Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Narad muni disguises as a woman.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram inside the shell and shankasura comes and says you stupid kid, who are you? have you come here to die? Balram says I defeated your evil eagles shankasura and now I will also kill you. shankasura laughs and says come fight me, shankasura turns into his evil bird form of kharasur. Shankasura flies and balram runs as shankasura follows balram flying. Shankasura then breathes fire on balram, balram is shocked and he ducks down and saves himself. balram then runs as shankasura flies behind balram, balram comes out of the shell. Shankasura is about to fly outside the shell but he stops and says what was I doing? If I went out of the shell then I can die, I shall go back in. shankasura goes inside.
Balram goes to kanha panting and hurt with scars and bruises.

Kanha says what happened brother? Who did this to you? balram says don’t worry kanha, I am fine that evil shankasura attacked me with evil birds and eagles. Kanha says brother you need to rest, we have to do something to get him out because didn’t you notice? He did not come out when you came out of the shell, which means he is hiding something and maybe if shankasura comes out of the panchjani shell then he can be defeated. Balram says yes kanha, but how to bring him out?
There bhadraksh is worried and scared, he goes to Mathura to kansa. Kansa is sharpening his sword and bhadraksh comes and says bhagwan, as always even this time another demon has failed. Bhadraksh says that kunti’s five sons are a huge problem because even they are all like kanha and balram, that bheem beat hidimb so much that he reduced his size and made him small, that hidimb ran away like a coward. Bhadraksh says bheem is just like balram, what to do now? kansa says what did you do? Now I will punish you and kill you. bhadraksh says what can I do bhagwan? That bheem will beat me also just like balram does. Bhadraksh says I will do anything you tell me. Kansa says then die, I want you dead. Bhadraksh puts ties a rope to the ceiling and says okay bhagwan as you say. bhadraksh puts the rope in his neck and tries to die.
There narad muni comes to kanha and says prabhu, if shankasura doesn’t come out and is killed then you cannot get the panchjani shell! what will you do? Kanha says devrishi I have an idea but I need your help in it. narad muni says what do I do prabhu? Kanha says you have to disguise as an apsara and give me your veena, the rest will be my work as you just have to dance beautifully. Narad muni says no prabhu, how can I be an apsara? If that shankasura pounces on me, then? Kanha says devrishi wont you help your prabhu? Then how can you be my pratham bhakt? Narad says okay prabhu I shall help you. kanha and narad muni go inside the shell and narad disguises as an apsara. Narad then dances and sings a song, darshan do shankasura! Kanha plays the veena. Narad dances and sings, shankasura hears this and he appears in front of kanha and narad muni and says who are you both? Why have you come here? kanha says we both came to meet you and to entertain you, to show you our dance and songs. Shankasura says is that so? This apsara is beautiful! Narad muni is worried. Kanha laughs and thinks you have to dance again devrishi. Kanha says yes shankasura, the apsara cannot talk but she says what will you give her if she dances and entertains you entirely? Shankasura says then I shall give what she asks. Kanha says okay, she says after the dance she will ask what she wants.
There bhadraksh doesn’t die and says see bhagwan, I cannot die because I am a ghost! you tell me anything else to do! I will do it. kansa says then go and kill those five pandavas and their mother kunti, if kunti comes here then she will also be a problem like vasudev and kanha to deal with. Bhadraksh says okay bhagwan and goes.

Precap: bhadraksh keeps a basket of fruits and makes some snakes put their poison in those fruits, he keeps it to kill the pandavas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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