Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st October 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna makes realize jamwant’s mistake.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the giant jamwant is talking with statue of shri ram that what kind of confusion is this of these people saying they are religious place’s citizens & they itself are doing injustice with me so you tell me what to do or if I do something wrong then I will be called evil where they won’t allow me to meet you & nobody can stop me by meeting you if I select evil act.
Satrajit’s brother sees a place in jungle & says that brother said was correct as no other place can be safer than this where I can hide this jewel & he searches where to hide thinking place is good but time is not right & chants mantra while he gets hit & the jewel falls down from his hands as he collapses getting killed.
Satrajit is banging bell for justice

so sanapati of dwarak comes asking him why are you banging so much & what you want then he says I want justice for which I have come here to get from your dwarkadhish shri Krishna & he is shouting to call Krishna. He is also cursing saying your dwarkadhish has killed my brother so he is a killer & senapati shouts him to stop & if you say a single word while krishna comes to stop senapati akroor & says that if injustice has happened with satrajit then he has the rights to tell & he tells satrajit to speak so he says that with your sweet words please stop throwing salt on my burns & accept that you are my brothers killer so tell me why you did this & krishna replies that I feel sad about your brothers death but why you think I have done this then he says that you had wished about my jewel & he was taking it in the jungle to hide but he was killed in between by you so he could not hide so you are just not a killer but also a thief. Akroor gets angry while Krishna stops & asks satrajit what proof you have so he says that you had seen my jewel & you only have stolen that so I will ask justice from people hence he leaves while krishna stops him telling that I accept your allegations on me & akroor tells Krishna to not to accept his foolish allegations & you order me for giving him punishment but Krishna stops him saying a person has all rights to get justice so krishna asks rishi what is the punishment if found guilty then he replies jail or life time imprisonment. Krishna takes one day time from satrajit asking him to describe on what directions your brother had gone so he gives details.
Laxmi mata asking what kind of confusion is this as he is blaming Krishna too so Vishnu explains about how gods also have to face such kind of situations too.
Krishna is searching the place where satrajit’s brother had gone & he sees various blood clots so he checks one & gets feeling that some tiger has killed him so the jewel must be here itself & he searches the jewel while he sees a light coming which he feels this might be the jewel’s light so satrajit will be calmed by getting this jewel but as Krishna goes to take the jewel he is stopped the giant jamwant.
The giant jamwant is asking Krishna who are you so he replies that people know me by various names but presently I am called as dwarkadhish so he says that if you wish to be safe then return how you have come here & Krishna replies I can’t go from here without taking this jewel so jamwant challenges Krishna to fight with him saying if you defeat me then take away this jewel & Krishna accepts his challenge fighting with each other.
Narayan is talking with Vishnu saying what is this happening & why can’t shri krishan disclose his correct identity so Vishnu explains Narayan in details about how a person achieves the fruits of his deeds with efforts.
Krishna & jamwant are fighting with each other as jamwant telling to control his attacks so Krishna saves but tells him to be safe with your attack & he falls down attacking Krishna. Krishna calls garud raja for help while krishna fly’s with garud then jamwant also follows thinking I will show who I am.
Narayan tells vishnu that jamwant’s attack is going towards wrong end as I am scared to not to happen something wrong.
Jamwant is telling Krishna that whoever you might be but I will show you who I am devoted to so Krishna tells him to concentrate on me & asking him that is it I whom you are waiting to come. But he attacks Krishna & he is pushed towards the old place where he reminds of where shri ram had kept his padhav so krishan asks is your wish completed of war so he replies that unless I don’t defeat you I won’t be calmed. Krishna prays water god telling to listen to him or I will dry your entire place so jamwant feels confused hearing the same statements uttered by shri ram in the past & he feels depressed telling Krishna that I have indentified you as you are none other than my shri ram in disguise of shri Krishna so Krishna says what are you saying so he says that I do not have knowledge about all this but please don’t test me & come to bless me, please immerge to bless me as i your such a deep devotee & Krishna changes his form into ram’s form & he is pleading him to forgive him, so Krishna tells him that it is not your mistake as you are a very deepest devotee of shri ram & he tells Krishna that I wish to give you that jewel which I had acquired & he gives telling Krishna that you also release me from your promise so krishna asks what promise & he reminds of the past promise given to him in last century.

Precap: Vidur is talking with Krishna about sending kunti far away from raja’s rule as soon as yudhishtir awarded the rule so I think shakuni is planning big destructions. Krishan tells vidur if I had to go to help them then I will definitely go.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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