Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna brings parijat plant in dwarka

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi sachi is fighting with devi satya bhama telling her this is swarg lok & not your earth so sachi has never lost by anybody here while devraj indra is in confusion & dev rishi tells him this is problem I know but the solution can be given by Krishna itself & indra talks with Krishna to help coming out of this problem. Devi’s are fighting with each other continuously.
Krishna is telling indra that I too can’t stop this as both sides are strong but it is as per legal point which we both can’t stop so indra accepts his advice but Krishna tells him that now mahadev can only stop this. Devi sachi is telling devi satya bhama that now this weapon will kill you while satya bhama also retaliates but mahadev immerges & stops them explaining them & they are discussing about parijat so mahadev asks dev sachi why are you becoming selfish for parijat & he explains her what is important to do as parijat is property of earth & she understands so she pleads devi satya bhama & also tells her that I will give this parijat plant to you for earth & satya bhama also assures her that I will take care of it like you took care here.
Krishna, Rukmini, Satya bhama & all pray parijat plant & parijat god immerges asking wish from Krishna so Krishna tells him to stay here on earth now & bless humans & he accepts. Rukmini does Pooja of parijat & Krishna tells parijat that now all will do Pooja of your plant & all humans will be blessed by your flowers. Parijat feels he is blessed now.
Dev rishi talks of good deeds happening by prabhu Krishna & all other gods are feeling happy of this. A brahman is also praising of parijat to Krishna.
A person comes telling Krishna that one woman is trying to sacrifice herself on graveyard directly & you can only help in this.
A brahman is trying to tell his wife why are doing this evil act & why you are forcing me to kill you & she is blaming god telling him he is blamed & not you as your god is squeezing sons from me so to kill me & as he tries to do then Krishna comes stopping them telling them this is very big crime you are doing. She is crying that once you understand about my sadness then you will also do this so he tells her to explain & she blames him for her sadness & Krishna is shocked hearing this so he asks what I did then she explains what she is facing in her life that her sons are dying as soon as they are born in dwarika & blames Krishna of dwarika which is evil place for me. Brahman is explaining his wife but she is adamant. Krishna asks how come they are dying as soon as they are born then she blames about asoors killed here due to which they are dying. Krishna tells her to explain in details & she tells her story of past when they came here with her first son.
Her son is asking why we are going to dwarika so she explains her how kanha use to play here & her son got happy hearing this.
She is explaining how much they were happy after coming in dwarika but never knew that we will become sad here that this place will make us depressed so Krishna asks what happened.
Brahman asks a person that is this dwarika so he guides him telling this is right place you have come of shri Krishna. Brahman is praying Krishna telling his wife that we will be happy here now. As soon as they come near the gate of dwarika to enter then her son falls down & Krishna is shocked.

Precap: Krishna understands about kaalratri’s existence near dwarika.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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