Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha plays flute.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with friends and damodar saving the calf. Kanha says see I told you, you did not need my help, you all could save the calf by yourselves. Kanha says come on and everyone go, there radha is walking in forest and says I will no more go behind that kanha, he doesn’t care for me. Kanha sits under the banyan tree as all friends sit ahead of him, kanha takes his flute and starts playing the flute. There radha walks in the forest and hears the sound of the flute, she comes across a tree where an old man is sitting and playing flute. Radha sees and says he plays like kanha. The old man gets up and stops playing.
There as kanha plays he stops and thinks he felt as if radha was in danger. Kanha then says no and he goes home with friends.
There kansa is in his palace and pralapt and janur say bhagwan how will you go to Vishnu? Kansa says that Vishnu is like a scorpion, however good someone will be with him, he will always sting that person and attack them, he will always cheat. Kansa says Vishnu you are a scorpion and I know how to kill you. Kansa says Vishnu cheated the same way with guru shokracharya too. Guru shokracharya wanted to be the guru of gods but Vishnu did not allow him to, he instead made that brahaspati rishi the guru of gods even though rishi shokracharya was more intelligent and more knowledgeable. Keshari says yes guru shokracharya is very intelligent, kansa says but Vishnu did not respect that and guru shokracharya’s disciples left him too so guru shokracharya made his own lok of shukra lok and lives there as the disciple of mahadev and guru of demons. Kansa says I will go and ask help from guru shokracharya but to reach there I have to go to kuber first.
There radha meets the old man. Radha says baba what are you doing here? Trinaavat says I was lost in the forest as I was headed to gokul, trinaavat says I am old and can you help me? Radha says yes baba, I am from gokul only, I will take you there. Trinaavat thinks wow this girl doesn’t know who I am, she is taking a tornado with her to gokul. Radha says come on baba with me, we will go to gokul. Trinaavat goes with radha. Radha keeps talking on the way and says you must have heard about gokul and my gwala too, he jumped in the Yamuna river but nothing happened to him, he is very intelligent but doesn’t care for me. Trinaavat says who are you talking about? Radha says I am talking about kanha, kanha jumped in river but nothing happened to him from the poison too, he saved entire gokul from kalya naag and his mother yashoda she was saved from the poison too. Trinaavat thinks by what I hear of kanha, it seems this kanha is what kansa told me, he must be the 8th child of Vishnu, I will not leave gokul and will kill everyone in gokul, I will take kanha to kansa so that he kills kanha.
There kanha is with yashoda and says mother where is radha? Yashoda says when she is here, you tease her and when she is not you ask for her. Kanha says mother that gopi always wants to be praised. Yashoda says then you should praise her sometimes. Kanha says no mother, I don’t so that she doesn’t get too much pride and anyway she praises herself always. Yashoda laughs and kanha says mother radha doesn’t listen to anyone, I keep her on track.
Kansa goes to place where kuber lives. Kansa stands and sees the small cave. Kansa says kuber talk huge but stays in such a small place, but to defeat Vishnu I will do this too. Kansa kneels and goes crawling inside the cave. Kuber says kansa calls him bhagwan of the world but see how he comes here. Kansa says Vishnu I will take revenge for each insult.

Precap: kansa takes pushpak viman from kuber and goes to shukra lok, he meets shokracharya. In gokul, trinaavat creates tornado.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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