanha balram and radha go and stop dhenukasura. Dhenukasura says kanha and balram, what did you think? I will die so easily? I have come back now and not only these people, even your mother and father listen to me now and they will all bow before bhagwan kansa. Kanha says that will not happen, I will stop you adharmi. Dhenukasura says you cannot stop me and you cannot stop these people, they are all demons now. Kanha says to balram, brother we have to kill this demon, take his tusk of ganesh ji, with it you can kill dhenukasura easily.
Balram says dhenukasura! You will die. Dhenukasura and balram charge towards each other. Balram jumps and cuts the head of dhenukasura with ganesh ji’s tusk. The head falls down and before dying, dhenukasura says kanha, I have met my end but my powers wont be stopped, these people will still do adharma. Dhenukasura dies. Kanha says brother, our work is only half done, dhenukasura’s powers have not been finished, we have to stop these people. All people start going ahead saying bhagwan kansa ki jai. Kanha says people please stop, listen to me, I am your kanha, kansa is adharma and he kills everyone. No one listens so kanha goes to yashoda and says mother, did you forget I am your son? don’t you know kansa is adharmi? He wants to kill your son and how can you go and bow before that demon? He is not a god, he is a demon. Yashoda says kanha I know you are my son. kanha says lets go home mother, I am hungry. Yashoda says yes but first we will take darshan of bhagwan kansa, after taking his blessings we will go home. Nand says kanha wont listen like this, take him with us. Damodar and a man hold kanha and are taking him to Mathura.
Kansa says to keshi, keshi see the people are coming to take my darshan, make preparations to welcome them. Kansa says yashoda is bringing her dear son whom she used to always protect, you prepare for their welcome and I will make arrangements to kill that kanha.
There kanha stops and damodar says nand, your son is very stubborn. Nand says people go, pull him and take him to Mathura. All people hold hands and are pulling kanha. Kanha stands strong and smiles, he doesn’t move an inch. Balram says to radha, kanha is so strong? I never understand how kanha has so much strength. Radha says brother, kanha can do anything.

Precap: Narad muni comes to start a satsang to remove the effect of demonic thoughts from the people. Kanha meets narad muni.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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