Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna calls yamraj to teach lesson to nishad

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nishad brings Krishna to have food saying which is bhog for Narayan but I have still not given to him so you can eat whatever you wish. Krishna is seeing & gets glad but keeps seeing so he asks Krishna that you are hungry & not taking then what are you thinking then he explains him that this is squeezed food which I can’t take as I am a beggar so he tells him why are you seeing that but only eat then krishna tells him you have this then why you did not had so he says I don’t want to but you have so he tells him it means you are also a devotee of him then he gets angry telling him why are you concerned about it & if you wish to eat then eat or go. Krishna thinks he has to be brought on right path as he is not stable so Krishna calls yamraj for help to teach lesson to nishad & yamraj goes to do his work.
Sudama asks devi dwarika to immerge for help & she comes asking what you wish then he tells her that I wish to make krishna again dwarkdhish so I wish to donate this loks again then how to do this then she tells him that it is blocked in this vaijayantimala so give this & everything can be resolved & he gets the solution.
Nishad asks his people where we have to go for narayan’s devotees you know right so they say yes as we are ready. Nishad asks them what is struggle food so they say what you want we do then he asks them do you get pure then they say whatever you tell us we do accordingly & we don’t know what is good or bad then he curses them to go away if you don’t’ know anything before I kill you so they go away. He is thinking what this struggling food, purety of soul etc. is & cursing himself saying what has happened to me or is my brain washed due to that sanyasi. Nishad is seeing dead body saying who is this & why I am seeing my death or am I dead & shouts while yamraj immerges saying no as still you are not dead then he asks who are you & yamraj tells him his identity so he asks why I am feeling like I am dead then yamraj tells him that you are going to die because your good deeds are finished so you have to die after 2 days then he gets scared saying no I won’t die.
Sudama is searching Krishna where can he be asking people.
Nishad tries to run while Krishna comes asking him what happened so he explains him that yamraj told me I am going to die so to please save me then he says I can but you need to do something then he says I am ready to do anything but I do not wish to die so please help me.
Sudama is searching asking where can my friend be so one of them asks that are you asking about that beggar so sudama says yes as he has taken that form now so they says he is like gods devotee so sudama asks him where can he be then they tells him the direction so sudama moves towards that direction.
Krishna asks nishad what yamraj said so he explains him then Krishna tells him first your evils are to be washed by asking forgiveness from people who you have hurt so he understands & goes while Krishna says after your evils are washed then only you can be blessed.
Villagers are saying that nishad has come again so they decide to show them their power & as he is putting the statue of Narayan in temple again then they curse him but he pleads for forgiveness but villagers are adamant & they say to hit him & they all are hitting him with sticks. They stop for Narayan & do it’s Pooja putting the statue properly.
Sudama is shouting for his friend Krishna saying whenever I called him he has answered & it won’t happen that he won’t answer while he hears flute playing & understands that my friend is here itself.
All are happily saying that after listening your flute playing we wish to donate you so please take this then Krishna tells them I don’t want as I play this because I love to play & sudama comes telling him but you have to take donation from me my friend & Krishna sees him getting up asking how come you here so tells him I have come to give you then he asks you have come to meet me so sudama says I wish to donate you here & asks him what so he tells him a small chain so krishna tells him this is not small chain but full dwarka & you are dwarkadhis now so go & do your work as I have a lot of work pending with me left over to complete. Sudama insists but Krishna tells him who wishes to take then only he accepts donation so please take away & leaves. Sudama is in confusion how to convince you him now & what kind of difficulty I am facing now so what to do.

Precap: Sudama asks dwarika saying you had told me this chain if given to Krishna then he will accept & come back so she tells him that I had told you if any problems arises on dwarka then he will come & he says I understood. Nishad asks krishna I have taken forgiveness from all people but he tells him still your evil are to be washed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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