Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman confronts makardwajh.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on


The episode starts with people saying dwarka is not safe anymore now. We lived here for years but we and our children will die if we stay here. Radha is sad and she tries to stop them and says you have lived here for years, kanha has always protected everyone. Don’t put your disbelief in him, don’t leave dwarka. The people say to Radha, it is all for our children, they will die because of other demons and entities.
Hanuman goes to meet marakardwajh, and calls him. Makardwaj comes and says pranam father. Hanuman says how dare you do this makardwaj, you have insulted my Prabhu and disrespected him. You killed his disciples children, I will not forgive you for this. Makardwaj says oh father, I knew even now you would talk about your Prabhu. Hanuman says yes because Prabhu is the only truth. Makardwaj says I tried so much to bring you here but it was of no use. Hanuman says I will go from here but first give me the souls of the children that you killed. Makardwaj says father, I cannot do that. But what will you do? Kill me? Hanuman gets angry and says to do my prabhus work, I will kill you if I have to. Makardwaj keeps his gadha down and says okay then kill me. Hanuman lifts his gadha but Krishna comes and stops the gadha. Hanuman says don’t stop me Prabhu, let me kill this adharmi. Krishna says there is a difference between a son and adharmi. Makardwaj walks away. Hanuman says did you see this insulting behavior? Krishna says this hatred can be resolved once you know the reason of it. Krishna says he is your son, and when doing bhakti you have to think of family too. Hanuman says these are all unnecessary bonds in the way of bhakti. Krishna says bhakti is important as is family, you have to hear out makardwaj.
Makardwaj prays to statue of mata and says even today father did not listen to me, he is always thinking only of his Prabhu. But I guess that is my mistake.
Hanuman comes and says no son, can you forgive me? Makardwaj says what are you saying?
Hanuman says I am right, I forgot about my duties as a father because of my bhakti. I ask for forgiveness, you can punish me as you want. Makardwaj has tears and says no father I was wrong, forgive me. I have been arrogant and disrespectful, makardwaj hugs Hanuman. They reunite and Krishna is happy. All the god watch as everyone is happy after seeing this reunion.
Makardwaj asks forgiveness from Krishna. Krishna says when I and laxman were being taken by Hanuman, I promised I would reunite and father and son today. Makardwaj thanks Krishna. Hanuman says makardwaj, the way Prabhu has fulfilled your desire now help him too. Release the Brahman kids, makardwaj says father don’t worry I Neve killed them, they are safe here and playing. Makardwaj shows them and the kids are playing with each other happily. Hanuman is happy and he says it is time to take them back to their parents. Makardwaj says don’t worry, mata kaal ratri will take the kids back to their parents.
The Brahman and his wife don’t stop as people of dwarka try to convince them. The Brahman says dwarka was unfortunate for us, our children are gone and dwarka has done no good to us, now we better leave this city too. The people are sad, but Devi kaal ratri appears with the children and the Brahman is happy and his wife too, as they hug their kids. All people do pranam to mata kaal ratri, and Devi says adharma never persists, so no place is safer than dwarka where your Krishna lives, to abandon a place is a mistake, because if you don’t fight your battles and show bravery, nothing can stop you from being fearful of this world. Everyone is happy.
There Hanuman says to makardwaj, I cannot stay in patal lok son because I had promised shree ram that I would protect and stay back on earth and look after all people. makardwaj says even I cannot leave patal lok and you cannot come here, which means it is our destiny for father and son to stay apart forever. Hanuman says destiny is what we have to accept son. Krishna says makardwaj, I bless you with your wish, I summon you to stay at dwarka, your kingdom shall henceforth be established there. Krishna smiles at Hanuman and Hanuman understands, he becomes huge in size and lifts the kingdom of makardwajh, he takes it to dwarka and places it there. Krishna says makardwaj this is the border of dwarka and your kingdom right alongside it, as you being son of bajrangbali, will follow Dharma. I join your name with dwarka, and your kingdom too shall b known as dwarka from now. I give you duty to protect entire dwarka and the commander of it’s army. Makardwaj says Prabhu, I am grateful to you even after my mistake you have blessed me.

Precap: Krishna comes back to dwarka. Hanuman hugs makardwaj. Makardwaj says now I shall be able to meet father too, this is a blessing for me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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